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A very comprehensive system of factory management, the people we’ve seen are turning


In order to protect the legitimate interests of both sides, strengthen the management of the company, maintain and protect normal production and improve production efficiency, we must have a specific understanding and compliance with all the rules and regulations of the company according to the actual situation of our factory. Professional Manufacturer of rapid prototyping services

general provisions

In order to improve the company’s management system, and gradually improve the modern management mechanism, make internal management more scientific, systematic, standardized, so that management law, regulations and supervision of all employees can study, law-abiding, jointly safeguard, safeguard public life and the work order, the specially formulated management regulations.

Second in the local government departments under the leadership of the highest leadership power plant belongs to the general manager’s office, and is headed by the general manager office of the leading institutions to carry out specific work, hiring and dismissal of workers fired workers and other significant matters by administrative department jointly approved.

The third section of the staff of the company must abide by and execute the relevant provisions of this regulation, and enjoy all the rights and interests stipulated in the articles of association.

The fourth staff who violate the articles of association shall be dealt with in accordance with the procedures of the relevant departments in accordance with the relevant system.

The fifth departments may, in accordance with the guiding principles of the articles of association, formulate relevant regulations in accordance with the actual specific circumstances of the Department, and report the approval of the company to be effective.

The person in charge of Sixth Department units shall be regularly educated to comply with the regulations.

In the seventh article, any person who violates this administrative statute has the power to dissuade and complain.

The eighth articles of association shall come into force on the date of issuance, and the old terms which are incompatible with them shall be abolished.

The articles of association are discussed and passed collectively by the enlarged meeting of the company. The general manager of the company is signed into effect, and the right of interpretation and modification shall be returned to the company.

The tenth articles of association were formally promulgated and implemented in September 1, 2015.

The second chapter of the staff code

The staff code is the basic code of conduct that the staff must abide by during the company’s employment.

It is useful for a modern enterprise to work hard to learn scientific knowledge, to seriously study production skills and technology, to continuously improve its own quality.

Abide by the laws and regulations of the state and the relevant rules and regulations of the company, and do outstanding social citizens and enterprise employees in compliance with the law and law.

Obey the leadership, obey the command and division of labor, establish unity, dedication, the overall situation of the collective spirit.

Forbidden to participate in inciting others to do, strike illegal fights and violate regulations and any harm to social stability.

Establish care, cooperation, unity, civilization, courtesy, respect our workmate life style, no cliques, selfish, all kinds of bad deeds destroys collective cohesion.

Love the company, be loyal to the company and be loyal to the cause. Take the factory as the home, set up the correct entrepreneurial concept of “flourish and flourish in the factory, decline in the factory and I’m poor”, oppose the vulgar idea of “gold rush”, consciously maintain the collective interests and the reputation of the company, and actively provide rationalization proposals for the improvement works of the factory.

Love your job, be loyal to your duties, work hard, be conscientious and responsible for your work, keep improving technology, keep quality, efficiency and low consumption, and do well in the company’s excellent tasks.

To strengthen personal morality and professional moral cultivation, it is strictly forbidden to steal the property of the company and colleagues, as well as the corrupt behavior of all the moral qualities of the crowd.

Zunzhangshouji, obey the overall situation. Prohibited any personal reasons to resist, threats, intimidation, beatings.

Actively cooperate with the company management, and out of the workshop and warehouse door and other public areas must consciously regulate wear the card (brand), and consciously safeguard the public areas of environmental health, not spitting and littering, and obey the duty of security personnel inspection, supervision, and consciously safeguard the public area clean environment.

Go to work on time; not be late, leave early, do not be absent without any reason, and conscientiously abide by the sign in system. Without the consent of the supervisor, you can not go out or receive the relatives and foreign guests without permission. Professional Manufacturer of rapid prototyping services

Working hours, staff must not read newspapers and magazines, gossip, channeling Gang, slapstick, loud noise, not private telephone calls, something should be short, so as not to disturb the work order.

The company advocates thrift, energy, supplies and all kinds of materials, and does not damage public property, and causes losses due to personal reasons. The company will deal with the circumstances according to the seriousness of the plot.

A day before operation to check the machine is normal. After operation or after work received all the documents, materials, tools, parts, products, shut the doors and windows, water, electricity, gas source. According to the provisions of placement tools and items. Every Wednesday, five days, clean, improve personal and collective health, by the competent after inspection qualified can work.

According to the quality, quantity, time to complete the task, not an excuse to delay, perfunctory, selection committee. In strict accordance with safety specification operation, no violation operation, once found serious treatment.

Employees in a factory must obey the reasonable command and mobilization of the supervisors. If there is any objection, they should discuss with the leaders in time. There is no reason not to obey the manager’s motivations and deal with them according to the seriousness of the circumstances.

The heads of all departments must pay attention to their own self-restraint, by example, to work together with the staff of the company, to improve their enthusiasm for work and to unite and cooperate.

Our employees have the responsibility and obligation to keep our business secrets, maintain the factory interests, without the consent of any person shall be approved in writing by the leadership, to plant all the secrets leaked vision without authorization, or for theft and infringement punished, the factory will be in violation of the economic responsibility. Without approval, shall not take migrant workers around.

Any employee there is a sudden disease in its work time and plant disease caused by the non occupation occupation, casualties and other non fighting injuries were associated with the plant disease will not be liable for any cost. The factory workers and outsiders fighting outside the factory, theft and other criminal acts, is a criminal offense the factory, do not bear any responsibility.

In violation of the fifth, ninth, ten and twenty provisions of this chapter, the persons concerned shall be investigated for responsibility. The serious cases are dealt with by the judicial organs. At the same time, they shall be dismissed from the factory.

