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Ren Zhengfei: why do I firmly oppose the most backward year-end award system

Professional Manufacturer of sheet metal manufacturing companies. People who do business know that issuing money is a very difficult thing, more difficult to issue stocks. In the case of no way, stocks and bonuses are basically very “harmonious”, can not open the gap. It has become a welfare. How does Huawei think about this question? Ren Zhengfei once organized the seminar specially in the interior, based on the idea of “taking the strivers as the center”, and classified and defined the three levels of personnel. The relationship between the distribution of stocks and bonuses is clearly defined. Only when the two things are done well can the organization’s strength be effectively stimulated. Professional Manufacturer of sheet metal manufacturing companies

Ren Zhengfei: this time we raised the ceiling saturated placement, the purpose is to let the excellent striving to get more opportunities according to their contribution to the rights, which is a big strategy, I am very worried about the implementation of this strategy is not good. Because there is a sense of mission, and strive to contribute to the people, not necessarily a good boy, HUAWEI file past many tube child. Professional Manufacturer of sheet metal manufacturing companies

If these efforts do not get interest contributors, this is our strategic failure. Not have reached the upper limit of normal contributors, but also to follow suit. They followed the wind, should not get access rights, or a promotion soon some, but also our strategic failure. I fear some outstanding contributors because exclusive conditions and other things we make them lose the opportunity to gain share. Professional Manufacturer of sheet metal manufacturing companies

Hu Houkun worry, because the total amount available to increase the management team, hand loose, mechanical application of the provisions, and not to do a careful analysis of the individual, so that the average striver super distribution, it is also a strategic failure. In order not to let the twisted and misrepresented by the distortion of the study, we will make many times larger communicate with managers. Today is the theme of how to share the benefits of communication and struggle. Professional Manufacturer of sheet metal manufacturing companies

Not in accordance with the provisions to distinguish, but a realistic assessment of his contribution, let those doing real good people get benefits? We directed a lot of documents recently, these files may also have some influence, whether these effects are positive, positive or not? You need to tell us.

My understanding of human resources targets falls into three categories:

The first category, for ordinary workers, temporarily defined as 12 level of ordinary workers and below. Professional Manufacturer of sheet metal manufacturing companies

These people should protect their interests according to the relevant remuneration clauses of law and pay them a little better according to the operating conditions of the company.

Second, ordinary strivers, we should allow some people to be not active strivers. They want to be warm in their small families and want to light candles for dinner every day. This kind of people can be understood. Is also the normal need of human beings.

Just as we have a small post in this place, then he can sit in this position and be a solid little clerk. For this part of the people, we have a suitable position for you to arrange. If there is no suitable position, he can look to society. They can exist in the company as long as they output their contribution more than the cost paid to them. Perhaps his pay is even slightly higher than that of society. Professional Manufacturer of sheet metal manufacturing companies

The third category is the productive strivers, who want to share the residual value of the company, and we need these people. The way to share the surplus value is bonuses and stocks. These people are the backbone of our business. We longed for more and more people to come into the line.

We are in a very competitive market , there is no special resources and rights , and the struggle will fade , and even the usual workers will not be protected after the decline . We have never stressed the need to pay treatment at work age . We have never stressed the need to pay for wages . ” Why ? Has he made progress in the years ? How did he make progress in the years ? Is his contribution really big ? Professional Manufacturer of sheet metal manufacturing companies

If not , why should we raise the wages ? Why don ‘ t we cover the rank of our position ? To seal the top .

There is no change in the contribution of the position , and the compensation of the employee cannot rise with the age . We emphasize that the contribution is treated as long as your contribution has not increased . We have divided the stock to the employee . We have not only obtained the compensation of our own work , but also paid compensation for the value of the capital . The compensation is more , so the influence on the company is relatively large . Someone is therefore idle .

