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From robbers to prisoners to novelists

In 1929, the famous Chinese political commentator Mr. Zou Taofen wrote this news: In the prison in Ohio, there was a robber called Maifei John who changed to a novelist. Reduce operational costs

The prisoner committed a theft in 1924 and was convicted of 15 years’ imprisonment. When he was first imprisoned, he knew nothing about writing novels, and he was only taught elementary school. But he is determined to transform himself into a novelist.

So he set about reading fiction books. At the same time, because of the low level of English, he entered a correspondence school.

He worked hard for four years of hard work. When the first short story was first written, it was adopted by a magazine and was highly appreciated. He wrote and asked him to continue.

This matter was known by Governor Dunahai, and he was released afterwards to observe aftereffects. Reduce operational costs

On that day, the robber-born novelist went straight to New York, where he and several publishers sold his latest novels.

At the end of the news, Mr. Zou Taofen said: To report this incident, of course, it is not to say that the robbers have any value worth advocating. Nor does it mean that jailing is a joyous thing. Special attention should be paid to the following three points:

The talented people are considered to be of high interest. If they are not obscene, aggressive and enterprising, even if the robbers are able to go from evil to being good, there is hope for becoming a writer, and even ordinary people need to say more.

A person is not afraid that the current knowledge is based on the basics, but he is afraid that he will not make progress. We want to make shallow degree deep, and thin foundation becomes thick and is all artificial. Micro Signal: Lean Production Promotion Center. Reduce operational costs

“Going to the utopia, actually returning.” If you go to study humbly, you will be fully loaded. The most important thing is: When people respect or spurn, their right seems to be in person, but it is still in their own right. Reduce operational costs

The philosophy of the story

Although people really need to pay attention to their own assessment, but they do not have to be convinced of others, do not have to disobey others because of their reputation.

As long as there is a good heart, there is a will to strive, self-strengthening, clenching your teeth, and ultimately will certainly be able to renovate, fully loaded, and everyone respects. Reduce operational costs

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