There are no discriminatory acts in the factory, that is;

Our factory can not exist or support any discrimination based on cluster, social class, nationality, religion, disability, gender, gender orientation, trade union membership or political relationship in terms of employment, salary, promotion, training opportunities, dismissal or retirement.

The factory can not interfere with the rights of employees of religion and custom belief, and relates to meet the social class, race, nationality, disability, sexual orientation and Union political creed, need right.

It is not allowed to allow compulsive, threatening, humiliated or exploitative behavior, including posture, language and body contact.

The third chapter employee salary system

The first company adopts 28 days / month’s work system, the normal working time of the whole year is 8 hours, 8:00-12:00 a.m. and 13:00-17:30 p.m. all are 18:30-21:00. at night.

The second one is two kinds of employees’ time sharing and two pieces counting. If we find time workers do work for a job member when they are not registered, they will have 1 days’ deduction of 3 days’ salary.

The third company salary system is used every month, the month end of the month salary for last month, the general time wages, special circumstances need to delay, a maximum of not more than 15 days.

The fourth monthly overtime hours can not be 36 hours on average. The factory overtime pay is given in accordance with the salary system.

Monthly salary

– — – — – = overtime pay (yuan / hour)

30 (day) * 8 (hour)

(except for worker’s overtime pay)

If the company has to work overtime due to the urgent shipment, the Department Manager will inform the staff to work overtime in advance and hope that the staff should cooperate with them.

The fourth chapter of safety production management system

Carry out the policy of “safety for production, production must be safe”, and conscientiously abide by the rules of safety production.

Each department shall work out the safety operation rules for the operator’s safety guide according to the performance of the machinery and equipment used by the Department and the operation and use method.

The apprenticeship should be the master. Under the guidance of the leader of the group, the new worker should operate the mechanical and electrical equipment and dangerous work according to the safety procedures.

The operator should study strictly, comply with the relevant safety rules of the Department, and do a good job in daily maintenance and maintenance to ensure the normal stability of the mechanical safety performance.

Non mechanical and electrical operators are not allowed to use mechanical and electrical equipment in private; non professional mechanical and electrical maintenance personnel are strictly prohibited from dismantling and installing mechanical and electrical equipment.

Hazardous electrical and mechanical equipment or work must be trained, familiar with the mechanical and electrical equipment performance and safety regulations of this job, and then be able to work independently.

The electromechanical operator before operation, to check the electrical equipment is functioning properly, all kinds of insurance facilities is neat and firm, to confirm the normal operation.

When the mechanical and electrical equipment fails, the power supply should be shut down immediately, and the head of the Department is reported to be repaired in time, and the mechanical equipment with failure should be prohibited.

It is strictly forbidden to arrange personnel with obstacles to safety, to engage in mechanical and electrical operation, to operate mechanical and electrical equipment under the condition of drunk or overworked persons.

Any person or unit shall be strictly prohibited from dismantling and destroying all kinds of safety signs and other safety facilities.

The mechanical and electrical equipment of each department shall formulate a safety inspection system, designate the safety maintenance personnel and implement the system of safety guardianship.

The safety guardian has the right to supervise the operation according to the chapter, and does not listen to the advice of the violator in the safe area. The guardian shall declare to the personnel department the penalty and suspend the violator’s work immediately.

The safety guardianship responsible person finds that the employee’s violation should be stopped in time, and the person who is responsible for the safety guardianship should be investigated for the related responsibility.

The staff violates the relevant provisions of this chapter, and causes the cases of other persons to be disabled, the personnel system > thirteenth section of the relevant procedures.

If there is a case of loss, we must report it to the Department Manager and the manager immediately.

The fifth chapter of the personnel system

First section of employee recruitment

When all departments need to increase their production needs, they shall be orally applied by the head of the department or fill in the application form for increasing the membership, and report the authorized production volume of the department heads. After approval, the company will have a unified recruitment by the personnel department after approval by the company.

The ordinary staff, by the personnel department, verify the identification card and other relevant documents according to the regulations, and have arranged the appropriate work and then test the skills.

Technical personnel, clerks, managers at all levels of recruitment, in addition to the general procedure of examination qualified, submitted to the general manager or manager for approval.

Under the age of 18 to the age of a child, the factory is not allowed to recruit or use child labour and do not support or require the use of child labor.

When the applicant must fill in the application form, the factory will first check the contents and confirm the application.

Second section employees’ Employment

The first is where our factory hired staff must have my ID and photocopy, 18 years of age, physical health, free of infectious diseases and bad habits, need to pay 2 inch /1 inch bareheaded photo 1, a clear understanding of our regulations and no objection before handling incoming formalities.

Employees who are employed are hired by the personnel department to take the attendance card in the personnel department and arrange the formalities for accommodation and so on.

The probationary system is adopted for all new recruited employees. The probationary period of ordinary employees is two months. Technicians, clerks and managers at all levels are probed for three months, and a trial contract is signed.

The employee may continue to leave the factory worker, and must sign a labor contract with the factory.

Employees who are expelled from the company have not been licensed by the general manager of the company, and they are not allowed to re – hire.

The resignation of staff requirements back to factory work, agreed to by the Department in charge or report to the company after the approval of the Ministry of personnel, in accordance with procedures for re entry procedures; from the factory to two times and two times above shall not be accepted.

Third section of employee documents

Factory staff after the trial contract, labor contract, labor insurance, attendance records, cards and other documents procedures handled by the Ministry of personnel.

Employee attendance records, lost or damaged, should be immediately re submit to the personnel department.

