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There are only 80 million people in this country. Why can 2, 300 world famous brands be born?

Germany, Italy, once backward Industrial Empire  Professional Manufacturer of rapid proto

The German nation began to industrialize very late. When Britain and France completed the industrial revolution, Germany was still an agricultural country.

The Germans also went through a similar “shanzhai stage” to today’s China: learning from Britain and France, stealing people’s technology and imitating their products.

To this end, the British Parliament also passed amendments to the Trademark Act in August 23rd 1887, requiring all German imports entering the British and colonial markets to be marked “made in Germany”.

“Madein Germany” was actually an insulting symbol at the time.

At the beginning of Germany’s industrialisation, university scientific research was completely out of touch with production. Although the World Science Center was in Germany, the Americans were smart, and they returned home with their degrees in Germany. Instead of going to colleges and universities to do research work, go into the market to do business. Professional Manufacturer of rapid proto

In early 1890s, German scientists came to the United States and found that the scientific and technological gold content of American industrial products was the highest, so the policy of “combining theory with practice” was clearly put forward. And began to vigorously promote the development of applied science.

Because Germany has a strong foundation in basic science, it soon established a link between scientific theory and industrial practice, thus making it a world-class team of scientists for half a century. The combination of engineers and skilled workers led the revolution in internal combustion engines and electrification, which led to a leapfrog development of the German industrial economy.

Since then, Germany’s machinery, chemical, electrical, optical, until kitchen utensils, sporting goods have become the world’s best quality products. “made in Germany” has become synonymous with quality and reputation. Almost all of Germany’s most famous companies grew up from that era. They have maintained a worldwide reputation to this day.

Cherish “name after death”, not greedy for “immediate profit”

Germany is not a nation that likes the new and the old. The Germans like to have experiences, historical memories, and cultural memories.

I know a German professor who still has a wooden box-sized tube radio made in -40s, which is still in use because of its good quality. Professional Manufacturer of rapid proto

I asked him, “you still use such an old thing? “Yes,” he said, “when I saw it, I remembered the story of what happened to this radio when I was a child, which is more precious to me than anything! ”

German-made ballpoint pens fell to the ground more than 10 times and can still be picked up. The homes built in Germany won’t fall for 120 years, or destroyed by war. The Germans must also rebuild it as it was.

There’s a picture of German buildings, called “Invariant Germany,” which shows houses built by Germans after World War II, all in the style of the late Middle Ages Baroque and Rococo. Why?

After World War II, almost all the German cities were in ruins, and the old houses were basically destroyed by the war.

The Germans have to find the pictures of the year and the design of the year. They must be rebuilt one by one. Today you go to Germany to see that most of the cities have no modern buildings. Almost all Baroque, Rococo style.

There was a house in Germany that was destroyed by American planes during World War II, and the Germans were very sad. The opera house was built 200 years ago, and it was destroyed. What do we do?

After World War II, the Germans surrounded the ruins and created a group of scientists, cultural scientists, archaeologists, architects, technicians, about a hundred people, and it took 35 years. If you look at the opera house again, you can’t tell that it was a bomb explosion and then reinstalled. The building has become a “World Heritage.”

The people of the United Nations Scientific, Educational and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) say, “this action itself belongs to the world’s cultural heritage.” it is precisely because of Germany’s love and respect for its own culture that it is called “immutable Germany.”

Because the economic development of Germany does not depend on the real estate market, it is very difficult for a German architect to get a construction project. Be sure to keep it forever.

So, in Germany, you never see two buildings that would be the same.

A man does a business only once

At a press conference, a reporter asked Peter von Siemens, “why would a German 80 million population have more than 2300 world famous brands?”

The president of the SIEMENS company answered this question: “this is based on our German working attitude and the importance of every production technology detail. Our German employees assume the obligation to produce first-class products and provide good after-sales service obligations.”

At that time the reporter asked him, “is the ultimate goal of the enterprise not the maximization of the profit? What is its obligation?”

The president of SIEMENS replied, “no, it’s Anglo American economics. We Germans have their own economics. The Germans’ economics pursue two points:

First, the harmony and safety of the production process.

Two, the practicality of high tech products.

This is the production of the soul, rather than to maximize profits. What the enterprise operation is not only for economic interests, in fact, abide by business ethics, manufacturing excellence products, it is our German enterprise innate bounden duty and obligation! “Said” duty “to” duty, “what do you mean? Is” God wants you to do. ”

In Germany, no enterprise has become rich overnight. It has rapidly become the focus of the world. They tend to focus on a certain field, a product’s “small company”, “slow company”, but there are few “bad companies” and no fake companies.

Most of them are world famous companies with over 100 years’ experience and highly focused on product quality and value. They are also known as “invisible champions”. Germany has a wine workshop for nearly 400 years.

The horse brand tire company of Germany was founded in 1871. Now, almost every prefecture level city in China has its branches. The Adidas company of Germany was founded in 1920, and it has more than 94 years history. You can see that all German enterprises have years.

