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Don’t use the romance of “artisan spirit” to cover up “

Reading: The spirit of “craftsmanship” cannot be achieved because it is “virtual” rather than “talented.” The “German” thing can only be subjectively understood, but it cannot be judged objectively. You use “German” as the standard instead of “Cai” as the standard. The ultimate result must be that who has a good relationship with the media and who has a good relationship with the local government. , who has the craftsman spirit. rapid machining


Craftsmanship refers to the spirit of craftsman’s meticulously crafting his own products and striving for excellence.


In concrete terms, craftsmen are constantly carving their own products, constantly improving their crafts, and enjoying the process of product sublimation in their hands. Craftsmen have high requirements for details, the pursuit of perfection and extreme, the quality of the persistent and the pursuit of the dedication, the quality from 99% to 99.99%, although its profits slightly, but for the long-term benefit the world.


Well, after that, it’s that simple. rapid machining


It’s not as complicated as Industry 4.0, and it’s not like big data. The reason why such a simple concept is so fire in China is simply because we do not have this thing.


Regarding why the Germans of the Germans have craftsmanship and we Chinese do not, there are many scholars who have different opinions. In the end, it is actually a conclusion: Germans are cows, their nationality is rigorous, and their spiritual realm is high.


This may seem plausible, but if you look closely at history, you will find that there is a problem. East Germany is also a German! The most important reason for the collapse of the East German economy is the poor quality of its products. After losing its market in the socialist camp, it cannot withstand the competition in the West. Is this Germanic craftsman’s spirit still divided according to the West head of the village Dongtou Village?  rapid machining


So I think this matter is logically unreasonable. What miraculous high technology are you talking about? We are stupid in our minds and we don’t think it can be developed. However, “the spirit of craftsmanship” is just such a thing. How can we not do it?


In fact, we have not been unable to do this for the past 30 years, but we cannot do so.


Because we face three very unique realities.


The first one is that China has run too fast. rapid machining


My teacher said that when he was young, a classmate’s family had got a refrigerator from Germany because he was a cadre. He went to visit and spent half an hour facing the refrigerator, thinking that if he had a refrigerator in his life, he would have no regrets in this life. Today, if you show off because you have a refrigerator in your own home, I’m afraid we have to go to the mental hospital to see you.


This is a microcosm of China’s rapid running in the past thirty years or so. In just 30 years, we had 106 companies from scratch and squeezed into the top 500 of the world. From the shortage of supply to the overcapacity, we have seen that we have to eat from choking vegetables to fitness to lose weight. This speed and scale are difficult to achieve. Imagine.


How can such a giant who is galloping to keep improving and meticulous? Like Bolt ran 9 seconds 58 world record at the same time, you also want him to maintain the elegant posture, and then seriously appreciate the scenery along the next it is impossible.


Therefore, although we did not form a craftsman’s spirit, our Chinese thinking of making the best of another thing is “speed is king.” rapid machining


When I visited a mechanical company in Beijing in 2010, the general manager of the company told me that they were originally working for Italian brands. In the financial crisis of 2008, the customer’s funds were tight, so they launched their own brands. The quality is slightly lower, but the price is only one third of the Italian company. In just one year, they took the Italian company across the board in the Chinese market. By 2009, the Italian company cancelled its office in China, and they are continuing to go overseas to attack the city and take the Italian company from The Indian market was expelled.


A leader, intensive cultivation is a must to maintain superiority, but as a chaser, to ignore other details, first to occupy the market through rapid expansion, this time, the leader in front of you, because the organization is too large, and the market share is rapid If you are narrow and top-heavy, it is very likely that you will be eliminated. rapid machining


“Speed is king,” is the greatest Chinese practice in the history of the manufacturing industry in the world as a post-discovery generation country. This is also the essence of “Made in China”.

The second is that there are too many opportunities for China.


