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| share three things to help you improve the quality of production

To improve the quality of products is not only the goal of lean production is to eliminate waste, an important part. How to improve the quality of enterprise, some might think that the system is very important, so the introduction of ISO9000 or TS16949 quality management system certification. Although the two quality management system is a good thing, but I do believe that efforts to improve the quality of some of the questionable management without a solid foundation of enterprise quality management system certification from the beginning.

In reality, we often see in order to obtain certification by the staff to do a lot of do not conform to the actual file work in a short time under the pressure of enterprise management, and neglect should do things to improve quality, but violate the quality management system intended. Because of the quality management system requirements of content and complex, each should be practical to do so, the enterprise will produce contradictions in resources. Therefore, we suggest that the basis for management of weak enterprise is best to concentrate to get down to do the following three things:


Make good standards before production and give full guidance

Every new product in the trial production stage, should improve the work instruction, QC engineering drawings and other production standards, and the staff of practical guidance and training


Continue and step by step to prevent adverse events

In the process of production, if there is a bad, there should be a systematic prevention of adverse events, such as QC group activities


Key tracking guidance

This is the daily management of the grass-roots managers, for key projects and prevent adverse countermeasures are regularly checked according to the work or implementation of the standard, to re regulate the operation of the key guidance

The above three points are produced from the quality point of view, the three basic work should be practical to do. Of course, perfect quality inspection system is another basis. Only the above lay the foundation, to play the role of the quality management system framework can really.

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