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“Sharing machine tools”? You don’t know? How do you do the machining business?!

CNR network Beijing September 18th news:

According to voice of the economy, the world financial report < >, the machine tool industry, was once a piece of a gilded signboard of northeast economy. However, the industry is “big but not strong”, is a typical northeast heavy industry need to upgrade. In the background of the intelligent development of the equipment manufacturing industry, machine tool enterprises to break the shackles, new mode exploration of a “shared machine”, has become a new breakthrough point of transformation and upgrading. The rapid development of new services, “the third industry alone, showing a new atmosphere of coordinated development.

Heavy industry for a long time a single large, causing serious imbalance. The industrial structure of Shenyang machine tool group as in the production of manufacturing industry of the old state-owned Liaoning machine tool sales, was first in the world. But in recent years, the traditional machine sales fell seriously. Therefore, Shenyang machine is determined, about 1000000000 yuan investment in research and development of intelligent. I5 intelligent control system interconnection function, equipped with the system of the machine tool, is called “the sharing machine”.

Shenyang machine tool Market Center General Manager Ma Shaoyan said, “sharing machine” is not only industrial tools, but the intelligent data terminal. Shaoyan Ma said: “we have i5 core technology, the machine is not only a tool, it is a intelligent data terminal, therefore, we are to build the entire industry service and sharing mode. At present, US and Shiyan, a city in Yancheng and the province reached industrial service sharing platform agreement, can promote regional equipment manufacturing industry transformation and upgrading”

Hubei Shiyan an intelligent manufacturing platform for service providers to Zheng Jianwei said, he is Shenyang machine transformation and upgrading of the beneficiaries. Zheng Jianwei said: “as early minimally invasive enterprises, lack of funds, equipment and factory. Put forward the” Shenyang machine tool machine tool sharing “concept: the government of Shenyang machine tool factory room, provide equipment and services for business you can enjoy sharing service reasonable economic resources, so our platform to attract entrepreneurs more and more”

The state-owned enterprises in the positive transformation, a new equipment of information service enterprises have emerged. Intelligent Company launched the “Brahma convective stratiform management system”, “pulse made APP”, build smart industrial service platform, originally scattered not controllable devices into a huge network, digital, networked.

“Pulse makes CEO,” Li Chunwei said. “The system has substantial help in improving processing efficiency and arranging production reasonably.”

Li Chunwei said: “we provide capacity release, manufacturing knowledge sharing, is to enhance the essential elements of industrial upgrading. Every enterprise has the ability to manufacture equipment based on, they need to show and release out, let more capacity needs to know. Intelligent industrial service platform is to provide support and help for the Chinese manufacturing enterprise cross regional productivity”

There is a lot of enterprises, in the active units of new services, once the heavy industry “a dominant” in Liaoning Province, now has become “the third industry alone.” the first half of this year, the Liaoning service industry tax revenue 107 billion 370 million yuan, higher than the national average of 0.2 percentage points. The third industry as the transformation and upgrading of economic support, leading role is growing.

Liang Qidong, vice president of the Provincial Academy of Social Sciences said, let the new service industry has been promoting transformation, adjust the structure of the internal power. Liang Qidong pointed out: “the development of the service industry, especially the development of new service industry in Liaoning, structural adjustment, industrial upgrading, investment, consumption and endogenous growth, will the strategic supporting role is very good”

CNR commentary: find a good topic sharing machine make good articles

To “share”, “sharing fulcrum drive machine” identify innovation, revitalize the existing resources, to achieve maximum value. The machine tool enterprises give up the original “hardware” thinking mode, the industrial tools to open market, a small change, leveraging the huge potential.

In the process of transition to the new service industry, the original “manufacturing assets”, the “asset light” operation; the industry chain parties, find new profit generating point. “Sharing machine tool”, the achievement of a new sample of traditional manufacturing industry transformation and upgrading.

Now, the concept of sharing “sharing” emerge in an endless stream, only, can achieve “real economy”. In order to share the machine as the starting point, the traditional heavy industry found Goulian effective path of the new economy, to find a good topic, make good articles, enhance the vitality and strength of the manufacturing industry.

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