We have to avoid the generation of lazy people at the level of strivers. Our teams at all levels evaluate good strivers, follow the feelings, and judge whether the person is a fighter or a contributor, based on his performance. The total amount of his stock should be based on the feelings of the management team at all levels to determine whether it is in the right queue position rather than to accommodate seniority.

Three types of treatment. We have some executives with rigid documents to compare, some people struggle very well, but the terms do not meet, they will mechanically give people a hard blow. This blow is wrong. It hurts our hearts, we are eager for those who have a sense of mission with a high salary, I like these people.

Therefore, the terms of the document are strict, but the enforcement should be flexible delegation, departments think that a specific person is unreasonable, you can not enforce the company’s documents. You have to dare to speak for the good strivers who have shortcomings. The question I am going to explain today is whether the rules of these documents are in conflict with the department head’s judgment as to whether this person is a fighter or not. We think your department is still in charge, our document is directed to show you the direction of the future.

To be guided by corporate values and guidance, and based on policies and systems, management teams at all levels should be realistic, non-rigid in their implementation, implementation and operation, and accountable for the results of implementation. At the same time, through such processes. We are constantly optimizing our policies.

Hu Houkun: this document is a guideline document for saturated rights issue in 2011. It talks about the circumstances in which the rights issue can be obtained and the circumstances under which the rights issue should not be obtained. Or discount. What the boss said just now is actually going back to a crucial issue that the human resources managers and business executives here in this room have to solve themselves. That is: in the context of the company’s advocacy of a struggling culture, how exactly do we identify the striver and the non-striver, and the fact that an employee has submitted an application to become a striver does not mean that he is a striver. The key to whether a striver is a fighter or not depends on his performance at work.

No matter how well the document is done, its terms are inflexible and do not cover all the changes that are taking place. It requires us to understand what is the essence of what we are going to do. The essence is that we recognize the striver and the non-striver, and distinguish the good striver from the ordinary striver. Thus, in the process of rationing shares, we can realistically decide who should get the rights issue and which people should not get the rights issue. Who should match more, and who should not.

In our company’s incentive policy for employees, saturated rights issue is a very important part, is a very large part. This incentive itself is both good and bad. Over the years. The company’s saturated rights issue increases employee cohesion and provides excess returns for employees’ contributions. This high return is not only for your labor, but also for sharing in the company’s long-term growth in value.

What does it do? Objectively speaking, the high return on stocks can encourage employees to be lazy. We have to admit this. Although we call saturated rights issue a long-term incentive, how long is it? In fact, take a closer look at our saturated rights issue policy, our long term is indefinite. Where did the employee get the saturated rights issue, in fact, to evaluate the labor performance of each year.

After our annual labor performance results come out, according to everyone’s position contribution, according to your performance, give you the quota of saturated allotment, once this quota is obtained. In fact, its future benefits and each of us future long-term contribution is not so strong correlation.

More frankly, once you get it, it’s possible to eat big pot rice once and for all. In fact, in our organization, a lot of employees are eating this kind of big pot rice. So in the future, in our incentive policies. How do we make the incentive policies really cover the strikers, not the people who don’t want to fight? the more you motivate those who don’t want to fight, the more inert they are and the more inert they are. The impact of inertia on the entire organization is even greater.

Therefore, in the whole human resource policy, how to recognize and fight struggle are very good, is a problem we need to solve. All files are only as a guide, document the final root must rely on our own good grasp of each director, this is our common the subject.

This discussion is not to say that the company has been able to come up with a good way to tell you how to identify, mainly through the common discussion, on the basis of the agreement, we should think of how to implement these policies. So the accuracy will be higher.

Huang Linqiang: I ask a few questions. First, about the struggle and allotment of things, in fact, I also in HUAWEI for more than ten years, without these restrictions and fetters us before, without these attendance terms, we not to struggle to identify out of it, why didn’t just use this form to identify if it to this time. Is a long-term problem, why not three years ago, not five years ago, but this time.

