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After Wadaichi Kazuo’s 72-year-old fell sharply

The president of Japan’s largest retail group, Gohan’s Yaohan, and Tian Yifu, suffered serious setbacks at the age of 72, and the company he painstakingly managed collapsed. This turned him from an internationally-renowned entrepreneur into a poorly-written poor man. rapid prototyping companies

Someone once predicted that he would certainly commit suicide, or that he would be destitute for the rest of his life. However, contrary to people’s expectations, Wada did not fall into slander, did not fall down, and did not commit suicide. He together with several young people set up a network consulting company to challenge the I T field that he had never met before. rapid prototyping companies

So, everyone asked how he successfully stood from the point of failure?

He said that from the time he was young, he asked himself to write a diary every day and only record happy things. He called this diary the “bright diary.” During his term as president of the company, he insisted that the company held a regular meeting every month. Prior to discussing work, each participant was asked to talk about one of his happiest things this month in 3 minutes to adjust everyone’s feelings and mobilize everyone. Enthusiasm. He called this regular meeting “happy regular meeting.” Micro Signal: Lean Production Promotion Center. rapid prototyping companies

Therefore, he stood at ease in the face of setbacks and failures. He said that the only way is to recreate the cause and there will be glory.

“The philosophy of the story

Life is a mirror. You smile at it. It smiles at you. When you cry against it, it cries to you. In the words of Carnegie of the United States, “If we have happy thoughts, we will be happy; if we have miserable thoughts, we will be miserable.” rapid prototyping companies

Every entrepreneur is under pressure that ordinary people can’t imagine. The panacea that can relieve pressure in the world is not particularly produced for those who are unusual. It is precisely where ordinary people are. rapid prototyping companies

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