German products do not fight a price war or compete with their peers, either because of industry protection or because prices are not everything. A price war could plunge the industry into a vicious circle.

German companies want to pursue profits, but as long as they can guarantee basic profits and have money to earn, Germans are not so greedy, endless pursuit of profit, but to consider the longer term. The problem of sustainable development. Therefore, Germans would rather “guarantee the basic profit while converting part of the profit into higher quality products and better service”.

I had a chat in Berlin with the manager of a Fischler pot shop, and I said, “you German faux pots can last for 100 years, so for every sip you sell, you actually lose a customer.” I won’t have to look for you any more. Professional Manufacturer of rapid proto

You see people in Japan artificial pot, in 20 years to the end, the customer has to find him every 20 years. Why are you making things so strong? Can’t you make more money by shortening its life span? ”

The manager said to me, “No one who has bought our pot will have to buy it a second time. It will be well known and will attract more people to buy our pot. We are all busy right now.” Our kitchen utensils factory, after World War II from the arms factory to produce, before and after decades, sold more than 100 million pots, do you know how many people in this world? Nearly 8 billion, there are more than 7 billion people in the market is waiting for us! ”

You see, the Germans think differently, their marketing strategy is different, a business that you do once in a lifetime, and you say his stuff is good, and that’s going to infect another person. The man went on to be his customer and then to infect the third man, who did it.

Look for the essence and think about the long term

Today, Germany has only three cities, Berlin, Hamburg and Frankfurt, designated as “international cities,” and later declared “undefended cities.” other cities are small and medium-sized.

The vast majority of Germans live in cities with 50,000, 100,000, 150,000, 200,000, even 500,000 people.

German cities almost always have this feature: the highest point on the city’s skyline must be the spire of a church, and no building can exceed it.

I once talked to a German professor about the question: why can Germans be punctual? “A small city is easy to be punctual,” he said. “in order to be punctual, you have to design a smaller city.

If you want to be free from traffic jam in the age of mass automobile, you need two conditions.

The first condition is that any building should not exceed five storeys. In Germany, if you want to build six or more tall buildings, you must pass a parliamentary vote.

The second condition is that any city must have half the space is the road. As long as you do both, the city will not be stuck in traffic. ”

Today Germans only build tall buildings in Berlin, Hamburg and Frankfurt, which are also world-class tall buildings, but one condition is that when they fall down from any direction, they cannot press down to another building.

So the higher the building, the larger the space around it. This is called “exploring the nature of things and defining a long-term strategy.” When Germans build a house, they must consider what happens when it falls down.

Germany does not believe in good price and low price

The advantage of “made in Germany” is not at the price, and even German itself admits that “German goods are not cheap.”

You can talk about the price with the Japanese, but you can’t cut a knife with the Germans about the price. The Germans don’t even admit that they have “good quality and low price”. The advantage of “made in Germany” lies in its quality, its proprietary technology to solve the problem, and its excellent after-sales service.

The German general enterprise development products are the leading level in the world, the high degree of difficulty, other countries unable to manufactured products. More than 30% of German exports, in the international market are not competitors exclusive products. Industrial production of German manufactured goods, to dig the subway tunneling machine, small stapler secretary in the work, from the quality perspective are the first in the world.

All children under the age of 3 in Germany for edible products shall not contain any artificial additives, must be natural; all milk are classified as drug regulation; all maternal and child products only sold in pharmacies, are not allowed in the supermarket; all chocolate is a requirement to use natural cocoa butter as raw material processing; all skin care brands must have their own laboratory and plant garden, in order to ensure the quality of materials from natural organic.

Chemical products for industrial use of non German production, such as detergent, soap, detergent, in addition to cleaning and sterilizing effect, most of the biodegradation technology, which is to rely on the chemical composition of the microbial decomposition, to reduce the harm to the human body chemistry to a minimum. The German production filter kettle not only can filter harmful substances, inorganic, organic can filter harmful substances, and magnesium rich. After the German filter kettle of filtered water is slightly sweet.

The German pot has natural antibacterial and high temperature resistant properties. It can not only save energy and protect the environment, but also has excellent heat conduction effect. So people say, “using this German utensil and a candle can make a delicious meal”.

A German cooker can be used for 100 years, so many Germans use a granny’s pot.

For the Germans, like any kitchen, a lifetime only need to buy one, do not need to buy second times, because you will never use it. The German production of soup pot use is completely steel casting, heavy even man has a real end, a special pattern that the pot inside, I asked a German seller: “these patterns?” he said: “it can cover up, water vapor on the natural circulation, not easy to dry, this is a kind of technology.” the German pot, cover up a seamless, said three minutes to boil for three minutes boil, you can save a lot of gas.

I also asked a German entrepreneur, why the German products motionless “for 100 years”? He replied: “there are two reasons. One reason is that we do not have the resources of Germany, almost all the important industrial raw materials are imported from abroad. So, must everything, to prolong the service period, this is the largest raw material saving. Another reason is that we think the Germans, the quality of the product, mainly in the” durable “”

Professional Manufacturer of rapid proto

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