Hu Houkun: there are some data, after the human resources department to share this with you. In fact, this problem has existed for a long time, just before it is not revealed. Our management here on the grass really what is happening in the real is not clear. The human resources department this year to last year and the year before the attendance for a statistics. We can look at how many people are there in the long vacation, but these people are always in the placement, which is why we have the file attendance requirements to enjoy the allotment of employees.

Ren Zhengfei: this year is not implemented this year. So, do you think it will be scientific and reasonable to implement the qualification of your department next year? So we will not be scientifically qualified according to the rank. It will not be ideal to postpone for many years. So this year, we will take a look at your understanding.

Zhang Xiaoqing: but now we have begun to publicise it. If the business department plays C, it is very not recognized. Can we make a reference for the work attitude?

Ren Zhengfei: at the beginning of the publicity is not equal to the right, familiar with the publication of this work, the need for two or three years. Our cadres at all levels, is to find out the 10% winners, they may have shortcomings, such selection system, will promote the development of the company. At the same time, latecomers in about 10%, for some analysis, the tendency of competent individual assessment will be biased, we must resolutely suppress real as people share growth, will make the company strategy will not defeat.

Zhang Xiaoqing: have a suggestion, this placement has mentioned has more than saturation line, if it is lazy, is not considered a proper exit mechanism. In our assessment of the shares in the process, because of the saturation line of the great span, some people even if not to the saturation line, in fact we are already feeling he is lazy, for those who are also applicable to the exit mechanism?

Ren Zhengfei: don’t give him lazy evaluation, this is your power. I also agree to reduce the individual cases to advance communication with the human resources committee, before making any decisions. If you think this person is not the match, even if he is in accordance with the company’s restrictions and fetters, or should not, with is wrong. The file is orientation has a cute child, child most likely to comply with the company’s documents, but it does not create more value. Violations of these terms in the performance of good employees, but do you think he is struggling, they should be given to you, and stand to defend him, he will correct it later. Not pay up, up more than a well, is not as early as one or two years. For two years, after you rank up, on the level.

Stock to may not recover. If you give the wrong person, is to hurt the competitiveness of the company. You give the wrong person, you are supporting the lazy. So, we hope that the grassroots cadres should dare to do everything. For the struggle we take relative assessment. The relative evaluation, we have taught a doctrine of past ABC. We have a lot of dogmatic system, likely to filter out almost to the excellent staff.

Now let us not so dogmatic, must we feel this person is really hard work, we dare to admit him, despite the higher criticism, to dare to plead for him. The evaluation can also follow it. But in the past because we do not have to do more than eighteen Department attendance, the lack of credit leave records. Struggle do not take overtime pay, is to share the surplus value from the stock and year-end bonus.

But also to pay record, so he can offset some reasonable after the holidays, people always have the means of dilemma, here is not to deduct attendance, there, their holidays come from where, will the dead tired.

So, forget the previous attendance, now is not to change the past attendance record, you can write a letter of commitment, please leave your 2011 buckle back, not the effect on his assessment.

Those hands have a lot of vacation with no change, still will things fake people, a bit of speculation. Later we should adhere to the high school level struggle also to record their own work, but also to their own free credit card records, attendance record them in the Spring Festival. If overtime, will one day by three days. We think this thing can also be recorded. To correct the human resource policy in some unreasonable phenomenon. Today’s communication is also in order to solve this problem. I didn’t know this out of the file, I began to know these problems, so I will open communication with you.

Hu Saixiong: the means of recognition now as strives are limited.

Ren Zhengfei: only according to the contribution, according to the current performance or strategic contribution.

Hu Saixiong: contribution, and that is to see if you are applying for overtime.

Ren Zhengfei: No, only one contribution. Like me, you don’t work overtime. You see if I’m a striving.

Hu Saixiong: I think also add a factor. For example, not to obey the organization, some hard place. Don’t like these people, not only do I think of cadres, the general staff. He should, can not become a struggle.

