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[Workplace Story] The Experience of Developing from a Small Scale to a Large Company – The Owner’s Self-Review

Retain 20% of the backbone. rapid prototyping china

Since I can’t satisfy everyone, I only satisfy 20% of the company’s backbone.

First of all, the development of key employees to buy shares: I will buy the company shares to send a one-and-one, half-price sales to key staff, within five years of stock withdrawals only return the principal, and more than five years of stock withdrawal I triple redemption. Take 60% of profits every year. Anyway, everyone has money to make a profit, but once the shareholders do something sorry for the company, double the penalty, deducted from the stock. This move is really so that in the past 5 years, no one shareholder left, and the company has a shareholder in key positions, saving me a lot of energy. rapid prototyping china

Authorization, to endure

I remember that when there were only a dozen people in the company, I was the busiest person in the entire company. I often received two or three sales calls at the same time. I had to arrange delivery, checkout, and purchase. As a result, the company has not developed in four or five years, and it has been a dozen or so individuals, and the employees feel depressed and have no room for development. Later, I finally realized that I had to put power in the decentralization, even if employees can only do 70% of yours. Sometimes anxious! Obviously, the customer sales staff who can talk about is so poor that they can’t talk about it, and they can’t wait to immediately rush themselves up. The forbearance has to be forgiven.

In the development process of small companies, 15 people are a kan, 50 are kan, 200 are kan, and management methods do not improve and generally cannot be further developed. The company whose bosses are hands-on is hard for 15 people. A person with strong abilities can directly manage seven or eight individuals. With normal abilities, only one person can directly lead four or five people.

Now customers are looking for me to buy things. I often say, “Oh, I’m sorry! I don’t know the price. I’ll introduce you to a sales person. I’ll let him contact you.” rapid prototyping china

Some money cannot be saved

When I first started my business, I was one or two people. I sold, purchased, repaired, and run banks. At that time, there was no registered capital to borrow a friend’s business license. When I went outside to study for a few months, I started reporting. At the end of the month, tax returns were filed with the tax bureau. When the report was submitted, the special manager saw his eyes and began to ask questions. I didn’t understand the question asked, let alone answered.

The next day I found an accounting firm, which cost 300 yuan in January. I will not run the taxation office myself. Up to a dozen people in the company, I still let the accounting company make the accounts. The company has only one cashier, no full-time accounting and warehouse management. In the following years, the business was well developed and no less money was made. However, the company’s account at the end of the year did not increase much. Micro Signal: Lean Production Promotion Center. rapid prototyping china

Later, I discovered that as long as the company had only 10 people, the boss couldn’t see it at all. The whole company was like a sieve. It was full of holes and it was strange to be left with money. Counting on the company’s employees are Jiao Yulu and Lei Feng, there are no children, even if the commission is 70% of the employees, he will still remember the remaining 30%, the fool is not corrupt it!

Only if the system is sound and the people with unfavorable minds are impeccable can they manage the company well. Next time the company is re-established, the company must be a boss, an accountant, a cashier, a library manager, and no money. This sentence is right on 90% of companies. Of course, if you feel that you are the remaining 10%, you might as well try.

The boss must try to sing a red face

Every day there are a lot of things happen in the company, some should be praised, and some should be criticized. Who is going to criticize and praise? In the end, I contacted many Japanese companies and discovered many mysteries. rapid prototyping china

The Japanese company’s general manager seldom criticizes the company’s general employees and is very kind to the company’s bottom-level employees. However, he often reprimands the company’s middle-level cadres in front of the employees, while the ordinary employees make mistakes and the direct leadership of the employees is responsible for handling them. Of course, the salary is paid at the end of the month. When the general manager was unambiguous, the company not only managed to be well organized, but also the staff’s mind was relatively balanced.

The stones of other mountains can be used to attack jade, and they say dry and dry. The company is not big, but there are also several supervisors. Then they met to clarify their duties, and whoever had problems with their own hands had to deal with them. No matter what problems were pushed to me. Normally, I usually only praise good people for good things and encourage them to be the master. When the supervisors make mistakes, I rarely criticize them publicly, usually in private. It was not a long time. The company’s management was smooth, and my image in the company was greatly improved. The staff respected me more.

Relatives and friends can use or not

Based on all kinds of circumstances, I decided not to use relatives and friends as much as possible. Later, when the company reached a certain scale, an elder in the field called and said that her son (that is, my cousin) graduated for one year. As a salesman in a small company in our industry, the income is not very high. I hope to come to Beijing for development. . At that time, I thought that the company was short of people, and who it was not for use, so I readily agreed. rapid prototyping china

The cousin was very clever, and the business in the department was well done, with the top few in the commission. Later, I discovered that my cousin often expressed my special identity in the company, and I was very happy with my colleagues. For this reason, I talked with him about a few times. He said that he must correct it, but the effect is not great.