The staff deliberately damaged, missing the label and attendance card, to pay to pay corresponding fee for card, and according to the severity of penalties

Fourth section of staff training

Article 1 all employees who are employed are issued by the personnel department.

Second, all departments must conduct post job responsibilities, safety regulations and basic knowledge of product quality strictly according to the situation, and train a skilled staff with strong discipline and strong sense of discipline.

The employees in the third trial training period enjoy the equal treatment of the official employees.

The fourth employees must take part in various training in accordance with the requirements of the personnel and promote the continuous upgrading and progress of enterprise management.

Fifth employees with good performance, to participate in the training of engineering application of the factory (welders, painter, etc., by the lathe work) after the approval, in the training with salary conditions, must be signed by both parties and technical training, service contract.

Fifth section of staff mobilization

Any department and individual must obey, and the formalities shall be handled by the personnel department when the company needs to be transferred to the staff.

In accordance with the production needs of the Department, the head of the Department may mobilize the type of work or group, the team leader, the staff must obey the arrangement, and report the personnel to change the personnel information.

Inter departmental transfer must fill in the application form of “personnel transfer”, submit the approval by the head of the two departments, then submit the approval of the company to the personnel department for the transfer formalities.

Sixth section attendance card rules

Employees must take their own cards to record hours of work, including time for leaving the factory because of business.

If you leave the factory within a day (excluding one day) and leave the factory on the official or private basis, you should leave the time and the reason on the registration form of the employee leaving the work time, and have the signature of the department head. The authorized person will go out and sign by the attendance clerk.

Work time more than one day (including the day) on business or factory leave for private, in the < employees Registration Form > indicate days and reasons out of time, the Department in charge of the Department in charge of signature consent; consent signature. If the level leadership level leadership can not go out to report, should leave office attendance record.

At the end of each month, the attendance check is handled in accordance with the attendance system, if it does not agree with the personal computer card clock special table, which is charged by the office.

At the end of each month attendance should carefully check the management personnel of the department work leave time registration form with punch cards, found in violation of relevant regulations on the use of plant attendance and attendance system factory shall truthfully recorded in < > on the attendance table, and by the competent leadership or signature, can submit to the office. As to intentionally or unintentionally will handed over the contradictions in the Department, not the attendance table > < recorded on each discipline, discovered by the office or other departments to double to the party.

Cardpunch real record attendance, field (or private travels) time, from the general manager, to the general staff, to work time, back to the factory to go out after (either because of the public private, also regardless of the length of time) will not make the same light, punch, punch processing (the Department to forget self report each deduction 50 yuan, 100 yuan deducted each time checks found), or as early or undergo.

Managers at all levels should set an example to comply with the above requirements, each department has the responsibility to guide the executive leadership attendance attendance system, attendance if favoritism in default, is to be dealt with separately.

If you go out on business or in other special circumstances, it can be verified by the head of the Department to check the card of the personnel department, and the others are not allowed to fill the card (sign card).

All the cards need to be sent to the personnel department by the signature card department or department heads for full-time application. No functional departments or individuals are allowed to sign the bill. The violator will not only replace the signature card, but also educate the personnel in violation department.

The work card should be kept clean and tidy, not to be altered, dirty and covered with any signs or folds.

A written warning is given to the person who is late or early, warning the invalid to be dealt with in accordance with the relevant regulations.

Anyone who absences from work for a day will not be on duty until he has been informed of the work. He will give a warning and review the educational treatment. If the person who has been absent from work for fifteen days has not been on duty after the announcement, it will be automatically removed from the factory. If there are any accidents, it is necessary to provide relevant certificates.

This provision is implemented on the date of carrying out the card system.

The personnel department is responsible for the interpretation and modification of the provisions, and the personnel department is responsible for the inspection and examination.

Seventh section request for leave rule

The employee’s leave is subject to the approval of the department head, and then to the personnel department for the signature and the formalities. The departmental supervisor’s leave is subject to the approval of the company’s leader, then the personnel department sign the card and go through the formalities, and those who have more than seven days’ holiday must be approved by the company’s leader.

The new employee during the probation period, also can take seven days to leave the spleen.

For any person to go out for a short holiday during work, it is necessary to go through the procedures and procedures of the personnel department.

Sick leave, did not leave in advance, second days off or call leave. Long test doctors proved false.

Employee probation period of qualified positive may request the marriage, marriage and holiday to a department head or the company leadership consultation, marriage holiday full back to the factory to eliminate false personnel.

All female employees who work in the factory for two years enjoy 90 days of maternity leave.

Eighth section of employee complaint rules

On the premise of respecting the facts, the employee may complain to the company or the personnel department in written form, and anyone has the right to complain.

The staff complaint can be directly submitted to the responsible person of the Department and may also be led by the company.

Receiving the complaint department two, in principle to investigate the response of large events within two days can not be implemented, can be negotiable.

To damage the company’s collective interest, breach of privilege, favoritism Wu fraud, theft of financial events reported, the investigation proved that the report is true, by the Ministry of personnel to the company to declare informer given heavy penalties.

The prosecution department must confidentiality for the complainant, and the persons concerned will be treated strictly by the personnel department or the company.

Ninth Section of reward

1, written informed of 2 prizes, 3 bonus, salary level

Tenth section of punishment

1, oral warning 2, written warning, criticism, or fines 4, dismissal or expulsion

The eleventh section resignation system

Any employees resign in advance half months (15 days) with a written request (such as no special cases), detailed written reasons to resign department in charge of examination and approval, after the approval by the leadership of the company to the personnel department for the record, by the Ministry of personnel and the parties negotiate appropriate arrangements in time for formalities. Resign from the factory should be turned over to the individual the key tool and counted as correct within 15 days after the settlement of all personal wages, otherwise no wage settlement.