Ren Zhengfei: no obedience is a sparrow, is a small struggle. Do you still treat him as a goose that is cadre management rights? Error. The sparrow is not the same. The sparrow and swan goose you give him so much food, it can not fly. You give them so much money, is your examination mechanism there is a problem. He was not willing to obey the distribution is a sparrow, why not allow the survival struggle. There are some sparrows, striver edge is sparrow. You don’t apply to become a struggle, will always be a struggle.

Hu Saixiong: the second question is more than thirteen employees, we are actually on his assessment of the target responsibility system of employees. There are people apply to become a struggle, some people do not apply to become a struggle, that we through this mode of administration, how to reach this area treated.

Ren Zhengfei: more than thirteen cadres do not apply to become a struggle, he give up the interests of work, I think this person is very great; for some people may become a struggle, just want to get some stock, this is understandable. If it is applied to become a struggle, he was struggling, I think that is correct. If he applied for don’t become a struggle, struggle is wrong. However, he did not apply for a striver, I admire this man, this man is not the temptation in front of money.

Liu Quanwei: now in the office, in the front line, the local staff more and more, I do not know if we have a timetable for the corresponding system.

Ren Zhengfei: we are now carrying out the dividend shares in many countries, that is, the same equity, which has been implemented.

Hu Houkun: now the non Chinese employees set up incentives deferred bonuses this year, the company will launch on the basis of linked virtual restricted stock income benefit sharing rights plan as a long-term incentive for non Chinese employees, this system will cover all institutions abroad.

Ren Zhengfei: HUAWEI twenty years before the company is implementing the internationalization, is to China as the center to the world, twenty years after the US is globalization, global talents to establish global competence center, radiation management of global business. Our assessment of foreign employees and attention in the next twenty years will be gradually reflected, after all, our company also no capital, we still have time to give foreign workers compensation benefits. Now from my heart, I’m not afraid of you more money, you get more money, if the holding, I feel too comfortable, because you took too much food; you take less, I will not be happy, because your contribution is small.

Zhang Shunmao: our virtual saturated distribution is now the same as the standard. It is suggested that the saturated allocation of shares can be operated on to the extent of different hard areas.

Ren Zhengfei : If he comes back again ?

Zhang Shunmao : It is still necessary if he works for a long time in hardship overseas . Ren

Zhengfei : How long will it be long ? Zhang Shunmao : for example , three or five years .

Ren Zhengfei : Do you still have to live for decades ?

Zhang Shunmao : I mean to think about the willingness to work in hard areas .

Ren Zhengfei : Well , we can increase the bonus . The problem is that we have already solved this problem , and we are floating in the post personal level in hard areas .

Ren Zhengfei : In the disaster – stricken country , there are several employees who have risen two – stage , and his saturated allotment is up to the second level . He actually goes up a lot . In the past few years , the majority of all agree that the company has begun to move forward . Since the end of the world has released your energy , you have come back and have a good job . So today ‘ s communication is afraid to use the clause of the rigescent doctrine to hurt the excellent fighters . I hope the competent authorities at all levels should be able to make the cause for the employees of these struggles .

Xie Guohui : I want to ask about the issue of maternity leave , we also have an employee , a child of 09 years old , 10 years of her assessment is A , these people I personally think is also a fighter .

Ren Zhengfei : How long did he take off .

Xie Guohui : 09 in 2009 it took more than 2 months .

Ren Zhengfei : The national law protects the compensation , and the law does not say that there is a long vacation in the stock , and the stock is not given up . After one , two years can be matched . If you try again , the job level will rise and the opportunity is increased . But if she takes two months to get back , the company ‘ s stock is a virtual distribution mode . It is a kind of distribution mechanism of labor . It must work . Now some people ask for leave , anyway , I don ‘ t want to wait for a dividend . Is this the Huawei ‘ s value ? Huawei ‘ s stock is the value of labor . I am sympathetic to the absence of attendance records , this time is also hit . I don ‘ t actively fill out the form , and strive for its own interests . I think this person should take time to protect his interests and fill the form .

