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Who organizes! Never seen this way for employees to stress safety production

Let’s recall the famous. Rapid Prototyping Services | Rapid Prototyping for USA
“The story that a horse has lost a country” –
One horse nail was missing, and one horseshoe was lost;
One horseshoe was lost and a horse was lost;
A horse was lost and a battle was defeated.
A battle was defeated and a country was lost.

Let’s take a look at the famous “Hain’s Rule” –
Behind each serious accident,
There must be 29 minor accidents
And 300 threats
And 1,000 accidents. Rapid Prototyping Services | Rapid Prototyping for USA

Seemingly accidental accidents,
All have a shadow of illegal operation and neglect.
The responsibility for safety is more important than Taishan, and security risks cannot be ignored.
Car driving split line

Before starting work,
First of all, we must do a good job of preconceived work.
Otherwise, don’t take the first step.

Even if you’ve repeated your work countless times,
Can not be taken lightly,
Because the risk is everywhere. Rapid Prototyping Services | Rapid Prototyping for USA

Unless you have stunts,
Can escape every danger.

Because in actual operations,
You don’t have such good luck and skill.

There are no three-wheeled brothers who have the help of a safe haven.

most of the time,
Your “not on the ordinary road”
It’s not a “shortcut” to get your job done quickly. Rapid Prototyping Services | Rapid Prototyping for USA

When working,
Pay more attention to your feet, surroundings, etc.
Do not hurt yourself.

Must be familiar with and master the use of work tools,
Be careful not to hurt others.

The most critical
To learn to protect yourself,
Not hurt by others. Rapid Prototyping Services | Rapid Prototyping for USA

When you are not sure about the security risks of an assignment,
Please don’t be a warrior easily.

Maybe you can finish your work beautifully.
But you may forget about its potential security risks.

If the job cannot end with the normal process,
Don’t behave bluntly. Please look carefully at the reasons.

To have team awareness,
Colleagues should remind each other and control each other.
Instead of… Rapid Prototyping Services | Rapid Prototyping for USA

To help new colleagues who are undecided and unfamiliar with the workflow,
Because he does not have the same ability to identify and control risks as you do.

Improve safety awareness
Resolutely prevent illegal violations. Rapid Prototyping Services | Rapid Prototyping for USA

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