Because of these rapid rushes for more than three decades, a very unique phenomenon has emerged in China, which is the coexistence of the two old and new eras. Our generation is destined to be remembered by history because each of us lives on the horizon of the exchange of old and new times. We can see both the rising sun in the new era and the evening in the old era.


Just as after the Revolution of 1911, this society has both old-fashioned robes and pigtails and new suits and dresses with separate suits. These two people belong to two totally different cultures and enjoy two totally different values Lifestyle, but I’m sorry, they live in the same era. rapid machining


In the 1980s, you just bought two commodities for a fortune. In the 1990s, stock went up. You just played in the stock. In the ’00s, real estate went skyrocket again. Your house is still hot, and the Internet is back in 10 years. Fans, steel , automobiles, airplanes, computers, mobile phones, big data, cloud computing, industrial 4.0, artificial intelligence…


Such a thirty-year period from the Industrial 1.0 flew into the era of Industry 4.0, there will always be new and more valuable social division of labor continue to emerge, and human collaboration can not keep up with the development of technology, the system loopholes too much arbitrage There are too many opportunities, so China in the past was a paradise for adventurers, not an artisan. rapid machining


When there are so many social opportunities, it is nature to chase new opportunities and not to waste time on something that is low in output and may be replaced at any time. If you read the “Young and Dangerous” after the whim, not to compete with their own, loneliness, ten years of grinding a masterpiece knife, knife scabbard prepared vertical and horizontal rivers and lakes, found that we early went to the music astronomical look “Prince Princess The “promote” went, and teasing became the mainstream of the society than selling, and anyone would still dance with you.


This is the past China. When new and better opportunities continue to emerge, it is foolish that you stubbornly keep improving in your own world.


The third is that Chinese entrepreneurs generally have no sense of security. rapid machining


During the period from the closure to the gradual opening up of China’s market, some markets and prices are fully competitive while the other markets and prices are still monopolized. This huge fault has formed a historic arbitrage opportunity for the system. The rise of China’s older generation of entrepreneurs, generally rely on this system of arbitrage, arbitrage, you need the relationship, with the relationship, you need RBI relations. More or less, these people are a bit sinful, maybe one day because of which officials have been cleared.


If you have one foot in jail and one foot abroad, then you naturally want to go fishing. Craftsmanship, “rigorous”, “perseverance” and “patience” all take time and need a long-term and certain future. If you do not even know where you are tomorrow, how can you study these things? .


In addition, even if not liquidated, the relationship is time-limited. Once courtiers and courtiers, you have a good relationship with the equipment minister. However, the minister may only work for three years. Therefore, within three years, you must make quick money and expire. So who has the intention to strive for excellence, wait for you three years after the refinement of the end, the minister changed, he only used his good suppliers, you refine, even the list of suppliers can not get in, what is the use of it. rapid machining


Because of the superposition of these three reasons, it is not a pity that China in the past three decades did not have a craftsman spirit, but at the time there should be no artisan spirit at all.


As many people said, there is no artisan spirit because we are at the lower end of the industry chain and have low profits. Therefore, we can not do a good job in quality. I totally can not agree.



Price is never a reason.


The artisan spirit that is not found in the Chinese manufacturing industry is very common in the Internet industry. China’s Internet product manager for the ultimate pursuit of the product, has come to the point where every key to go through a dozen or even dozens of iterations, and even the US Internet community have to recognize the Chinese Internet products The user experience is not inferior to them. rapid machining


But you note that these Internet products are all free! Therefore, the issue of excellence itself has no positive relationship with price and profit. It is determined by the standards of competition. In the open Internet industry, users vote with their feet. If you experience bad things, nobody will use them. In a closed manufacturing industry, bid evaluation experts vote on the relationship between you and whether you experience good or bad is not important at all.

The location of the industry chain is not the reason.


I once saw a report interviewing a boss who gave birth to a baby carrier.


