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This is the real secret of a country strong, I stayed up all night!

One, a child’s story

The Hudson River in New York, less than 100 metres from the 18 United States President Grant tomb, there is a child’s grave. A piece of wood in the tomb, a record of such a story:In July 15, 1797, a 5 year old child unfortunately fell cliff dead, the child’s parents grief, and then in the cliff to the child built a grave

Due to its decline, the father had to transfer the land, he made a special request to the new owner: the child as part of a grave land forever.

The new owner agreed to the condition and put it in the contract,.100 years later, the land sold a lot, but the child’s grave remained there

In 1897, the land was chosen as the cemetery of President Grant, and the child’s grave remains intact, becoming the neighbor of the mausoleum of Grant

Another 100 years later, in July 1997, general Grant’s mausoleum was built in 100th anniversary, then mayor of New York came here, in honor of general Grant at the same time, re dressing child’s grave, and personally wrote the child cemetery story, let it handed down through generations.

The contract, which lasted for 200 years, reveals a simple truth: if it is committed, it must be done

It is this spirit of contract, gave birth to the concept of integrity in the West. They believe that between people and people born with the talent and wealth is not equal, but can use the moral and legal equality instead, thus, let the inequality in the initial state of the individual in the social norms and legal rights. Have full equality.

Two, an old lady’s story

There is a story in the winter of 1935, the worst day of the American economy, when a case was being held in a poor neighborhood in New York

In the dock is a nearly sixty years old lady. Her shabby, sadly. Sadness is more ashamed look. She was the owner of a bakery on the court for stealing bread in the bakery.

The judge asked, “defendant, did you really steal the bread from the bakery?””

The old lady looked down, sheepishly replied: “yes, your honor, I did steal”

The judge asked again, “what’s your motive for stealing bread? Is it hunger?””

“Yes.” the old lady looked up, his eyes looked at the judge, said: “I am hungry, but I need more bread to feed my three orphaned grandson, they already have not eaten for days. I can’t watch them or they starve to death. Some of the children!”

Hearing the old lady’s words, there was a faint murmur of conversation in the gallery

The judge rapped mallet, seriously said: “hush. The verdict was announced here?” he said, the judge turned to the old lady, “the defendant, I must enforce the law impartially. You have two choices: punishable by a fine of $10 or 10 days of detention?”

The old lady face pain and penitent expression, she judges face, embarrassed to say: “my Lord, I broke the law, willing to accept the punishment. If I had 10 dollars, I wouldn’t have to steal bread. I am willing to 10 days detention, may be my three grandchildren who will take care of it?”

At this time, the gallery stood up from a more than 40 year old man, he bowed to the lady and said: “please accept the judgment of $10.” then he turned to other people to attend the table, took out 10 dollars and put off his hat, you said: “I am incumbent New York mayor LaGuardia, now, please pay 50 per cent fine, this is our indifference to pay penalties, we live in an old grandmother to steal bread to feed the grandson of the city”

On the court, all the people were amazed, all eyes looked at the mayor LaGuardia. The court was quiet on a pin drop could be heard. For a moment, all visitors are quietly stand up, everyone carefully took out 50 cents in the mayor’s hat, even the judge no exception.

Arguably, an old woman stealing bread was fined, and outsiders? LaGuardia said that for our indifference to pay.

He tells us that people are not isolated from each other, and that people come into this world, as animals of society, have contracts: the dealings of material interests, the contracts of laws, the contacts of behavior and life, and the contracts of spirits

Good is not merely a quality of indifference, cunning, cruelty, selfishness, or a spiritual contract

Three, the story of a priest

A man named Martin Niemoller German Protestant pastor, he engraved a short poem in the Boston Jewish Holocaust memorial:

In Germany, they first came for the Communists, and I didn’t speak up, because I was not a communist; then they came for the Jews, and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Jew; then they came for the unionists, and I didn’t speak up because I was a Protestant; then they came for me, no one standing up for me. To speak.

This is the end of the spiritual contract

Life is alive, who may encounter danger and difficulties, who may become weak, if we are in the hands of others when the crisis is not, who can guarantee that he will not swallow the bitter pill of isolation?

People only to be good, the sun is shining, so good in the world contract exists. Cherish the contract who is noble. How to pay the indifference is the wise person. Today’s society is too cold, we will pay the price for their own selfish.

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