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A small chip is banned and people are boiling! If high-end machine tools are forbidden to sell, what should we do?

In mid-April, the U.S. Department of Commerce announced that it would prohibit U.S. companies from selling parts, goods, software and technology to ZTE and that the ban would last for seven years. Seeing this news, almost all Chinese people have been shaken. This small chip has caused people’s enthusiasm, but we thought that we lacked core technologies in more fields. For example, the development of high-end machine tool manufacturing technology is one of them. For this, we still need a more intensive one. Xingnao pills. Rapid CNC Machining –‎

The machine tool, also known as the mother of industry, manufactures machines. The upper reaches of the machine tool industry include steel and foundry industries, while the downstream affects automobiles, railways, wind power, nuclear power, shipbuilding, air transport, and military industries that are related to national defense. It deeply affects all industries in our country and affects every corner of our lives.

If manufacturing industry is the foundation and lifeblood of the country, then machine tools are the most important thing in the manufacturing industry. Without a machine tool, there would be no high-speed train with electricity; without a machine tool, there would be no fighter jets that hit the sky; if there were no machine tools, there would be no aircraft carrier that traveled far and wide.

But all along, our country’s machine tool industry has taken a very difficult road.

Our country’s industry started late and its technology lags behind, and it is almost a poor and white situation. Machine tools are also among them. Rapid CNC Machining –‎

In 1958, under the assistance of the Soviet Union, China developed the first CNC machine tool and began the development of CNC machine tools. In the 1960s, Europe and the United States imposed a technical blockade on China, and the Soviet Union also stopped its assistance to China. The machine tool industry relied on self-reliance to develop 18 key enterprises, that is, the later machine tool industry, “Eighteen Lohans.”

These 18 companies silently supported the development of the entire equipment manufacturing industry and even the industry at that time. By the end of 1965, these enterprises had mastered 26 high-precision precision machine tools.

After the reform and opening up, advanced technology and machine tools flowed into China, subject to the impact of foreign technology, the original backward machine tool technology can no longer meet production needs. Eighteen companies experienced bankruptcy, mergers and restructuring, foreign-funded enterprises built factories in China, and private machine tool companies also formally entered the market.

In fact, although these machine tool industry-developed countries have earned enough money in China, the real core technology has been forbidden to export to China. For example, an ultra-precision machine tool used to machine the mirror surface of the Hubble Space Telescope was manufactured in 1990. This type of machine tool is more than sufficient to process aeroengine leaves. However, 20 years later, Chinese companies are still struggling to explore. Rapid CNC Machining –‎

Another example is the controller, the controller is the core of the CNC machine tool, equivalent to the computer’s CPU, is the key technology for the manufacture of CNC machine tools. However, at present, controller giants headed by Japanese FANUC and German SIEMENS have monopolized more than 80% of their products. High-end products not only have a monopoly, but also limit Chinese imports. The Japanese said that “without Japanese machine tools, China’s auto industry will not be able to move. China’s reliance on Japan will only increase and it will not weaken. This means “Japan is increasingly capable of controlling China”. Although somewhat arrogant, China’s weakness in the field of industrial production is a fact.

These countries still have some routines. When China does not produce five-axis machine tools, it only sells three-axis machine tools in China. When China develops five-axis machine tools, their five-axis machine tools are immediately dumped in China. As a result, the prohibition of high-end machine tool technology from entering China has hindered the development of Chinese machine tool companies.


It can be said that Chinese machine tool companies have been living in the cracks. Not only are high-end machine tools and technologies restricted from imports, but the market is also being eroded by foreign companies.

China’s high-end machine tool market has always been firmly controlled by top-tier technology and first-rate quality by Japan’s and Germany’s leading international machinery manufacturers.

A large number of domestically-owned enterprises can only become the manufacturers of the lowest-end machine tools because of lack of technology. The machine tools have low prices, poor quality and standardized management, and have high failure rates. Some companies even just replace the assembly machine tools, and users purchase light machines and numerical control systems by themselves. , screw, magazines and other components. Rapid CNC Machining –‎

The emergence of these problems is precisely because although our machine tool industry is developing rapidly, it is still subject to people in the core technology and can only attract users with relatively low prices. For example, the numerical control system, most of the numerical control systems for high-end machine tools in China come from Japan FANUC, Germany’s Siemens, Germany’s HEIDENHAIN and other companies. Although China has also developed and developed domestically-manufactured numerical control systems, there are always gaps in terms of practicality, reliability, compatibility, and stability.

The gaps in the basic materials science, process, and design make the domestic machine tools such as lead screws, guide rails, servo motors, torque motors, electric spindles, and encoders. Most of these major functional components also rely mainly on foreign products. Taking screw as an example, although China is the largest steel producing country in the world, the gap in the basic materials science cannot produce steel with excellent lead screws.

“The gap between high-end machine tool manufacturing technology and Germany and Japan is 15 to 20 years.” The head of a well-known domestic machine tool company once said, “Compared with foreign equipment, domestic machine tools are in terms of stability, reliability, and efficiency. The gap is obvious.Foreign machine tools can work 24 hours a day, domestic equipment can’t work, foreign machine tools can process 1 part in 1 second, domestic equipment can take 1.5 seconds, although in recent years domestic companies have also started to integrate high-end machine tools, but the core technologies are The CNC system is still mainly in the hands of a few companies such as Germany and Japan.” Rapid CNC Machining –‎


Of course, we do not have to rely on ourselves. There are many excellent machine tool companies in China that are still working hard.

For example, Beijing carved. The leading domestic high-speed engraving and milling machine manufacturers have strong technical strength. They manufacture electric spindles and carved software. The major mobile phone manufacturers, including Apple, are using Beijing carved machines. At present, Beijing Jingdiao has possessed the capability of independent research and development and manufacture of CNC engraving machines, CAD/CAM software, numerical control systems, and high-speed electric spindles. It has developed into a factory with more than 4,000 employees and an annual output of 10,000 CNC engraving machines. , R & D, production, sales, after-sales as one of the high-tech enterprises.

Another example is Jinan No. 2 Machine Tool. As a former “18 Arhat”, after faced with changes in the machine tool industry, it is determined to innovate, constantly breaking through innovation, replacing exports with domestic production, and now has become one of the world’s three largest stamping equipment manufacturers, with orders for the world for seven consecutive years. the first. It is worth mentioning that so far it is still a state-owned sole proprietorship. Rapid CNC Machining –‎

We must know that in today’s society, compared with hot industries such as finance, real estate, and the Internet, manufacturing is a popular industry, and machine tools are even less popular. But even so, there are still a large number of people sticking to the machine tool industry and insisting on making their own contribution to China’s machine tool industry. Although our machine tool technology is far inferior to the industrial powers, are these people who go forward and march forward bravely and are not worthy of our respect and applause?

“Proceed to the place where you are going to get rich and make a fortune, and you will not enter Simen with greediness.” This is a true portrayal of the machine tool industry. But I believe that “any road leading to light is not straight.” When we are disappointed with the backwardness of domestically produced machine tools, please do not forget that our machine tool industry is still moving forward in twists and turns.

Pay tribute to those who are silently fighting in this industry! Rapid CNC Machining –‎

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