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How VW faked exhaust gas detection

For decades, auto makers have been trying to develop engines with strong horsepower and less exhaust emissions, but it’s not easy. Sourcing rapid prototype machining Manufacturer from China

So when the mass selection can reduce the effect of the device emissions reduce when detecting installed in their own diesel engine “(Defeat Device), they have discovered the car method to solve this dilemma will reduce emissions at the time of detection, but can usually drive when driving, can still enjoy the car.

The only problem is that this practice is not legal.

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) pointed out that the mass reduction obscures the real road car device will exceed the standard in the exhaust emissions of up to 40 times the legal limit. The public has confirmed that they added in 11 million the diesel vehicle software. The scandal hit the German automotive industry, Volkswagen CEO Martin Vindeln (Martin Winterkorn) to resign.

Former VW CEO Martin Venter resigned on September 23rd because of the “tail gas door” incident. Sourcing rapid prototype machining Manufacturer from China

Unlike gasoline vehicles, diesel engines do not light fires by spark plugs, but use the high temperatures generated by compressed gases to ignite the fuel. Therefore, if the diesel engine does not get enough oxygen, it will not be able to completely burn the fuel, and it will emit a lot of pollutants: no oxide, incomplete combustion fuel and soot, etc. No oxide is exposed to the sun. Ozone. When we are exposed to nitrogen oxides and ozone, it can cause asthma, respiratory diseases and possibly even shorten life expectancy. Ozone also exacerbates cardiovascular and lung diseases.

Diesel trucks and buses have been the biggest sources of pollution on highways for years, but carmakers have developed a new technology called the selective Catalytic reduction system (SCR). The technology sprays a mixture of 30% urea and 70% water into the engine exhaust pipe and reacts the nitrogen oxide into less harmful nitrogen and oxygen. Water and a small amount of nitrogen oxides, according to Diesel Technology forms. The selective catalyst reduction system can reduce nitrogen oxides emitted from diesel to 10 percent, allowing diesel engines to be used in more tightly controlled household cars.

VW’s efficiency reducer used a similar technology. In 2013. International Council on Clean Transport. It is intended to compare the emissions of the same type of diesel vehicles in Europe and the United States. They teamed up with researchers at the West Virginia University at the University of West Virginia to test Jetta in Los Angeles. Passat and BMW’s four-cylinder 2. 0 liter diesel engine-only BMW passed the test.

International Clean Transport Commission Chief Executive, Drew Kodjak. “We thought there would be less emissions from diesel vehicles,” he said. “you can imagine when two of the three cars were found to have an amazing amount of emissions.” How surprised we were. ”  Sourcing rapid prototype machining Manufacturer from China

The International Clean Transport Commission subsequently informed the EPD and the California Air Resources Agency of its findings, and the Authority met with the public management in 2014. Volkswagen also agreed to voluntarily recall the cars and fix the problem, but when the California Air Resources Agency conducted follow-up tests on July 2015. Volkswagen still doesn’t get through-it does have the technology to reduce emissions, but it’s mostly off.

How did Volkswagen detect that the car was being tested? In fact, it’s very simple. Anna Steffennobono, professor of mechanical engineering at the University of Michigan. Anna Stefanopolou said. The car detects the use of the steering wheel. Under normal circumstances, the steering wheel vibrates as the driver turns. But when the car is tested, the steering wheel does not vibrate with the wheel. In this case, the VW’s efficiency reducer receives a signal and starts the function of reducing emissions, allowing the car to pass the test.

Volkswagen’s fraud case will lead governments and consumers to re-examine the emissions of carmakers; At the same time, diesel cars will also face stricter regulatory controls. But some believe that the cost of producing truly clean engines will be so high that they will not be easy to sell.

Sourcing rapid prototype machining Manufacturer from China

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