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Sharing of Lean production mentors: five more questions in production Management “Why”

In lean production, often there will be the number 5, such as 5M, 5 “why” and the 5 basic principles and so on. Then, we discuss the 5 “why”, it can quickly find out the real reason of our problems help, in order to solve the problem timely and accurately, prevent the problem continues to worsen, caused more unnecessary losses. China Manufacturer of rapid prototype parts

When the problem happens, do you continuously ask 5 “why”? Though it’s easy to say, it’s hard to really do it. Ono Chi mentioned such an example in his TOYOTA production mode.

For example, if a machine doesn’t turn, you have to ask:

(1) “why does the machine stop?”

“Because the overload fuse is broken.”

(2) “why is it overloaded?”

“Because the lubrication of the bearing part is not enough.”

(3) “why is not enough lubrication?”

“Because the lubricating pump does not suck on oil.”

(4) “why don’t you get oil?”

“Because the wear of the oil pump shaft is loose.”

(5) “why is it worn out?”

“Because there is no installation into the filter iron”

After continuous questioning of 5

“Why”, and eventually found the root cause of the problem-no filters were installed. If not traced to the source, it could be simply a fuse or a pump shaft. Then the real problem is temporary.

It’s covered up, but maybe soon the machine will shut down again. We have to find the real cause of the problem and solve it once and for all, so we can prevent similar problems from happening again and eliminate the hidden trouble.

In fact, when we encounter any problem in our work and life, we can often ask ourselves questions and answers. Through these five “why”, we can find out the causality of the matter or the “real reason” hidden behind it. . China Manufacturer of rapid prototype parts

If the workshop is just blindly pursuing production, giving up the best time to find problems and solve them, perhaps, when they are catching up on urgent orders, the machines will strike collectively.

At that time, the head of the workshop would surely repent. The sooner the problem was discovered, the easier it would be to solve it. Just as people were ill, if they found it early, it might be better to take a few pills. If found late, the virus will continue to invade the body, may have to operate on or endanger the lives of patients. Thus, this enterprise, did not really understand the essence of lean thinking. Just a simple understanding of lean production point, to truly achieve “lean”, there is a long way to go.

In our work and life, once there is a problem, learn to think, if the cause is not thoroughly traced, the solution will not work. Therefore, we need to repeatedly ask five “why.” This is also the basic spirit of lean ideological and scientific attitude.

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