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How to activate employee proposal activity in TPM

Employee proposal case sharing. High Quality rapid prototyping China Manufacturer

TPM activities require sustained and strong impetus to achieve voluntary, autonomous, positive results. When management does not specifically require, and no penalty system is able to achieve the desired objectives of the proposal. The TPM campaign is a success. Proposal activities are based on a variety of incentives to allow employees to submit proposals, implement them autonomously. Fines or other enforcement measures run counter to the aspirations of the proposal activity itself. The proposal system brought by punishment must not last, and employees will end up with “policies and countermeasures”. By studying the following cases, we can understand the effective way to advance the proposal activities. High Quality rapid prototyping China Manufacturer

Number of proposals from a top 500 Chinese factory

A schedule of proposals for a 500 company’s Chinese factory. At the start of the campaign, the factory had fewer proposals. Later, in a variety of ways. Employee participation and participation rate gradually increased. By September, with the increase in the number of participation, the participation rate basically reached 80. This time. Therefore, when evaluating the proposal activities, the enterprise should pay special attention to the employee participation rate and maintain it at a certain level for a long time.

Improved use of printer ribbons

Employees in a company have proposed improvements to the use of printer ribbons. Before the improvements were made, only half of the ribbons were printed when they were discarded. Workers on the line were aware of the waste. Put forward their own improvement plan: open the box, tear off the ribbon and paste it in another direction, seal it up, and then give it to the production department to continue printing. After this simple proposal is implemented. Not only printing quality and the original exactly the same, but also can save 18000 yuan a year, both save money and environmental protection. Thus, in the enterprise management. Waste is everywhere. The basic problem can be solved best when the basic staff in contact with the site have a sense of improvement.

Odour elimination improvement

A certain enterprise specialized production ink, its production equipment is placed in the center of the workshop, because of a solvent volatilization, make the whole workshop full of strong smell. How to eliminate this smell? The general manager of the company pays close attention to how foreign companies solve the problem every time he visits abroad. However, he finds that the Japanese factory has not solved the problem effectively. All the operators had to be armed and put on gas masks.

During the proposal improvement campaign, the factory staff came up with an idea. He made an object like a mosquito net out of plastic paper and pulled it up when it was fed. When the material was finished, it was stirred. The bed net was put down to cover the machine and all the volatile gases evaporated along the exhaust fan. With this improvement, the smell was reduced by more than 80%.

This improvement has not brought any economic benefits to enterprises and increased the cost of replacing “bed nets” on a regular basis. However, the general manager of the company still gave the improvement a high rating: it was a world-class improvement. Save money and be effective, and no other country has done so well. Therefore, when evaluating employee improvement cases, have a certain degree of height. Managers should not think only about economic benefits. And should consider from the angle of the health of the employee, so this one improvement is worth praiseworthy.

Safety improvement of three hobbing machine

An enterprise production workshop three rolling machine accidents often occur. The three rolling machine after each color process to end color change, which requires three rolling machine thoroughly cleaned. Because of the operation mode of three rolling machine, the staff in the cleaning process, a little careless, it will be the turn of the three. Machine pinch off fingers. In order to solve this problem, proposed an employee. In the welding machine roller on both sides of the baffle, as long as the scrub in baffle range, hands in no danger. This proposal to completely eliminate the security risks, only the production line workers to think this way.

Improving the efficiency of post labeling and improving

Each card is placed on the four machines, these machines are produced by the supplier, to complete post sticker directly after shipment. In the process of working employees often complain: the heavy machine to carry out post sticker, and then re packaged shipments. Later, some people put forward the improvement plan, requirements the supplier in order for the four card machine position, so that you can post from the outside, do not need to move any machine, which is of high efficiency and labor saving.

In this case can be seen, but also improve the cross enterprise, open and fully communicate with suppliers. In the evaluation of this improvement, managers must have a certain understanding. The improvement of employees no longer stay in their scope, which means the staff to improve awareness, improve the ability of a major upgrade. The staff’s proposal everywhere, employees can get great wisdom to play. Therefore, enterprises should encourage employees to focus on management issues around their own, continue to improve these problems.

Methods to activate the activity of the proposal

If we can take any appropriate methods to improve the activities of the can play a multiplier effect; on the other hand, it may make the long-term stagnation, employees lose confidence and further improve the driving force. Therefore, the activation of staff proposal activities also need to study some specific methods. High Quality rapid prototyping China Manufacturer

Starting with organization and system

The first method is to activate the proposal activities from organization and system. First, attaches great importance to the leadership and implementation that will play the role of case. The proposal the attention of leaders should not stay in the oral. For example, if a manager in meeting the requirements of all proposals, generally do not have the effect. However, if the Department Manager a name for a few people proposal, these people will work together.

Secondly, we should carry out the commitment of the number of heads of departments, each department responsible person to the Department proposal activities, the participation rate and to reach the heights of commitment to independent activities into organized activities. In addition, but also the number of departments and individuals and the monthly assessment proposal. It starts from the linkage, organization and system and let the staff realized that the proposal is omnipresent, as long as a good improvement, we will be able to get more recognition.

The use of form and the interest of activities

Activate the proposal activities still need to take various effective forms of activities. Such as to carry out a number of teams, departments, individual competitions, the comparison of results with the proposal, activities in the form of proposals to carry out the activities. In addition, can also be held monthly outstanding proposals will be published and commendation, making the case set, showcasing the achievements. In short the proposal to create the proposal, to the situation, let the staff gradually develop a habit. As long as the full proposal to focus people’s wisdom, we will be able to carry out the activities of the proposal.

The measure of full participation

The proposal to encourage full participation in the activities, the main indicators to measure two figures: the per capita number of proposals and proposals. The participation rate per capita proposal number is more better, some Japanese companies per capita number of proposals maintained at more than a dozen per month level, the employee will not only put forward the proposal, but also personally completed these proposals.

The proposal the participation rate is more important. The proposal system itself to pursue full participation, if the proposal participation rate is not high, even if the proposal number is very high, its significance is not large. For example, a 100 person department 200 proposals, but were completed by two individuals, enterprises can only give the department for C class; another 100 people in the same department 200 proposals, but the proposal by 100 people to complete, to achieve full participation, which was assessed at a level. Therefore, the enterprises in the pursuit of the per capita number of proposals at the same time, especially to improve employee participation rate.


The fundamental purpose of the proposal is to promote the activities and participation of employees, so that employees pay attention to their own work, pay close attention to the development of enterprises, so that employees looking for problems, greatly improve the ability to solve problems. The staff proposal is everywhere, the wisdom of employee gets great play. Because of this, enterprises should pay attention to the proposal of improvement activities, encourage employees pay attention to management problems around their own, continue to improve these problems.

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