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[HR] Six modules of human resources

▌ Human resources management is divided into six modules. rapid manufacturing

• 1, human resources planning;

• 2, recruitment and configuration;

• 3, training and development;

• 4, performance management;

• 5, compensation and benefits management;

• 6. Labor relations management. rapid manufacturing

First, human resources planning

It is a set of measures to stabilize the company with a certain amount of quality and the necessary amount of manpower to realize the goals of the organization including personal interests, so as to obtain the demand for personnel and the amount of personnel held in the company’s future development process. Matches in each other.

Human resources information includes personal natural conditions, employment information, education materials, salary data, job performance evaluation, work experience, service and resignation information, work attitude, job, or job history information.

Second, staff recruitment and configuration

In accordance with the requirements of the company’s business strategy planning, recruit outstanding and suitable people into the company and put the right people in the right positions. rapid manufacturing

Third, performance evaluation

In terms of connotation, it is to evaluate people and their working conditions and to evaluate the relative value or contribution of people to the organization through evaluation. In terms of the extension, it is purposeful and organized to observe, record, analyze and evaluate people in their daily work.

Fourth, training and development

Training and development: Through learning and training, the organization can improve the employees’ workability, knowledge level, and potential, maximize the personal qualities of the employees and the work requirements, and promote the improvement of the employees’ current and future work performance. rapid manufacturing

Fifth, pay and welfare management

The definition of remuneration refers to the total sum of various monetary and in-kind remuneration obtained by employees when they provide labor for the company.

Sixth, labor relations

Workers and employers (including various types of enterprises, individual industrial and commercial households, institutions, etc.) establish social and economic relations during the labor process. rapid manufacturing

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