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The quality of perception | zhiweibing, not anxious; treat the disease, not the chaos

When the lean production is popular in manufacturing industry, many suppliers blindly follow the trend. Many more enterprises in supplier management also bawanggengshanggong to require suppliers to begin the lean production rectification, there is a requirement in lean production is one piece flow, one piece flow is very obvious advantages, to see the video below..

As you can see, the high efficiency of single piece flow is its obvious advantage, and the quality control is intuitive and obvious. Since the efficiency is high and the warranty is reliable, the supplier is sure to do it

Must not be impatient, otherwise it will mess up the art, bad rules, hurt each other

There is a need to share with you the difference between the concepts of traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine. Perhaps you will have a deeper understanding of why you can’t push a single piece of flow in the supplier

The treatment of disease, a disease with conditioning, rely on the system to achieve the function of the balance of yin and Yang and Qubing misfortunes.

Western treatment has been ill, disease confrontation, relying on external support to help remove the affected area and reach the balance of the state

So in the process of implementing lean in supplier should also consider the actual situation, to achieve the optimal regulation, can be on the existing basis. Rather than western medicine Chinese medicine conditioning like flesh like healing. Injection

We know of one piece flow on the production line of the overall layout requirements, beat balance requirements between work station is also very high. Our suppliers from 80s to the present, the production line through continuous upgrading and layout, but the overall thinking maybe not so deep, so on the basis of the existing implementation is very difficult. One piece flow

But we have to go to transfer with suppliers to adjust the production line, step by step to do it slowly, if the turnover batches are 1000 tablets each time, so we must continue to reduce, 900, 800, 600, 400 pieces of the most appropriate conditions until now the production line, but the goal is not 1 because, to do the equivalent of Hua Tuo, a conditioning cannot take you to Liu Xiang, right? It differs from man to man. varies by supplier,.

As we saw in the video above, the optimal state may 2 state is your suppliers in the existing basis, is also the goal state, so when we do it in the next state, have been a success. The target must not be set too high, resulting in internal suppliers need change this setting goals turn the world upside down. Suppliers have no confidence, and can be operated very low ~

Quality management, prevention of disease is an important goal, treatment of disease, must not make snap, otherwise weakened, less effective.



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