If the company is not full year and the company buys insurance for it, please deduct the related expenses according to the seventeenth section of the insurance system in this chapter.

During the period of the employees to accept resign at the factory, still need to comply with the rules and regulations, or according to the relevant provisions.

If we find the property of the theft of the factory or the property of the dormitory, it is immediately unconditional and unpaid, and the serious person will be sent to the local police station to deal with it.

If employees are expelled or dismissed from the system stipulated in the tenth quarter, the head of department shall report to the department head for approval and submit it to the personnel department for the formalities of leaving the factory.

If there is a violation of the regulations stipulated in the tenth section, if it is requested to resign voluntarily, it shall be paid in accordance with the provisions of the first section of the eleventh section, and the personal tools and keys shall be paid off without any mistake, and all the salaries of the individual shall be settled within 15 days.

Section twelfth relieving the terms of labor relations

In one of the following cases, the company may terminate the labor contract, but it should notify the worker in written form 15 days ahead of time.

1, the workers are ill or are not injured by the workers. After the expiration of the medical period, they can not engage in the original work or be engaged in the work arranged separately by the company.

2, the workers are not competent, after training or adjusting their jobs, they are still not competent.

3, there is a major change in the objective situation based on the conclusion of the labor contract, resulting in the failure of the original labor contract to be fulfilled. After the negotiation of the parties concerned, it is impossible to reach an agreement on changing the labor contract.

Company to the brink of bankruptcy or serious difficulties in production and management is to cut down the staff, shall be 15 days in advance to the trade union or all the staff to explain the situation, listen to the opinions of the trade union or employees, report to the administrative department of labour, can reduce the number of personnel.

In accordance with the provisions of this article, the reduction of personnel in accordance with the provisions of this article shall be given priority to personnel who have been employed within six months.

If a worker has one of the following circumstances, the company can not terminate the labor contract according to the above two provisions.

1, suffering from a occupational disease or being injured by a job and being confirmed to be lost or partially incapable of working.

2, ill or negative, during the prescribed period of medical treatment.

3, female workers in pregnancy, childbirth, lactation period.

4, the law, the other circumstances stipulated in the administrative regulations.

The labourer shall notify the company in written form 15 days before the termination of the labor contract.

In the case of one of the following cases, the labourer may at any time notify the company to terminate the labor contract:

1, during the probation period.

2, the company forced labour by means of violence, threats, or illegal restrictions on personal freedom.

3, the company does not pay remuneration for labor or provide labor conditions as stipulated in the labor contract.

Thirteenth section of reward and punishment process

The Department reported the facts to the personnel department, and the personnel department reported the personnel items to the Department for investigation and audit.

The eighth, Ninth Section 1,2 is directly handled by the personnel department.

Section eight or nine 3,4,5 of section eight or nine is verified by the personnel department and is submitted to the company in accordance with the instructions of the company.

Disciplinary interface head criticism, contradict the supervisor’s attitude is not good, the Ministry of personnel in the public notice boards criticism is more bad attitude by the personnel department to declare fines discipline.

Regulation of the fourteenth section of the factory

In order to standardize the management of factory clothing, make the formulation, distribution and application into the programmed management track, ensure the effectiveness and rationality of the work, and set up the company’s image better.

The company factory clothing fabric, color, style, grade, quantity, variety, payment time, scope, conditions of all standards shall be formulated by the general manager’s office, by the Ministry of personnel responsible for the specific implementation

This factory is recommended for all employees work clothing factory, clothing factory issued by the factory: Winter: two, summer: two provide to employees.

No one can alter the style, color, etc. of the suit without authorization.

Payment standard: employees each issued two sets of winter, summer two; new employees can receive a clothing factory to handle incoming formalities (temporary do not), issued summer 2, winter 2.

Service program

1, responsible for clothing factory issued by the Ministry of personnel staff, employees receive clothing factory must show the label, and receive a registration number, type, date, collect signatures; the personnel should be recorded on file.

2, work clothes use period: summer clothing factory use for a period of one year, the winter clothing factory use for a period of two years; according to the staff receive date. If the company unified change styles will notice.

3, after the expiration date of the service life of the factory, if the employee needs to receive the factory clothes again, he must fill out the application form of the factory collar, which is approved by the department head. After approval, the new factory clothing can be renewed at the personnel department.

4, as in a clothing factory use of the term, such as a man-made damage or loss of the need to fill the < Application > single clothing factory was approved by the competent departments and personnel, according to the announcement price to buy (the expense deduction in the month wages). As for damaged may fill the < Application > single clothing factory approved by the Department. Director, general manager of the personnel department for approval, to the clothing factory

The annual service delivery time is based on the actual conditions of the year.

The cost of the overpaid suit is deducted from the salary of the same month.

From the date of receiving, summer. After a full year can receive for a new winter clothing factory, after the expiry of two years for a new factory uniforms, dress up clothing factory no longer deduct cost. But must apply for three days in advance to the personnel, and fill in the application form. Clothing factory

In the following cases, the cost of the service is not deducted:

After 3 months on the day of distribution of the work clothes, employees will leave their jobs and take away their work clothes.

In the following cases, the cost of returning to the factory is withdrawn:

1, the new employees who have entered the factory for less than one year will receive less than 3 months from the date of receiving the factory clothing, such as employees leaving and the employees taken away from the factory.

