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Service robot industry flocked to the market will be occupied?

《Super Corps》in the” warm “robot big white won the audience’s love, and recently, a subsidiary of Alibaba Foxconn and Softbank group’s robot (SBRH) also launched a reality version of” white “- June 20th, 1000 Pepper listed a minute, then sold out to.Pepper the expressions of joy and anger, even tone feelings can be identified, and it can be carried out according to the human emotions, known as the world’s first sentient robot.

“The service robot market is still in the early stages of development, the free competition stage.” deputy director of intelligent technology and robotics Engineering Research Center of Beihang University, Chen Diansheng had to make judgments on the situation. However, the Internet giants involved, which means that in the near future, the service robot market or will become a fierce battle.

Start-ups are scrambling to enter the Office

According to the definition of the International Federation of Robotics (IFR), the service robot is a semi autonomous or fully autonomous robot, which can accomplish the service work beneficial to human health, but does not include the equipment engaged in production

So, how big is the market for service robots?

According to the statistical report of service robot IFR2013, service robot in 2012 total sales of 3 million 16 thousand units, the total sales of $4 billion 620 million. The personal, home service robot, sales of 3 million units, an increase of 20%, total sales of $1 billion 200 million; professional service robots (i.e. special robot) in 2012 total sales of 16067 units, growth of 2%. Sales of $3 billion 420 million.

Good policy is introduced. The national long-term science and technology development plan (2006-2020) “the intelligent service robot as a cutting-edge technology development in China in the next 15 years, and in 2012 formulated the” service robot technology development “12th Five-Year” special plan “support the development of the industry.

Our service robot market in 2005 and took shape, Beihang University professor Wang Tianmiao had analyzed the characteristics of China’s current service robot: it is a demand driven, innovation, high growth of entrepreneurial enterprises.

Wang Tianmiao analysis, there are 4 hot spots in the field of service robot innovation, Entrepreneurship: first, domestic service robot and the Internet, distributed in the monitoring, sweep the floor, clean the windows, housekeeping, room information, household appliances, household service, education and entertainment areas; second, health care machine and big data services; third, intelligent transportation and the Internet of things; fourth, special operations equipment.

In April this year, focusing on service robot platform of the intelligent technology company was established, the CEO Xia Zhimin had in the field of industrial robots research has 10 years of experience. Why from industrial robots to service robots? As a member of the service robot force in entrepreneurship, perhaps his interpretation to represent some of the mainstream ideology.

Xia Zhimin said, service robot is a “no ceiling” market, the next one to two years, there will be a lot of enterprises grow up like mushrooms

“There are few engaged in the production and application of intelligent service robot real enterprises, market competition is far from reaching the so-called, even has not yet fully formed industry, one of the most important reasons is the lack of application of the promotion.” Xia Zhimin encouraged entrepreneurs courage any more, “the current level of service robot intelligent is not perfect but if, not daring to face the market, can only stay in the laboratory”

He further explained the “turn” of the mind: to create a service robot “OEM”, customized, modular service robot development and production mode, rapid iteration to meet the market demand, the service robot fight between car and mobile phone appliances, the price dropped to between car and mobile phone prices.

Opportunity and challenge

Although Xia Zhimin believes that the service robot competition situation has not yet arrived, but as a representative of the service robot fire after Pepper, many people are also expected to join the service robot entrepreneurial tide

However, both inside and outside the besieged city will face various pressures

“The field of artificial intelligence is no border, many consumers have also been some videos of infection, hope that we can have a large white, Wall-E, Optimus Prime. In fact, the advanced technology is not widely used, price and technology maturity are constraining the development of the industry. We have just begun to test the market quite a pressure.” Xia Zhimin said.

According to the music world CTO Guo Gaihua, reflects the price and technology constraints of a case is the most common, many people buy a sweeping robot now, hope to solve the pain points, but in the end do not really use or not many people.

“Now the home service robot as sweeping, mopping the floor of the tool, the real application is very limited. The reason is not intelligent perception.” Guo Gaihua believes that the robot to do housework, a lot of technology also in the local implementation can not only rely on the cloud, to achieve this goal will bring the cost rise most of the functions, it is difficult to meet.

On the positive side, the challenge of technology and cost also means a breakthrough in “Besieged City”

SIASUN Robot & automation company president Qu Daokui has pointed out that the robot is more “human” refers to the software, Internet, big data, smart sensor technology.DF-Robot founding CEO yechen summarized in the core sensor based hardware, overall domestic power is weak, but the image recognition, speech recognition, human-computer interaction, field the data of soft core, can become the direction of the force of domestic service robot startups.

Xia Zhimin believes that the service robots have high requirements for the integration and integration capabilities, but with the software, network environment, big data, development and integration of intelligent sensing and other supporting industries, integration becomes relatively easy, but also greatly reduce the market cost of service robot.

He also judged, do China advantage service robot is most likely in the market monopoly. “We know more about the Chinese relative to other countries and Chinese consumer market, this is our biggest advantage in the service robot in this round of the competition. Of course, in the field of service robots, we will have a similar Ali, Baidu such enterprises.” Xia Zhimin said.

“Competition and cooperation” can survive

The competition may not be triggered at any moment, but in the “xiangbobo” before, entrepreneurial enterprises will face the foreign service robots look at fiercely as a tiger does pioneer and domestic “big brothers”.

At present there are at least 48 countries in the development of robotics, where 25 countries have been involved in the development of service robots. In North America, Europe and Japan, so far, 7 types of balance of service robots into 40 experimental and semi commercial applications. Foreign companies such as iRobot, Shink, three star, FOMART, such as Ecovacs in China Shanghai, the future partner robot have entered the field, now, BAT (Baidu, Tencent, Alibaba) were added to the artificial intelligence in the competition.

Startups finally always have to face “before the wolf, a tiger” situation, or become “wolf” and “tiger” in its development. In the development of the road, “competition and cooperation” is given start-up strategy.

“Should focus on cooperation, open mode, no company can put all the things done, more need to seek cooperation and open mind, you can do one of the main parts, can be integrated, best not to a company all done, this company is only a dead end.” leaf Chen said.

“In addition to BAT, a lot of artificial intelligence software company also seek support in hardware, hardware and software combined with the visible robot body is the inevitable direction of the future service robot, our relationship should be a kind of competition.” Xia Zhimin stressed.

He believes that entrepreneurial robotic company service advantage is very obvious, can make a quick decision and execution. “One of the fastest products, from the customer to put forward a kind of demand, we only took 1 months, although the latter will continue to revise and improve, but it is very precious.” Xia Zhimin also expressed cooperation with “bosses” intention: “of course, we also hope to have all kinds of resources to BAT production”

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