Later, the cousin introduced several friends in succession. The cousin and several of his friends lived and lived together. They only talked to each other. The company could not understand anything but me. Moreover, although they are in different departments, they are perceived by department heads to collude with each other to earn money.

I spoke to my cousin once and he said that he never made similar mistakes again. In less than a month, another department head told me that the younger gang of his cousin was doing his job. Not only did he not avoid other employees, he even encouraged others to do it together. I am really embarrassed. Regardless of raising the tiger, I also expect the company to become bigger and bigger, so that the shareholders who are starting businesses will always have confidence. The long pain was worse than short-term pain. I gritted my teeth and I invited my cousin and his small group to the company. The company’s business was shaken for six months. rapid prototyping china

Relatives and friends can use it or not. Otherwise, relatives and friends can’t do anything.

He has heard other company bosses tell him how to deal with relatives after the company is big. His five or six relatives did nothing to help him when he started the business. When he was bigger, relatives couldn’t keep pace with the development of the company, and he occupied a high position and was not well managed. At this time, he used the method of sacrificing money to save his family: Older ones gave him a sum of money to help him start another venture. The younger companies sent money to study abroad and took up all the expenses. After reading the MBA, they helped them find a job. Solve this thorny issue, high!

Management means directly related to operating efficiency

With the increasing number of company sales outlets and the increasingly fragmented office locations, management has become increasingly troublesome. Sometimes, a certain commodity A market can not be sold for over half a year, and Biemen City then reorders the user’s orders, and the information between the stores is not communicated with each other.

Later, the company spent a lot of money to purchase online version of financial software, so that the company’s retail outlets, Beijing headquarters and foreign branch companies to achieve real-time communication. The company’s inventory of all products at a glance, every clerk’s every business at any time can be checked, payable accounts receivable should be clear, all kinds of reports are accompanied by, I no longer have to ask accounting: how much inventory? How much money is left on the account and how much sales did a certain salesperson make this month? As long as there is a computer, whenever and wherever I want to move my fingers, the data I need will immediately appear. rapid prototyping china

In order to improve the quality of the after-sales service department to answer the phone and reduce disputes with customers, the company added a recording card to the group’s phone. All incoming and outgoing calls are recorded every day. The customer service staff of the after-sales service department regularly meets and listens to the phone recording. The pros and cons of each person answering the phone are discussed together. Micro Signal: Lean Production Promotion Center. After a period of time, I noticed that not only did the customer service staff improve their phone calls, but the company’s telephone bills also saved a lot. Probably the telephone recording staff was embarrassed to use a company phone to make a private phone call. It really served two purposes.

The use of scientific and technological means to manage the company not only improves efficiency, but also avoids all kinds of human-induced deviations. Now that the labor cost is getting higher and higher, purchasing advanced equipment instead of people to complete the work is a good way for the company to save costs.

From result management to process management

All along, the company basically adopts results management. Each year, the task indicators are set at the beginning of the year, and then they are assigned to each department according to the company’s total annual tasks. The department continues to distribute to everyone, each one will The task of the year is subdivided into each month of the new year with reference to the historical situation of the previous year. The company establishes assessment criteria based on each person’s monthly task. At the beginning of each month, the Finance Department summarizes the actual tasks completed by each employee last month. The report is submitted to the department manager and the general manager. The manager studies the last month report and then formulates a new policy and conducts individual tutoring or adjustment for the uncompleted employee. . rapid prototyping china

The above traditional methods are step-by-step and more feasible. However, due to the increasingly fierce competition and rapid changes in the market, the company’s original management methods are somewhat out of step with the competitors. If the problem arises earlier this month, it will not be reflected in the report until the beginning of next month. The manager will then arrange the sales policy according to the revised plan, and 40 days have passed. Sometimes 40 days is enough to drag small problems into big problems.

Therefore, we changed the reports of the business divisions to a weekly summary. On Mondays, we must summarize and verify the progress of each person’s business and the actual completion of tasks on Mondays. Immediately take measures for anomalous phenomena, and employees who perform poor tasks are immediately Separate communication, find out the reasons, and solve the problem in time. After the new measures were implemented for a period of time, I felt that the company’s response to the market has been greatly improved, and that the managers at all levels have basically reached the bottom of their minds in terms of the actual situation in the business. It is not until the beginning of next month that the issue of the current month is found to be solved. rapid prototyping china

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