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Remember the three lines to keep your family safe!

Ordinary people stay at home more time, in order to ensure that the family is not electric shock, must remember three lines Oh, is the three line of defense! Can guarantee us from the danger of electric shock, but many people are not very clear:

Direct contact electric shock protection

Grounding and equipotential bonding

Residual current operated protective device

Let’s start with the first line of Defense: direct contact with electric shock protection

The name sounds tall, in fact, the principle of a point of penetration: prevent us to come into contact with the charged body measures are in direct contact with the skin. The electric shock protection wire, socket panel, household appliances, all belong to this category.

It’s a little technical content is not, but this is the most important protection. Electric shock, do not touch, there is no electricity (of course, if someone took the step voltage to a high voltage line of what, I have no idea who I would like to ask the house through a 10 thousand volt direct MODY). Contact the electric shock protection is the most basic and we usually use the most protection, other defense is added in this line of defense after the failure of the remedial and insurance measures.

For ordinary people, how to defend the first line of defense, there are several suggestions:

When the electrical wire is found, the outer skin of the plug is broken or the shell is broken, please stop using it and repair it or replace it in time;

Use a socket panel with protection door and strip.

A socket with a protective door, if only one hole inserted into the object, the plug in the plug will not open, which is more important for children’s families, can effectively prevent children from fingers into the socket

It is important to note that some sinister manufacturers of fake and shoddy goods, with a fake protection door, with very little effort you can easily poke into it. When we buy, may wish to try, with a key or a screwdriver a poke (of course is not in this case I live remind you, look at the door) protection is effective.

Next, the second line of Defense: grounding and equipotential bonding

The residential electrical design, all electrical appliances may come into contact with the metal shell body part (including lamps), are connected with a ground wire, and the wire by building their own steel and other metal objects, is connected to the earth. In this way, not only can guarantee the once the metal shell can be rapidly charged into the earth through the ground, to prevent the occurrence of accidents.

In addition, exposure to high voltage, not necessarily the electric shock accidents will happen in different parts of the human body, not only the voltage at the same time, will have a current through the body, the only possible danger. This is why people on the high-voltage line and Faraday bird cage, can be safely unharmed.

Through grounding and equipotential, it can be guaranteed that even if the metal shell is touched, there is no voltage difference between the different parts of the body, and the electric shock accident is avoided

How do you hold the second line? Here are some suggestions:

The circuit transformation in the decoration, must set up the ground. Some decoration master in order to save or save money, deliberately reducing the ground, this is extremely irresponsible. Each electric circuit, including the lighting circuit, are set to ground;

Some unscrupulous manufacturers, in the production of a socket panel and socket, in order to save costs, will use a thin copper wire to wire or no ground, when we buy do not freeloaders choose such products;

When decorating, please focus on the equipotential bonding of bathroom:

The bathroom out said, the first is because of the use of the water heater, the bathroom will Yuba, heaters, power blower and large appliances, second is because in the moist environment, the human body resistance will be reduced, if exposed to the same voltage, more easily in the humid environment of this danger. Based on two reasons, so in a shower or bathtub in the bathroom, to do local equipotential bonding.

Generally in the bathroom will reserve partial equipotential terminal board, we can refer to the diagram in the decoration, do a good local equipotential bonding:

Next, the third line of Defense: the residual current action protector

In the home decoration where should there be leakage protection? In this problem, I have the residual current protection device (commonly known as leakage switch or leakage protection) has been specially introduced:

Leakage protector, leakage switch is the old saying, now the standard name should be “residual current protector”, referred to as RCD.RCD is not used alone, but with the circuit breaker (also known as “Gates” that “the gate”). With the use of common household with RCD circuit breaker is such the:

All socket circuit should be installed in the distribution box RCD, if the wall mounted air conditioning is dedicated circuit power supply, because the wall mounted air conditioner socket is often set relatively high (about 2 meters), you can not RCD.

Lighting circuit can not be RCD, but in the decoration, some electricians in order to save trouble, will be from the lighting circuit to the new socket power supply, this is absolutely undesirable!

Some small apartment layout without toilet socket loop dedicated power supply from the lighting circuit, toilet bath bully, then give the best lighting circuit with RCD.

In short, follow a principle: it is possible to contact the circuit in the charged, it should install RCD.



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