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Working in the factory to work hard, the ultimate harm is yourself!

When you work in a factory, you have no such person around you. You have been a team leader in one or two years. You have become a supervisor in four or five years, and some people are still an ordinary operative for a decade or two. Where is the difference? In fact, in a word “mixed”, it depends on whether you want to mix your head or just be a joke? Quickparts CNC For Aerospace | On Demand Manufacturing‎

In the factory, many people do not have a clear plan, but simply work for wages. Why not think about it from another perspective?

You spend the day in the factory, mixing for a year or two is mixed, mixed in three or four years is also mixed, then why not set a goal and plan for yourself, to step by step to achieve. The life of the factory is already dull enough, and then it is no longer a matter of life. It is no wonder that many people will say that they cannot see hope by working in the factory. Quickparts CNC For Aerospace | On Demand Manufacturing‎

But did you think about it? In fact, you do not want to see hope.

For example, let’s say that when your team leader gives you a job, it’s not difficult for you to achieve 60 points. Leaders will neither encourage you nor praise you. But if you are working so blindly every day, your life is wasted in the plain, and your ability is not improved, but as long as you do every job as well as possible, beyond Even if the leader’s request, even if only a little bit, has accumulated over a long period of time, you will be thousands of times more than those who are stumped. The gap is just that.
If you feel that you really don’t like working in a factory, you can leave and you can go. Some people say that my personality does not like to do this, do not like to do that, but this year because of the “personality” is not doing a good job, tomorrow your personality can not change the house car, but also for life achievements. Quickparts CNC For Aerospace | On Demand Manufacturing‎

In fact, the factory is a very low threshold, and almost everyone has the opportunity to work, but if you do not grasp the opportunity, they mix up year after year, the best youth life is consumed, but did not get the proper exercise And grow. At that time, if you look into the fiercely competitive environment of society, you will find that you cannot match many children. So don’t work hard in the factory, because it hurts only you!

There is such a story:

He said that there was a man named Jack who worked in a factory for a year. Since he was not satisfied with his work, he always said to his friends: “I have the lowest wages in the company and the boss does not Put me in my eyes. If I go on like this, one day I will take a table with him and then quit and quit.” Quickparts CNC For Aerospace | On Demand Manufacturing‎

At that time, some people had a laugh, but one of them asked, “Are you clearing out the business of this trading company? Do you understand it?” he replied honestly: “Not yet !”

At this time, his friend said: “It’s not too late for ten years to revenge a gentleman! I suggest that you calm down and work earnestly. You must thoroughly devise all of their trading skills, business documents, and company organizations, and even include how to write contracts. After all the details have been understood, I have to walk away again. Isn’t this not only out of gas, but also has many gains?”

Jack obeyed this friend’s suggestion, changed the sloppy habits of his past work, began to work earnestly, and even after work, he often worked overtime to stay in his office to study the writing of commercial documents. Quickparts CNC For Aerospace | On Demand Manufacturing‎

A year later, when the friend happened to meet him, he asked, “Now you probably learned how to prepare to shoot the table?” Jack said: “But I found that in the past six months, the boss has looked on me Recently, it has been entrusted with important tasks. Not only has it got a promotion but also has a raise. To tell the truth, not only the boss, but everyone else in the company has begun to respect me and envy me!”

Only by holding the “work for oneself” mentality and acknowledging and accepting the simple life concept of “working for others, but also working for oneself” can you be able to do a good job in the hands of yourselves, and you will finally get rich material. Pay, earn respect from colleagues, realize their own value. Quickparts CNC For Aerospace | On Demand Manufacturing‎

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