2, man-made damage or loss, rotten work clothes are taken away by the staff, buckle back to the cost of the factory.

3, during the probation period, take away the factory suit and return the cost to the factory.

The factory wear, which represents our company’s image, must be kept clean and tidy. It must not be lost or damaged. We must wear factory clothes for work hours, and we can not wear holidays. For convenience of work, factory clothes can be worn out of the factory.

This provision is implemented from the date of the first delivery of the factory service

The personnel department is responsible for the interpretation and modification of the provisions, and the personnel department is responsible for the inspection and examination.

Fifteenth section of employee welfare treatment

The company provides a subsidized meal and accommodation for every employee. 8 yuan per day, accommodation, water and electricity are free.

The company is responsible for purchasing employees’ comprehensive welfare insurance insurance for employees

The statutory Holiday Corporation has a holiday and gives holiday gifts.

As a result of the injury, the company takes all medical expenses.

Employees who have a single year of working age are married, and the two sides enter the factory full of qualified employees in March and get married for ten days.

Employees working for 1-5 years can enjoy 5 days of paid vacation, work 6-10 years can enjoy 7 days of paid vacation, work 11-20 years can enjoy 10 days of paid leave, paid leave according to the provisions of the state minimum wage is 580 yuan / month.

The factory is free to provide the staff with sports and entertainment equipment and film and television services.

Organize employees to travel when the company produces excess profits.

Three months probation period examination qualified staff, can enjoy the formal employee level salary treatment.

Sixteenth section of excellent staff evaluation

In order to improve the efficiency of the staff, the quality of the products and the love of the work and enthusiasm, the factory decided to study is the introduction of the selection of outstanding employee award, award to the two: monthly bonus and bonus.

Monthly bonus, year-end bonus reward appraisal rating standards: the implementation of integral system composed of factory rules and factory management assessment, 30 per month, to comply with the regulations to get the 20 points. The other factory managers have 10 power, improve the work efficiency of the staff to work actively should be rewarded.

Seventeenth section insurance system

The first company for the workshop employees to purchase the “safety and sincerity enterprise staff comprehensive welfare security plan” insurance project.

Second, the insurance is 24 hours a day, and the total insurance coverage is 260 yuan per year. The cost of 220 yuan / person / year for accidental injury medical insurance is paid by the company, and the insurance amount of another 40 yuan / person / year’s working time is paid by employees.

The third rule is: the insurance period is one year, and no short-term insurance is less than one year. If employees leave in less than a year, the company will have the right to deduct the insured amount of the remaining non working months (the payment standard is 18.33 yuan / person / month).

Fourth in the following cases, the company will deduct the amount of the remaining months of the employee

1., I have been away from work for a full year. For example, if someone is on duty in March 2010 and is insured, he will leave in September 2010. Then the company will have the right to deduct the insured sum of -2010 in December September 2010.

2., work for a full year, but not for second years. For example, a person who works in in the first year and will leave in August 2010, then the company will have the right to deduct the insured amount in September 2010 -2010 December.

Fifth in the following cases, the company does not deduct the amount of employees’ participation in insurance:

1. the job has just been over a year.

2. full years of work, such as a person who was laid off in February 2008 and insured, leaving in February 2010.

The sixth chapter of workshop management system

To jointly maintain the production order of the workshop, to observe the labor discipline and to ensure the normal operation of the production.

After work, departments at all levels of management personnel must be prepared before the class to arrange work jobs, employees should enter the post, and not allowed to leave from work, and offenders will be punished to leave early.

Work should wear standard label left chest, and it is forbidden to wear slippers, shorts, bare chested work.

It is strictly forbidden to bring sound, snacks, snacks, fruit points, cigarettes, and fire into the workshop.

Work is prohibited to read newspaper, channeling posts, chat, not to sleep. The boiling water, toilet and other reasons in the name of other work to rule.

It is forbidden to throw about waste, debris, etc., when the area of materials or debris, landing tools should be picked up and regulate neatly.

As a result of insufficient supply of goods or no overtime work, the group leader will fill in the “stop work rest application form”, which is approved by the head of the Department and approved by the company.

Ensure the workshop environment, the table table is neat and clean, the goods are placed in standard, and the fire control channel is unimpeded.

The factory will be prohibited and any tools, paper production materials and products with the factory district, offenders will be in accordance with the theft.

The heads of all departments before work shall check the doors and windows, water and electricity in the area and do the necessary fire protection and anti-theft work.

Strict compliance, the implementation of various safety production procedures, and fire protection system, to ensure the safety of the company’s life and property.

The units and individuals who violate the provisions of this chapter will be subject to relevant sanctions. The seriousness of the circumstances shall be dealt with according to the regulations of the thirteenth section of the personnel system.

The seventh chapter quality management policy

The first quality policy and objectives:

Our factory follows the purpose of “quality first, customer first”. We should make every effort to implement the quality management rules in a scientific and reasonable way so as to achieve high quality products to meet the requirements of guests and meet the relevant product and industry standards.

The second product quality standard:

According to the customer’s request;

Domestic and international standards of related products;

Third section management personnel arrangement:

In the factory, an independent quality management department is set up, and at least one department manager is responsible for the implementation of quality policy and the quality policy and product quality of the management.

Each department must have a team of quality management, responsible for the quality management of the Department and to report the quality of the Department to the supervisor of the factory quality management department.

The team in each department must be at least 2 QC personnel in charge of the quality inspection of the product quality and report to the Department.

Quality control and inspection process:

1, material inspection (IQC): all hardware must be 100% full inspection, in order to make the line product 100% qualified;

2, on-line semi-finished product inspection (LQC): all semi-finished products on line must be randomly selected according to the number of not less than 30%.