Tong Guodong : Two – year and sixty – day terms , implementation has a degree problem . It has been found that some co – workers do cause physical illness to take leave in difficult areas or in situations where the project pressure is relatively large , and they can see that their performance is excellent . In this case , it is recommended that grass – roots cadres should be allowed to write a special note to the company as an exception handling .

Ren Zhengfei : We authorize the HR Committee to give him permission to define the rest time for two months . If this person is really good , he should take a little leave to approve his business trip but not reimburse him for the travel expenses . For example , go to the Red Sea for a business trip . If you still feel bad , we can ‘ t let him pay for his travel . The grass – roots units will be able to do so as long as you have a collective comment . The departments at all levels need to be brave enough to stretch out these people . People at all levels have made a great contribution because the cause of the work has collapsed . Tong Guodong : Now the distribution is a post facto distribution system , is it possible to advance such incentives ?

Ren Zhengfei : I am firmly opposed to the year – end bonus system , the year – end – end – award system is the most backward system , to emphasize the process award and the timely award . For example , 50 % of the process awards should be finished before the end of the year , and won ‘ t be sent until the end of the year . It won ‘ t be given to you . We stress the project award , the process award , and the timely award .

Tong Guodong : Are we able to walk one step by step during actual operation ?

Ren Zhengfei : Who let you go step by step , you go faster , the bonus is great , not the wrong , even if it is wrong , only once . The stock is wrong , for several decades . bonus should not look so heavy .

Kong Fansheng : In the recruitment of talent , we find out that there are some misunderstandings about our fight against people , whether we can advocate a culture that is proud of struggle , but not all applicants should be approved and should be screened .

Ren Zhengfei : If you think who should be approved , who should not ? You give an example .

Kong Fansheng : Only in ideological recognition , and practice of practice and achievement can be approved . Do not obey the distribution of organization should consider whether to become a fighter .

Ren Zhengfei : Approval to become a fighter will not be able to enjoy what you can enjoy . Agree to apply is to give you an opportunity , that is , after the approval not to be equal to the right , you have the condition of this threshold , but not equal to you can enjoy , but also look at your reality . In every stage , how can you know that he can do it all his life ? Because there are several decades of length , but every stage has management assessment .

Chen Xinzhi : At present , the employees of Class 12 and below are mainly distributed in the delivery system . The incentive mode is mainly based on short – term incentives . Based on the working hours system , we have been extended for many years . In the past 10 % of the team leaders will have some incentive payments . Last year , 500 shares and 1,000 shares changed into 300 shares and 500 shares this year .

Ren Zhengfei : The bonus distribution unit is not the column ( saturated allotment ) . The bonus distribution unit also needs to reform . The original policy is to do some maintenance . If you can ‘ t take 500 shares , give up overtime and give up a lot of income . It ‘ s bad . Why do you want to get rid of your work ? Why do you want to take advantage of it ?

Chen Xinzhi : Class 12 and below also have maintenance workers , testers , are our backbone .

Ren Zhengfei : The backbone will give him some bonuses . Don ‘ t work overtime pay . Is he earning less income ? I don ‘ t agree with the obligation . I don ‘ t agree with the obligation . But I don ‘ t agree with the duty . But I don ‘ t agree with this word . But I don ‘ t agree with it . But I don ‘ t agree with it . But I don ‘ t agree with it . I just mentioned that the retired employee won ‘ t take a dividend . He won ‘ t work now , because he has fought , and you ‘ ll retire .

Chen Xinzhi : Currently , the overtime charge of the following employees is 40 % ~ 50 % of the total income .

Ren Zhengfei : It ‘ s good . Are they satisfied ? I ‘ m not satisfied with the reform . We all want to share the money we earn , but the problem is how to divide . How to allocate it rationally this year , we will discuss the allocation of the struggling people this year , and then open up the whole process at the end of this year , and set up the correct distribution system .

