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Pay attention to machine tool landing, absolutely not to be ignored!

You should pay attention to the following items when you drop the machine. service metal fabricating.

First, preparatory work:

The foundation meets the required foundation according to the foundation map, which is enough to support the level and firmness of the machine tool. For example, F3, F5, PS65, PS95, V33i and so on, the thickness of the reinforced concrete is about 50cm. service metal fabricating.

Lifting and connecting well qualified professional handling lifting companies. Every machine tool in Makino is provided with special lifting appliances, hoisting according to lifting drawings. service metal fabricating. If customers do not purchase sling, they need to prepare enough strength wire rope or enough forklift truck.

The change of temperature and room temperature has great influence on the machining accuracy. It is recommended to manage at room temperature to achieve the most ideal machining accuracy. service metal fabricating. The ambient temperature is generally 10 to 40 degrees, the best room temperature control range is below the table, and the relative humidity is 75%.

The power – power standard in place, in accordance with the standard to determine the electrical cable size. As Makino common machine tools, F3, F5, PS65, PS95, E33, E56, V33i, V56i, EDGE2, 25mm – cable. service metal fabricating.

The gas source provides a clean and dry gas source. Like the above machine tools, the pressure is 0.5Mpa or more, and the flow rate is above 600L/Min.

Two, the step of falling machine:

1) open the box and check whether the packing boxes are clearly damaged or not, and check the items according to the invoice.

2) machine tool main body handling. If forklift truck is used, adjust the shovel position of the forklift truck, so that the center of gravity of the machine tool is stable, so that machine and personal injury can be avoided, and at any time when shovel, any part of the machine tool and forklift shall keep at least 15cm distance to prevent scratched sheet metal. service metal fabricating.

3) the machine tool main body is placed in place according to the size map of the foundation, leaving the space for other peripheral equipment to be placed, supporting all the feet at the same height, and having no suspended feet to prevent the deformation of machine tools.

4) the peripherals are placed in place, including transformers, oil cooler, air dryer, etc., according to the placement map provided in advance, if they are not clear, consult with Makino company at any time. service metal fabricating.

When the standby bed is in place, it can be installed and debugged.

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