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Refined management of Japanese quality culture

In October, mountain water, cool autumn, Tan Kwai fragrance.

In October 22, 2014, Mr. Kubota Yoshi taught the important features of the Japanese culture of quality management for us. People usually say, German and Japanese manufacturing technology is the best, then under Japanese quality management culture of Japanese manufacturing really have distinctive characteristics which ensure the quality of Japanese national culture? What is the impact of the Japanese cultural quality?

The production environment is the most basic business survival root stone foundation. How to lead the production staff to focus on customer, establish a global innovation strategy concept, daily management so that everyone must do their work, to do their own thing to do, to do their work for perfection; visual quality improve equipment standard visualization, visualization, visualization, 5S management, lean manufacturing should be state visualization, visualization, operation standard visualization, staff production can visually see the change and improve the standards in the production field. The small team improvement requirements through continuous improvement to achieve fine management, the pursuit of excellence, but everyone no single action, minimizing the need to set up a team to complete the improvement activities.

QFD to customer expectations provide the process value in all activities, in the “process” will be reflected in the details of the control, the preventive measures to prevent prevent trouble before it happens. TOYOTA technique, emphasizes the change to do in response to the problems, if the problem occurs, and then change it’s too late wrong. Anti law is in the process of the whole process of carpet type with Poka Yoke devices, even if you want to make a mistake, you cannot make a mistake defense ability. With the organization of large enterprises disease is complicated, the fine division of labor, a lot of negative impact, produce bureaucracy, is like a look very the huge machine, but in fact has no what use. Therefore, enterprises in the rapid growth, not infected with the disease of large enterprises.

The enterprise must profit from the customer, in order to survive. Due to the impossibility of monopoly, so we must win in the market competition, customer trust in us is not a fad, but by long time accumulated, to the very easy. Not a heavy sigh, in the happy state, to consider the customer. Create value for the customer,. Who is the first wealth of enterprises, through the analysis to identify customer characteristics and quality compliance requirements, through the mechanism and system of management to create value for customers.

Customer requirements tend to rise, but also very casual, very picky, must pass the reputation of quality and environmental quality for customers with great rejoicing, so overjoyed, will continue to emerge, continue to make the customer satisfied. Sometimes, people only to be sensed, not explained, I have indistinct to not know what you want, and my heart is like. Like the relationship between husband and wife, you have to “observe” that she did not say, he is very eager to want something, then you will be satisfied. To her, such as air conditioning, refrigeration and electricity, not only to the customer, the standard, but also can sterilization, air purification, so customers need tacit observant.

HUAWEI mobile phone to mobile phone more cool than apple, then make better? The expected requirements of the language is the language of technology into mass expansion in the manufacturing process. Don’t go, then it must be everywhere “inspection.” project management is the “inspection” project is a process, only the inspection project in order to have the details of the process, quality assurance, management can focus the results and effects.

What is the organization? Is not manufacturing, not out, do not accept the unqualified products, has the ability to identify the level of nonconforming products. You are an adult, we should assume their responsibilities, everywhere to “blame”. If the problem occurs, you have the first self blame, rather than argue responsibility with smooth QS9000? Quality management system is not only the characteristic performance evaluation, but with QS9000, it is the bottom line to ensure the performance of the organization; if an organization does not have the quality of performance, so the organization must also have the ability of organization.

What is the proper status of “standard”? That we should do. Production daily management activities should be 5S and standardization, to make all production tooling equipment prior to the due to the best state, and the formation of standardization, and through the example of visualization, the construction of all production activities in the the best condition of the standardization process, and ultimately the formation of “sample standard” (hereinafter referred to as the standard) daily canonical. Field staff / technician should first can predict the occurrence of defects, to output change management, the identification of risks and the operation process caused by defective products.

The working instruction Chinese enterprises are often words a lot of training, guidance is often the text a lot, but many Japanese companies operating instructions to process pictures, even every recorded 5 minutes of standard operation video, and through video to show Poka Yoke operation. Because people will make mistakes of the animal, so to the whole process of carpet type Poka Yoke, to the question of management mode of nip in the bud, to do “to make a mistake, make no mistake” defense ability. So the tooling machine fully adapt to people, make people fully meet, meet, comply with the standard operation method.

In the quality audit activities, the quality of the results is to reach the final goal. The quality of quality audit in Japan is not alone, but with other environmental quality audit, quality system audit, process audit and product audit quality and so on joint audit, and on organizational management trend in the future have a significant role and to study and the development trend is expected to provide significant value to exposed examination, timely feedback and improve the system, improve the quality management level. The quality of audit is from the customer’s standpoint, systematic, independent, planned examination, verification and evaluation activities.

Finally, a significant feature of Japanese culture: process, quality inspection, observation, self blame, improve sample.

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