Husseong : There is no cycle limit for the allotment , and I think it ‘ s a big part of the reason why it is idle . Why not give a time period to each allotment ?

Ren Zhengfei : This is the reform that the next new class wants to do . I made a lot of mistakes as an old class . I ‘ ll correct these mistakes today . I ‘ m responsible for correcting my past mistakes . The former shares have been signed by me , and some are too matched . I apologize . For less , I apologize . For more , I hope you can understand me , and you can ‘ t let yourself go down a little , so that society is flat and a little . In the past 20 years , it will always be wrong . In our system , system , method is not perfect , it is difficult to do a lot of wrong . We have a step – by – step change , but not radical , comprehensive reform . We hope that when the new system comes out , we will take the lead in practice so that the company has a reasonable distribution mechanism . If you only share a part of your contribution , you will always pay a point , so the company will not have financial risk regardless of how to increase the employee ‘ s income . Now the adjustment process has a problem , so we are afraid of our left for a while , right a while . These problems are expected to be properly settled through communication .

Li Jie : We have engaged in the discussion of the value module of human resources management in the past year . The core is the understanding of the value creation and value distribution of Huawei . Today , in our work , we should take the guidance of the company to the actual operation process . We usually rely on the company ‘ s policies , documents to do it , make some policies and documents to support our support to the struggle , but our document may be more rigid and not reasonable . At the same time , the boss mentioned the adoption of approval because of the overworked and poor health of the struggling people . Isn ‘ t it too flexible ?

Ren Zhengfei : These words I have never spoken to anyone , only to Hu Houshen a person quietly granted the right , today is to let you press . Because he does not want to give up the interest , I fear that we take the struggle for the culture , no one export , the employee will be tired . Because he doesn ‘ t want to give up the benefits , I think this will be a problem . These are important work , major projects , paid extra labor , if there are correct attendance , they will have enough fake to replace . It is hoped that everyone will understand that those who harm the health of the company will receive more care and help . No one will have that day . No one is a steel giant . We can ‘ t live forever . We can ‘ t have a lot of heroes in the past . But for the hero , it doesn ‘ t mean I ‘ m a hero . I ‘ ll be lazy . We don ‘ t think the man is in a bad shape because of the struggle . It ‘ s not a physiological disease . So the department should have a reasonable treatment . No , I can ‘ t . I can ‘ t take a lot of leave . Is it not that the new stock is not taken ? It ‘ s hard to see the money . If we ‘ re struggling , we ‘ re going to protect it . We only empower the Human Resources Committee , but the HR Committee ‘ s eyes may be unclear so many people come to see the problem . Someone is indeed this way . We need more protection . Don ‘ t get malaria more than some people , and we don ‘ t care .

Li Jie: if there is a part of is the striving staff, or long-term in the exertion of positions need to be adjusted, we can consider travel through vacation, etc., we can empower front-line team, given the chance to adjust in a certain range. The first-line team flexibly according to certain principles to grasp, to deal with this contradiction. This is one of my suggestions, first solve some employees very tired.

Ren Zhengfei: I’m not that front-line staff, management staff we should reasonably distribute the workload. I emphasize the backbone of our employees, emphasis is on top management, so many years of hard work has accumulated a lot of disease the problem. Employees should not overdo sth., mine did not call you all day, why don’t you see mine around go, why go with mine.

I think the problem this is our management level, why forcing employees to step on mine go ah. I am not talking about the line, we need to figure out ah, I speak to the backbone of the staff. Because only the backbone of the staff long-term charge, time is too long, spring compression time is too long, can not restore the elasticity the human resources committee, authorized staff. Just beginning to charge, how could I overwork. Speak from the heart, when we forced all the people’s struggle, we should protect the part of a struggle, they not be damaged.

Xu Chi: there are a lot of old employees in the company who are much more qualified for the old employees’ rights issue. It is suggested that the old employees should reduce their shares a little, so that’s an incentive for the striving and excellent new employees.