3, finished product inspection (OQC): all finished goods must be checked up to 100% before entering the box.

4, finished product inspection (FQC): all the finished products must be checked by AQL. According to the relevant standards, if the rework product is a rework product, the standard and strict inspection should be improved.

Bad products are in addition to reason:

1, all the bad products detected in different production sectors must be placed separately and marked with defective products. Rework, scrap and returned products must be marked separately.

2, all defective items must be written in written report to the competent department.

3, the quality part should notify the production or purchasing department in time to deal with the defective products found in time.

Correction and prevention:

1, it is necessary to find out all the quality conditions in the first time.

2, in time to study the measures to be corrected in order to prevent the recurrence.

3, the implementation of control to ensure that the corrective measures are implemented and effective;

4, all employees must be trained in operation skills and quality standards, so that every employee can continuously improve their production skills, constantly familiar with quality standards, and constantly enhance quality awareness.

5, the shortage of production or quality management needs to be constantly recognized and corrected

Document records:

1, the quality inspection of each link must be written in written record (inspection report) and deposited.

2, the discovery and treatment of defective products must be recorded and deposited in writing.

3, the implementation or correction of the management measures must be written and deposited.

General inspection standards and methods: the inspection of all materials, accessories, blanking pieces, finished products and packaging must have a “qualified” sample for reference.

Check the hardware must be a trademark hardware must stick gloves, protective film before packaging; common problems are: rust, peeling, deformation, dot, edges / corners, fingerprints, sand, acid treatment, foot welding is not strong (prone nameplate), color (light and dummy plating the product is easy to appear golden), a loose or tight die (prone to buckle and chain); inspection need special attention: specification, type, name, label etc.;

Quality standards are required by the customer.

On-line inspection: the quality standards are required by the customer; the quality inspection of the front process needs a higher standard.

Packaging inspection; check whether the product’s packaging is intact, check the name of the product is correct, meet the requirements of the product, pay special attention to: sticker is not wrong, as well as cleanliness and packaging safety.

Eighth chapter equipment tool management system

Machinery and equipment, tools are one of the important resources, we must establish and improve the equipment management procedures, standardized management system, prevent the loss of assets of the company, for statistics.

All purchased, made of various equipment and tools must apply for approval, approval, registration, positioning, drawing record, inspection procedures scrap standard management.

Each department should be placed according to management machinery and equipment company designated by the company without a license to let him move freely, accounting for the company asset inventory distribution plan and drawing equipment regularly.

The device call, relocation position, office equipment management personnel must be submitted for record filing, and to change the plan and placed tracking statistics.

All the newly purchased mechanical and electrical equipment must be reported to the safety management department to make the safety operation rules, and make necessary safety knowledge training guidance for users, so that they can be put into use to ensure the safety operation of human-machine safety.

Employees must keep all the tools issued by the factory. If they are lost or damaged, they must report to the Department officers on the same day and apply for reissue.

Mechanical equipment should be designated for professional regular maintenance and maintenance records to maintain good performance and prevent early wear.

The discarding and updating of equipment and tools shall be applied by the application department filling in the form, and verified by the equipment professional maintenance personnel and equipment management personnel. After that, the equipment scrap application form can be repurchased or exchanged with the equipment purchase form.

The unit responsible person or related employee who violates the provisions of this chapter has been dealt with according to the regulations, which is not stipulated in this chapter, according to the thirteenth section of the personnel system.

The ninth chapter assembly workshop system

In order to ensure that the personnel and operations of the assembly workshop meet the requirements, high quality, high efficiency, low consumption, balanced, safe and hygienic production are realized.

Section 1 working procedure

The first article should be strictly arranged in accordance with the production plan order issued by the production department. The assembler must obey the assembly arrangement and transfer of the supervisor.

The second assemblers should be familiar with the skills and skills of the assembly work, and be familiar with the correct distinction between the good and bad of the parts.

The third assemblers are in strict accordance with the provisions of the process regulations and operation rules. When assembling, they are found to be defective. They should be promptly reported to the workshop supervisors. Otherwise, mass accidents will be investigated for their economic responsibilities.

Fourth various assembly equipment and tools should be regularly checked and maintained to ensure compliance with the requirements.

The fifth in the assembly process, the product and the finished product must be placed separately, and the table on the table shall not be placed on the parts or parts of two or more products.

The sixth raw materials and assembly tools needed for assembly of all products are distributed by storekeeper. The assemblers have no right to fetch any parts in the warehouse. After loading is finished, they must go to the warehouse.

Seventh assembly workers self out of the unqualified parts must be placed in the box (unqualified, unqualified parts indicate the name, quantity and unqualified reasons). The assembly process of the inspector of the nonconforming product shall timely rework, not littering to others; and shall not delay rework / repair time.

After the completion of the eighth products, the quantity of the finished product and the quantity of unqualified products are marked, and the warehouse is notified to the warehouse.

The second section management implementation requirements

The first thing has a position: the assembly items have their own position, the partition is stored and the position is clear.

The second must be classified as follows: the assembly items are classified one by one according to the state of the process and inspection.

Third classification will sign: state identification is complete, eye-catching, appearance, specifications; careful analysis of drawing production site is set, all the items in the area marked position, classification and storage; not more, can not mix, not to occupy the channel.

The basic requirement of the third section

The first assembly desk should keep clean and tidy at any time. No debris can be found near the work table. After work, it should place its work utensils in the designated location, and cut off the power supply to go off work.

Second assembly work flow order, staff please keep quiet, no noise, loud when working together.

