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Ren Zhengfei: The generals did not “train” them out, but they came out!

Introduction: Huawei seldom speaks of “cultivating cadres”. Ren Zhengfei advocates “philosophy of horse racing”—the generals are fighting out, and who has trained Mao Zedong? Who trained Deng Xiaoping? Quickparts CNC for Automotive | On Demand Manufacturing‎

The most worried about Ren Zhengfei over the years is the team’s indifference. What he is most looking forward to is that the company can “continue to maintain an active state”. The most active advocate is the spirit of hard struggle.

The root cause of the rise of Huawei lies in the fierce competition in corporate culture. Huawei’s 20-plus years of institutional changes have also focused on Huawei’s core values: it is more work and more work. Quickparts CNC for Automotive | On Demand Manufacturing‎

To make rapid progress, go to Africa and go to hard places; if you want to be a “general,” go to Shangganling and go to the main channel. Huawei rarely talks about “cultivating cadres.” Ren Zhengfei advocates “the philosophy of horse racing” – the generals are uttered, and the so-called “who cultivated Mao Zedong? Who trained Deng Xiaoping?”

Who is promoted, who is chosen, and what constitutes a direction within the organization? Huawei’s guidance in various policies, coupled with its ambitious ideas, has inspired people and made everyone feel that as long as you do it well, you have a future and you will have a better development stage. Old people who spend the game do not make up for the cheap and will eventually be identified… Everyone is concerned that they should do their job well.

Zou Zhilei, the president of Huawei’s operator BG, once commented on Ren Zhengfei: “If a project doesn’t call him, he will give you the policy and resources, and tell you that this is what you earned…” Quickparts CNC for Automotive | On Demand Manufacturing‎

How to determine the criteria for the assessment of cadres? If performance is combined with key behaviors, it often leads to a perception of quality (critical behavior process) that you can, give you a chance to do, and weaken the hard condition of performance. The result may be: Say you do it, say If you can’t do it, you will not be able to promote the use of cadres. This may lead to unfair employment.

In 2005, Huawei’s top executives conducted intense discussions in varying degrees and even quarreled at the tables. The final decision was made that the performance of the cadre selection was a watershed and that the top 25% of the performance was based on the key course of action, not the top 25%. . In this way, the “Hu Zhiming trail” phenomenon described by Xu Zhijun was eliminated from the institutional level – he was promoted by pulling relations, taking the door and climbing the mountain. Quickparts CNC for Automotive | On Demand Manufacturing‎

Then, in 2006, Huawei further implemented the remuneration reform, focusing on “paying according to responsibilities and contributions” instead of paying seniority. According to job responsibilities and contribution output, the salary level for each position is determined; employees match positions and receive corresponding wages; employee positions are adjusted, and wages are adjusted accordingly.

The greatest benefit of this reform is to those employees who have the spirit of fighting, who are brave in taking responsibility, and who are in the front and making contributions. Those who are spurred are those who are in the status quo, are unrestrained, and lie on their laurels. Employee. If the old employees are lax and do not work hard, their positions will be adjusted. Quickparts CNC for Automotive | On Demand Manufacturing‎

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