Ren Zhengfei: but he volunteered. I tell you a message board, this year will lead the sun total holdings of her stock last year, there are a lot of excellent backbone application will automatically write stock holdings down, but also reduced a lot ah, some people voluntarily reduced by half, the human resources committee has approved the next year. Queue clearly, I will lose a portion of the shares, the queue is more reasonable. So, to see the senior cadres in consciousness is very high, is able to understand the company. HUAWEI needs the spirit of self sacrifice, if it can form a mechanism, the old employees can not move in myself, in order to sustainable the development of the company’s initiative to apply for its shares down, assigned to more, excellent, motivated employees, HUAWEI will all time.

Question: whether the old strives for excellent performance can be used to raise the saturation line, but the old strives have long gone beyond the saturation line.

Ren Zhengfei: the purpose of adjusting the saturation line is mainly for those who are on duty. So I don’t worry about the problem just now. We have repeatedly studied how the saturation line should be done.

Chen Haiyan: our real incentive struggle is whether we have a committed struggle, not only on working hours but also on the performance of work outputs. Should we encourage you to create high performance in the same time?

Ren Zhengfei: we say, do not say that time. If your contribution is to a certain extent, but you use the time to take it, the integral will be very high, but some people can also short-term integral output is very high. So the contribution of problems, can not see the work time, mainly to see the work in the input-output efficiency. The principle is the same.

Hu Houkun: we should pay for the structure optimization, at present our compensation structure, short short, long part is too long, long short ratio is too high, the pertinence is not strong enough, the structure of the future will change, there will still be part of the long-term, but that part of the ratio will decrease. We in the long and medium-term incentive to increase short-term, it is a finite period of medium-term incentive, the incentive and employee assume job responsibilities and the future continuous contribution associated, and we will all the reward of the backtracking mechanism affect the interests of the company in order to prevent possible short-term interest oriented and inappropriate the behavior of individuals.

Ren Zhengfei: because this is the future of a reform, the reform should be fully discussed, we do not worry, this how to solve the problem, what’s the problem we want to spread it, I think human resources management department to establish acceptance department, accept everyone on the issue of complaints, especially the outstanding employees, don’t they wronged we only protect the excellent employees, will have hope. What influence, how can the heroes after HUAWEI! This is not the correct treatment of our great struggle, who will fight after it, so I tell you today, against the bureaucracy, the purpose is to the real struggle for a screening of employees, so said the implementation process not biased in this time.

Zou Zhilei: I’ll make a very detailed questions, annual salary, stock dividends, bonuses, we have encountered many problems in the actual process, the more line supervisor know more of the staff, but sometimes including bonuses or annual leave is not redundant, so that line supervisors have little power.

Ren Zhengfei: not leave redundancy, but the credits are given to you, your bureaucracy. Now pay package, a bonus package Quanfa anymore, you can’t pay up bonuses, not hair, is your problem, not our problem, Hu Houkun gave me a reflection of how many times the salary package sent down, not up wages below the stock package sent down below, not on, then the bonus package sent down, you can’t comment, you dare not move, you dare not my problem. 99, 99 to you all. You must use your power, I think the base layer is the most competent junior staff to understand, but the supervisor there are limitations, one sidedness, so we through publicity, to strengthen and improve the limitations and comprehensive. Of course you mess with people, he also points to your salary package, you do not cut off not as employees, in fact you keep him.

Zou Zhilei: I want to say is like what I do all staff performance this year, but there may be next year, the year after that I can see it, so there must be a correction mechanism. For example, such as the predecessor to the last that all bonuses are finished, the results to the second year contract loss also, upside down, after a representative on the deficit.

Ren Zhengfei: the regional president is going to have a problem. The region is part of the light. It’s always a problem. Still, it traces back to you.

Zhang Xiaoqing: the bonus distribution is the same as the issue of different wages.

