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The rapid development of cutting tool industry and the coordinated development of machine tool industry

High efficiency cutting tool is productivity, in the manufacturing process is not consumables. Has become a consensus on this concept of the developed countries, the proportion of consumption of high-end cutting tools especially hard alloy blade in the manufacturing cost of up to 3% – 4%, all countries in the development of modern high-performance tool, as an important means to improve the competitiveness of the manufacturing industry.

China’s manufacturing industry, most enterprises rely on cheap labor as the main means of reducing costs, less attention by improved processing method to improve the efficiency of cost savings, the tool consumption level of China’s manufacturing industry is relatively low, accounting for only 1% of the manufacturing cost of 2%. material is based on human being, production and development from the Neolithic, bronze iron, until the modern era of industrialization, in the human exploration of the world, the change of cutting tools has played a key role.

In the manufacturing powerhouse, modern CNC machine tools and cutting tools, especially the hard alloy cutter coordinated and balanced development of the law is very clear, to provide an optimal allocation of equipment and make full use of potential solutions for the manufacturing industry. According to the relevant data show that cutting costs of global manufacturing industry every year to more than $400 billion, in which the tool the cost is about $20 billion. The manufacturing industry in developed countries in recent years a large number of the use of modern high performance cutting tool to improve labor productivity, the annual manufacturing cost savings of $100 billion, much higher than in the tool’s investment in developed countries, in normal years, the stable development of the economy, the tool consumption scale every year, generally stable at around 1 / 2 machine tool consumption.

Along with the market economy unceasing prosperity and development, China’s demand of mould tool industry market continues to expand, China’s high efficiency cutting tool market prospects in China. The tool industry development is very rapid, still maintained a momentum of rapid growth, and is expected to create a new record highs. The huge market demand is an important factor in the development of China’s prosperity the cutting tool industry. In consumption stimulation, tool production scale in China is expanding.

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