Reporter Q: Why do you post someone else’s brand, the price is not cheap, you can have such a big sales?
The boss said: What they want, only I have.
The reporter asked: Why does Walter Margaret let you have the final say? A piece of cake, cut by your chief knife?
The boss said: Their problem, only I have the ability to solve ah.
The reporter asked: Why are you alone, only you can solve?
The boss said: Because I am concerned about consumer demand, because I try to understand consumers. rapid machining


“For example, in that bed, I knew that consumers could not bear to throw away their children until they slept for a year in their cribs, hoping they could be used for a longer period of time. For example, that rocking horse, I know that consumers do not want to introduce a stroller to be an object. Is a cumbersome thing; like that Transformers-like baby carriage, I know that sometimes consumers hold their baby in their arms and only get one hand out. ”


Understand it, the smile curve has always been a pseudo-proposition, OEM is not natural than the brand of low-level technology, the real low-level because you are a foundry never mind. In the value chain, “design”, “brand” and “science and technology” can be king, “manufacturing”, “integration” or even “logistics” may not be able to dominate. What can really occupy the leading role of the value chain is the link that will ultimately create value-added for the entire value chain. It has never been related to your position in the value chain. Will the Princes have similar interests?


Therefore, this thing artisan spirit, there is a background, in different periods of your needs are different. For example, early in the business, you have to quickly understand the user, understand the market, this time you do not understand your direction, you desperately to get the craftsman spirit, iron pestle may be ground into a needle, and then found that the needle simply did not People use. And when the business is big enough, if you continue to grow crazy, lack of artisan spirit, may eventually become fast is slow, slow is fast.


China’s current scale is large enough, and the pace of development has also come down. It is time to start pursuing the spirit of craftsmen. rapid machining


But you may find it hard to do because we have always been a responsible organizational structure.


A little girl could spend an hour or so putting makeup on her face before going out in the morning, but she will do a good job when it comes to handling the work. The same person sometimes has the craftsman spirit, and sometimes there is no, because the face is her own, and the work is the boss.


Why isn’t the “craftsmanship spirit” called “worker spirit”? Because the craftsman is an independent personality who is responsible for his products and enjoys the fruits of excellence, he values the details. The workers are responsible for the leadership. He only cares about the leaders’ concern. Leadership is precisely the person who is least likely to care about details. The position dictates that there are too many people and things to manage. He must be more concerned with direction. You are only responsible for the leadership, do not care about the reality, only speculate on the holy will inevitably lead to impetuous, short-sighted, speculative, which is the system of dictates, unrelated to character.


In the Han dynasty, our talent selection system was called “promoting filial piety,” but “filial piety” was not judged well. So the end result is that if someone is always an official, whoever is filial, so there are four. Yuan Shao, the world’s three public servants, became hereditary. rapid machining


The truth of “artisan spirit” is the same. It cannot be achieved because it is a “virtue,” not a “talent.” The “German” thing can only be subjectively understood, but it cannot be judged objectively. You use “German” as the standard instead of “Cai” as the standard. The ultimate result must be that who has a good relationship with the media and who has a good relationship with the local government. , who has the craftsman spirit.


Mere morality and image propaganda are tantamount to “calling love in the center of the universe,” in a form that is greater than reality. In artisan countries such as Germany and Japan, we do not say that they have the craftsman spirit. Rather, it is a craftsmanship habit. This habit is constituted by a set of high quality and high standards of craftsmanship and severe punishment for violators. This is why only one wall was separated by the same year. West Germany is known for its high quality. However, East Germany is poorly endowed with the subjective “virtue” as its social standard. People are more governed by the rule of law, lax legislation, selective law enforcement, There is no artisan habit, and it is even more impossible to have craftsmanship.


What we really want to learn today is the craftsmanship system, which uses the system to develop the habits of artisans in the manufacturing industry, and then sublimates the artisan habits into the craftsman spirit. rapid machining


Institutions – habits – spirits, this is the only way for China to create the Renaissance, and this road cannot rely on Confucianism, it must rely on legalists.


Do not use the romance of “artisan spirit” to cover up the lack of “artisan system”. rapid machining

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