Ren Zhengfei: I think the staff should be called staff. Staff should not get such a high salary and bonuses. Because you take in life. Regardless of the weather where financial personnel, business personnel are not two skins, financial personnel to business responsibility. We must emphasize the CFO like CFO, be sure to plan, budget, accounting, performance and expansion of all bear the responsibility, otherwise it is called CFO. I advocated the financial and operational staff in the interests tied together, common development. But I think that CFO should belong to the central platform, to have the restriction mechanism, there will be at least a few people to platform management and this will make the business system, financial system, mechanism of share expansion in many tasks, to put forward the effective growth and profit growth in the expansion for tasks, I am the support including the administrative system. The administrative system also raises this question. But the financial staff at the grass-roots level can start with the bonus and the area.

Guo: mentioned common development, state-owned enterprises in the financial controller on a solution, we need to learn from this solution. The finance director’s salary is superior to the bonus with the service sectors combined. We avoid across the board in the solution, not only have to bear some responsibility for the service, a unit of work the performance should also bear the responsibility for the future. I advocate for CFO, the financial backbone also recommended the use of similar solutions.

Hu Houkun: today we discussed many problems, these problems are related to policy, idea, also have operation level, suggesting that the US company in the field of human resources values, ideas, policies and implementation of the several aspects of things, need a good way to do a thorough internal communication in particular. At all levels of management in communication, if can not reach a consensus, not a clear understanding, implementing problems will. Many of our policy at the grassroots level, with us in the meeting room to say, has been completely different, not to say that the content is not the same, but the spirit of understanding has said the deviation. An expert on HR our email, he found more than 200 people to do a sample survey, their investigation of our values is how to understand, only 12% of them can accurately describe our values, This reminds us of our values, our policy is not what we say here, but on line engineers, sales manager, financial manager, what he saw. I hope today’s communication as a start, in the future this kind of communication will be held on a regular basis, with such the mechanism, layers of consensus.

Ren Zhengfei: in fact, a general purpose I speak, you think who is striving to protect you please, don’t hurt him, even if there is a conflict between him and the file, you can’t master, you can submit. Dare to open the gap in the treatment, let employees get more money, stock with some. For a moment, can not be left for our reform in the right for a while, and then it was hurt, that hurt people, in fact most people were hurt, must be the most excellent people. Why, they must have a lot of disadvantages, but they also have a lot of advantages. We can’t dogmatism do what is perfect, just a child is perfect, nothing is perfect, we believe that this society, our company does not need to be perfect, we need people who can contribute to this point, we must in the cadre system, human resources to really understand Come, who is the person we need, we don’t think we need to be perfect.

Why do I put forward opinions on the 360 investigation, I don’t think your research methods have problems, is your evaluation and analysis.360 degree survey is to find every individual achievement, each individual contribution, including general search. Search for a hero, rather than simply to find faults for the.360 survey was his grades, see him where the best, if there are shortcomings, see how much weight the disadvantages, the disadvantages of how many people reflect, look at this man is not able to improve. Instead of saying I caught a drawback we succeed, we use the method this kind of metaphysics, will eventually destroy the company.

This time the company raise stock line is very important strategy, our company is after a year of research level, to come up with the solution to the problem, this strategy is the most important cannot hurt good struggle, even those naughty disobedient struggle, but they contribute. He sometimes do not work overtime, but his performance is very good, that he should give his potential, plus the burden, and not against him. How do not hurt good struggle, is an important strategy, this strategy if metaphysics, put our values fully reversed, a greater conflict, rather than smaller. My purpose is always a topic and I began to speak, at the end of the agreement. The company human resources management, guidance and guidance, based on the current policy, very realistic, objective implementation, effective protection of Fen The fighters’ recognition and feedback, and through such flexible implementation, continue to optimize our policies.

I want to talk about today is to the point, thank you today to have wasted so much time, I thank you so sharp and you communicate, we are not angry with me, I respect the speaker, I love actively to speak, even against my speaker. Do not speak a bit of speculation, this kind of person often many benefits, why not to utter a single word?

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