Third assembly workshop tabletop, the ground should be kept clean and clean, the assembly product should be cleaned in time.

No smoking in fourth assembly workshops

Fifth comply with company regulations, work time without approval of supervisor shall not leave

Sixth every assembler should develop a good work style and strict discipline, and constantly improve the quality of the whole assembler.

The tenth chapter of warehouse management system

In order to improve the company’s basic management level, strengthen cost accounting, further standardize the procedures of material and product circulation, storage and control, maintain the safety and integrity of company assets and speed up capital turnover.

Article 1 responsibility of the librarian

1, accurate and detailed account work of all kinds of goods and materials in and out of the warehouse.

2, in strict accordance with the acceptance requirements of the product, do a good job of product acceptance.

3, out of order requirements or unqualified material products and all other material prohibited warehousing.

Second warehouse daily keeping work

1, storage of goods required to different categories, properties, characteristics and classification, zoning, code is placed. To do: “two Qi, three, No. four”.

A, two Qi: the goods are neatly arranged and the storage capacity is clean and tidy.

B, three: material spec Qing, number of clear, clear.

C, position four: by area, by row, by frame, by position.

2, the keepers should check the goods at any time in common or daily change tools. If the error is found, the cause should be found and corrected in time.

3, the inventory information should be submitted monthly, and the quantity, text and form should be checked carefully to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the monthly report data.

The management of third items of Warehousing:

1, products, tools and materials to the library after the warehouse keeper should be according to the delivery list list name, quantity, specifications to check inventory. In the use of qualified quality inspection departments and signed after the purchase personnel and inspection personnel shall be put in storage.

2, the warehouse keeper should fill in the registration form in time after checking the inventory of the goods and materials.

3, the keepers should strictly control the customs and refuse to accept or register in the following cases.

A, without its executive leadership at all levels, the procurement.

B, the size and quantity of the product drawings is different from the product or material required by the purchase order.

C, because products and materials can not be formed due to urgent need for production or other reasons, the storekeepers must check the site carefully before accepting products or materials, and fill in the warehousing order in time.

Third tools and materials:

1, the warehouse keeper by picking requisitions truthfully get hair, if the supervisor did not sign requisitions, writing is not clear or is altered, the warehouse keeper has the right to return to reopen or refuse to issue supplies.

2, the keepers must abide by the principle of “advanced first out” according to the time of delivery.

3, the material personnel required tools and raw materials inventory, warehouse keeper shall promptly notify the recipients, recipients must be reported to the competent examination and approval by the competent fill out the required tools in the purchase order by the purchaser to timely purchase.

4, no one is allowed to take any tools or products from the library in any name without any handling procedures. He can’t scramble, move or throw in shelves or containers. If any offender has the right to stop his behavior, he will warn the invalid, and the law will be severely punished.

5, the vulnerable tools should be replaced by the old ones, and the old tools are given first, and then on the collar.

After signing a new tool, a repository without an old tool is not allowed to issue any tools.

Fifth date of purchase:

1, where the common wearing tool factory decided January were purchased two times. (monthly No. 15 and No. 30) for the purchase date.

2, the purchasing tools that all departments need to report to all department heads for examination and approval, fill out the tool purchase list, please submit the purchase to buyers separately before 15 and 30. Professional Manufacturer of rapid prototyping services

The eleventh chapter of the public living area management system

Joint maintenance of the factory, the collective dormitory public places environmental sanitation, create a comfortable and beautiful environment.

In accordance with the actual management situation of the factory, the personnel department should continuously improve the management rules and regulations of the public areas, such as factories, dormitories, etc., and continue to standardize and optimize the public environment.

Conscientiously abide by the conventions and rules of the public places, and be a qualified and courteous qualified staff member.

Go in and out of the public places in order to queue up in turn, the courtesy step first, the prohibition of noise and crowding, the production workshops and warehouses are conscientiously standardized to wear proof, and accept the check of the duty personnel.

Time and rest, banned in public areas drink noisy, gambling, shouting and loud sound of public rest of uncivilized behavior, to create a stable and quiet environment to rest.

Prohibited in any public place cluttered personal belongings or hanging clothes, affect the public image of regional environment.

Take care of the public environment and prohibit the uncivilized behavior of picking flowers and trees, littering, dumping waste water and spitting everywhere.

Protect public property facilities against the bad habits of extravagance and waste, to promote the virtues of thrift, water and electricity after turning off the water electricity, to actively report the destruction of public facilities and wasted company property bad actors.

Under non special circumstances, people outside the factory are not allowed to be introduced into the factory area to create a stable and orderly environment.

In the management system of public living areas, the staff of the office are responsible for inspection and supervision. Those who violate the rules and regulations will be reported to the personnel department according to the procedure registration according to the procedures.

Those who violate the relevant provisions of this chapter will be warned, review the punishment, and the serious cases shall be dealt with in accordance with the provisions of the thirteenth section of the personnel system.

The twelfth chapter of staff accommodation management rules

In order to make the staff of the factory have a safe, civilized, comfortable, quiet, hygienic accommodation environment, special rules for the management:

Keep the dormitory environment beautiful and clean. No spitting outside the dormitory window is allowed. No littering can be thrown away, no sewage should be poured. The clothes and cleaning products should be placed in a neat position. No wires should be scattered in the dormitory, the facilities and facilities will be damaged.

Obedience to accommodation arrangements, no private transfer of room number, bed number behavior. At 23:00 in the night should be back to the room rest.

