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[Workplace Story] £500 Encouragement

A few decades ago, a Norwegian was very poor and his life was stretched. rubber moulding

As the owner, as a child’s mother, in order to let the family live in a depressed mood, Mama made up a good lie: “Mum has a £500 deposit in the bank. This is a huge number.” But Mom repeatedly said to her child: It is not particularly difficult for the family. It cannot be used at all. rubber moulding

Soon aafterward their mother died. Every time this group of children encounters difficulties, they must gather together to discuss whether or not to go to the bank to withdraw their mother’s deposits. But every time we think of many ways to overcome difficulties.

Later, the children had jobs and they all had money. When they were curious to take out their mother’s passbook from the box, they discovered that there was no passbook in the mother’s box. There was only one letter. The letter said: “I believe that all of you are good boys. You have the spirit of overcoming difficulties. This £500 you will never need.” rubber moulding

“Story Philosophy”

This story is very impressive for European and American primary school students. It tells people that the hope of “looking for the right and quenching thirst” makes people unable to overcome difficulties by combining people’s spirit of encouraging and overcoming difficulties.

As an operator, you have to tell your followers: “The goal has been, what exactly is going on, you’re going to think of a way, and don’t look for me when it’s a last resort. Only when it’s a last resort, I’ll tell you what to do.” Inspired the subordinates to work hard to overcome difficulties and exercised themselves to complete the task. In many cases, leadership can be detached. Subordinates can become talented and serve two purposes. rubber moulding

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