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Simple longevity: 10 one minute per day (to parents)

Health doesn’t have to be fun, it just takes a little exercise every day. Share ten simple actions for your reference. China quick turn prototyping Wholesale Manufacturer

1, two hands to rub for one minute: the palm quickly twists 300 times, stimulates the palm meridian acupoint to pass the six meridians, strengthens the viscera, adjusts and yin and yang qi.

Can treat shoulder pain, eye fatigue.

2, finger rubbing the first minute: fingers from the forehead to the head to the back of the head, at a speed of 2-4 times per second, promote brain blood flow, so that the root of the full nutrition, hair black and shiny.

3, gently knead the earwheel for one minute: gently knead the left and right earrings with both hands until they are hot and comfortable. China quick turn prototyping Wholesale Manufacturer

It has the function of circulation and heat dissipation, health care and hearing, especially for tinnitus, dizziness and forgetfulness.

4, turn the eye for one minute: the eye turns 30 times each clockwise and counterclockwise. It can refresh, strengthen the eye muscle, prevent and cure chronic keratitis, myopia and so on.

5, thumb rub nose for one minute: two hands thumb up and down rubbing nose 50 times, can dispel wind and wind Yongsai, open lung orifices, to cold, upper respiratory tract infection, bronchitis, even to heart disease, arteriosclerosis have prevention and cure effect.

6, tapping tongue for one minute: tap teeth, can make root and gingival blood, roll tongue can make tongue move freely, increase its sensitivity.

7, gently press the navel for one minute: rub the navel clockwise alternately with the palms of both hands, which can smooth the stomach and intestines and promote digestion and absorption.

8, abdominal lift anal for one minute: repeated contraction, so that anal lifting, can enhance anal sphincter contractility, promote blood circulation.

9, stretch and bend limbs for one minute: the blood flow is slow when lying on the back, too much blood is left in the limbs, and the blood flows back quickly through extension and flexion, providing sufficient oxygen and blood to the heart and brain system.

10, pedaling foot heart for one minute: supine alternately pedaling foot heart with double heel, can lead kidney deficiency fire and upper body turbid gas drop, and can clear liver bright eye, have curative effect to treat neurasthenia, insomnia, tinnitus, etc.

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