Comply with the safety rules of accommodation cook in the dormitory, prohibited public fire, heaps blocked safe passage, crawl and sit on the corridor safety protection wall (column). To remove any security facilities and fire signs, prohibition of flammable and explosive items into homes, if a fire occurs, please leave the house.

In the staff quarters must obey the factory arrangement bed number and transfer, do not obey the arrangement and mobilize the factory does not give the accommodation.

Gambling is prohibited in the dormitory, drink, loud, loud sound, engage in any behavior affect the rest of others, and fight, fighting to disrupt public order of malignant behavior.

Employees in the factory should be concerned about the group. At 11:00 pm 12:00, all power sources must be shut down, all recreational activities should be shut down, bedtime and rest should not be allowed to go out, no noise can be heard, overtime will be returned to the factory, no doors will be opened, so as to avoid affecting others’ rest.

The bathroom ground is slippery, prohibited slapstick laughter, beware of feet, no debris, do not use hot water washing, cooking and other purposes, please keep the bathroom clean and tidy

Due to climatic changes, in order to make the health of workers, the factory installed water heaters, hot water shower, liquefied gas is flammable and explosive objects. So the strict requirements when not both when close the gas valve switch, do a good job with the red with the mark, Caution! Use of liquefied petroleum gas.

Who in the shower will deduct the water heater gas costs, the costs according to the actual number of shower allocation, the new factory employees not to shower 15 days to 15 days beyond the half billing, billing by the full month.

The immediate family members must go to the dormitory for visitation. They must hold their relatives ID card to the personnel department for approval. They are strictly forbidden to bring children into the factory area. If they are allowed to enter the dorm room, the stay time should not exceed 22:00. Those who are not authorized to stay will not be allowed to stay in the housing area.

Keep the toilet clean, then rinse, without leaving newspapers, sundries, etc

Factory staff to promote thrift, saving energy. Hand washing, washing, toilet does not turn off the tap, daytime, night walk after power off and as a waste of resources.

If the room is damaged, or the public toilets must be thrown away, it is necessary for the same room members to take the initiative to assist in the investigation. The cost of compensation or maintenance is compensated by the housing staff.

The thirteenth chapter Safety operation rules

Before boarding, first check the power supply, mechanical performance and protective device are safe, found hidden trouble, timely elimination.

Before starting the motor, we should ensure that the machine tool table can move on without any movable objects, so that it can cause the object to fall on the foot and cause the machine to move malfunction and cause damage to the human body.

In strict accordance with the operating regulations, it is stipulated that the foot is strictly prohibited when the two hands are switched on, and it is not allowed to change the mode of operation privately.

The use of pedals, prohibited Xianzarenyuan near, to prevent the misuse of pedal and hurt.

In general, try to use both hands and switch at the same time

After opening the machine, the hand is strictly forbidden to be placed in the working area of any driving part and slider of the machine tool.

When the safety protection device is dismantled, it is not allowed to open the machine. It is strictly forbidden to dismantle the safety protection device in private.

It is necessary to make sure that the clutch is open when the clutch is unlocked.

In the use of a foot pedal, the foot should be removed from the foot in the stamping or shearing interval, and the foot is strictly prohibited on the foot board.

In the work of machine tools, if the slider is free to fall down or there is an abnormal sound and noise list, the finished product has burr and quality hour, it should be checked immediately.

Attention should be paid to the tightening of the fastening screws or transmission belts of the machine tools and moulds and the correct treatment at any time.

In the maintenance of equipment, the power supply should be cut off and the machine is strictly prohibited.

When making small products, the application tool is clamped and it is strictly prohibited to direct the hand into the mold to obtain the workpiece.

Two people are strictly forbidden to operate the same machine at the same time. It is forbidden to drink, wear shoes, and operate on the machine.

The human body can not touch any electrode in the distribution system.

Before work wear PPE, to prevent the workpiece hair stabbed and manpower.

Operation is strictly prohibited in the lack of concentration, or chat, to avoid distractions and hurt; in poor health, emotional instability and severe fatigue under the condition of not operating.

After each shutdown, cut off the power and put the “hands / foot” switch in the middle position.

The fourteenth chapter Fire fighting system

The first article is to carry out the policy of “prevention mainly and fire fighting combined”, and to do a good job of fire prevention.

The second departments have a security check on the 15 every month; electrical appliances, circuits and other facilities.

Third departments of fire protection channels, safety doors are not allowed to pile up debris, machinery, and so on, often keep smooth.

The fourth is to strictly manage and regulate flammable and explosive materials. No person or department can transfer the flammable and explosive items to the original storage point designated by the factory without the approval of the plant safety management group.

When the fifth new employees enter the factory, the personnel department trains safety and fire prevention knowledge and emergency evacuation methods, and organizes a whole plant safety evacuation practice drill every quarter.

The sixth rule is to strictly prohibit anyone from going to private power supply, fire and smoking in any dormitory, workshop, warehouse, flammable goods storage point and other key areas of fire protection for any reason.

Seventh departments should shut down all power sources when they leave work place after work, and find that the circuit and electrical appliances are damaged. They should be suspended immediately, and electricians can be repaired in good time, so that they can be put into operation again.

Eighth, if there is a fire alarm, the factory center leaders should be in place immediately, organize the fire work quickly, take urgent and proper fire measures to extinguish the fire, and ask for help from the times fire alarm 119.

The ninth unit responsible or individual violating the relevant provisions of this chapter shall be dealt with in accordance with the provisions of the related procedures of the personnel system of the thirteenth section.

The fifteenth chapter

In the first article, the fifth chapter, the sixth section and the fourteenth section have not been implemented immediately after the execution of the equipment to be completed and the delivery of the factory clothes.

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