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Eight questions: Factory management must face!

Reading: Today, in the face of increasingly fierce market competition, extensive factory management has become seriously outdated. The quality of factory management directly affects the competitiveness and vitality of companies in the market. The factory must face the following eight issues! serving Global Industries

1. Factory interests closely tied with employees’ interests

In order to save costs, some factories take the interests of the factory as the paramount. The treatment of employees’ interests is a matter of ability, poor working conditions, poor eating, and bad living conditions. If it is such a factory, the employees must be working in a coping style! In fact, the interests of employees are the source of the interests of the factory. If the interests of employees are not guaranteed, the long-term interests of the factory will not receive fundamental support.

Factories must seriously consider the benefits of employees, design a reasonable compensation system, and humane incentives are indispensable. Care about the interests of employees can greatly increase the cohesion of the factory. In the long run, there will be more investment in employee benefits, and the positive energy generated will eventually give the factory multiple returns of interest! serving Global Industries

2. Plant interior and exterior environment construction

Need to create two environments: the factory’s internal environment and the factory’s external environment.

It is necessary to find out the internal consumption of the factory to the maximum extent. Some employees of some companies not only create no value for themselves, but also cause troubles to employees who create value everywhere. Finally, they form an environment in the factory that “who works more and who will die faster”. Atmosphere, the employees who have the ability to do it can not stay, leaving a bunch of people pushing each other. Seemingly funny, many large and medium-sized companies have this kind of situation! The creation of a smooth internal environment with harmonious interpersonal work relationships and seamless inter-departmental cooperation is a magic weapon for companies to retain talent. The departure of many talents is not the cause of wages, but it is not doing well!

The external environment of the factory mainly refers to external collaboration units. The formation of good cooperative relations with upstream and downstream units will help establish a good reputation of the company in the industry. Do not always think that people’s suppliers are to earn your money, have to squeeze out people’s profits, if people can not live, how do you still enjoy the follow-up service? In fact, the development of the company also depends on the technical support and services of its partners. serving Global Industries

3. The formation and development of factory core capabilities

Factories have their own characteristics and strengths, and gain competitive advantage in today’s market competition. This is the challenge that the market places on factory management.

Understandably, core competencies are to develop strengths and overcome weaknesses on the basis of existing expertise, but this is not enough, because competitors can easily do this and must look at the issue from a new perspective. Core competence is a combination of tangible and intangible resources. It is an institutionalized interdependence, innovation, and actual knowledge system. It contains a series of experiences and knowledge.

Usually tangible resources are expressed as the factory’s human resources, production equipment, manufacturing processes, and work environment. Intangible resources are represented by the quality of personnel, corporate culture, factory systems, experience, knowledge management, and factory reputation.

4. Standardized factory management

Whether or not the factory implements standardized system management is one of the conditions to measure whether a factory’s management is capable of fighting, whether it can be sustained and efficient. There should not be another set of personalised practices due to staff changes. Regardless of the characteristics of the factory, its basic management is unchanged, and it needs to be determined by the system to form a common understanding. serving Global Industries

Without this, in the long run, the management of the factory is unstable, and it is basically at a low level and it is difficult to reach a new level. The general performance of the factory is that the factory system is not perfect, and the task is often difficult to complete on time and it is difficult to solve problems. Find the reasons, often push the committee, wrangling. It is worth mentioning that standardization is not a document that only stays on paper.

5. Factory Performance, Staff Performance Evaluation

If the performance of the factory cannot be effectively evaluated, it will be difficult to find exactly where the key problem is. The next step will be difficult to master, and only with some incomplete data and experiences or feelings to handle the work, causing the slow development of the factory, Living like old days.

The perfect employee performance evaluation system is mainly to affirm the merits of the achievements, help them identify and correct the existing shortcomings, and make plans to correct them within a certain period of time. From this, talents can be found, and the reserve forces of enterprises can be cultivated, and the common irrational phenomenon of “what better to do than to speak” can be solved.

6. Know how to do good

Should have the concept of “responsibility is always greater than power.” Many people began by asking “What power do I have? What can I get?” Then the person who asked “What should I do?”, the factory should not be appointed to have any management responsibilities.

On the contrary, it has the concept of “responsibility is always greater than power” and implements work attitudes. It takes the initiative to assume responsibility for work and care for the development of the factory. It is hard work, hard work, and unity and cooperation. This kind of employee should strengthen the training of the factory. Entrusted with heavy responsibility. serving Global Industries

7. Production agility

Some factories push each other and kick one thing into the ball. At the end, they don’t all work. The simple things are extremely complicated to deal with, and they also talk about production agility! It is true that many factories do not perform well in this regard.

There are many reasons for this, and the key is to reduce the level of management and give the responsible person sufficient management and responsibilities.

8. Knowledge Management and Corporate Culture

Corporate culture is the factory’s long-term accumulation in the work, for everyone’s consensus is a factory management upgrade. serving Global Industries

A good corporate culture is the source of the plant’s core competence. Creating a factory internal environment faster than others, fostering the rapid growth of young employees, and constantly creating a high-quality backup force for the factory is the basic approach to making the company invincible forever.

Allowing employees to sleep well every day, that is to say, the factory puts employees in mind, while the employees are also thinking about the factory in mind, and they are thinking about the prospects of the factory. Does this company have no advantage? How did He Yong develop? serving Global Industries

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