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[HR] performance appraisal promotion and Implementation (1) how to effectively promote the assessment progress?

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In the assessment of the implementation process, many enterprises have this embarrassing phenomenon: assessment after the introduction of the program, but it is difficult to implement according to the plan, as a result of too much work or other reasons, the assessment data has not come up, or forget to collect statistics, the evaluation results is also a reminder again, and so on, only HR at work. China sheet metal companies Wholesale Manufacturer

Well, please:

1, does this happen in your company?

2, what specific measures will you take to ensure the implementation of the assessment plan as planned? China sheet metal companies Wholesale Manufacturer

Reference analysis:

I think this situation should be a lot of senior HR counterparts have encountered, I am no exception. When after the introduction of a system of the whole company, and there will always be a few people or a few people do not agree, don’t get their support, it is difficult to say it. Many of the company’s performance it is with salary, accounting for a part of salary (i.e. performance salary is not the performance of funds), if the employee of the month performance appraisal result is less than 100 points, will be deducted the corresponding part of the performance pay. Examinedpay also not too willing to do the performance appraisal, they can only think of performance appraisal will be deducted but they did not think this is the reason for doing extra points, performance failure. So in the assessment department manager is busy or other excuses, East West drag drag, until the last day of it or take a few days to pay back, The best thing to do is to pull everything away, and the best thing is to do nothing. China sheet metal companies Wholesale Manufacturer


1, improve the performance appraisal system, clear personal and job responsibilities and time schedule. The system should be discussed with each department manager meeting plan before the announcement, let the manager of the Department personnel involved, through the discussion after the decision, the matching degree will be much higher, as long as the Department Manager with and support, I believe that success rate go to the 80-90%. operating system, regular performance review meeting, timely optimize the operation methods and processes, improve execution. China sheet metal companies Wholesale Manufacturer

2, the system of evaluation standard, divide outside, standard in employee performance appraisal cycle, good performance, must be extra points, or each evaluation only without penalty award, a long time will become a form of performance appraisal, also will not be a real incentive effect. As the saying goes, here there must be brave there will be weak, under heavy penalties. To the employees of a work concept, let them know the performance appraisal to their sense of achievement, sense of honor. To do this, without training. China sheet metal companies Wholesale Manufacturer

3, develop performance appraisal flow chart, determine the completion time of each step, by HR performance personnel regularly follow up, for those who prefer not to cooperate with the Department as a key supervision department. This method is the most stupid, but also one of the most effective methods

4, performance appraisal can not be completed on time, directly affect the salary calculation and payment, so the performance report and the results can not be delayed, it must be on time. The human resources department can advance issued a verbal notice, do not submit department performance appraisal report, the Department will delay the end of the month to wage payment, I do not believe the Department Manager willing to be their subordinates to despise it, only with the implementation. China sheet metal companies Wholesale Manufacturer

5, do a good job interview, in the whole process of performance evaluation, do not ignore the process performance of the interview. Through the communication with employees, to avoid the unfairness of evaluation, and evaluation of the operation performance can be put forward opinions, there is a solution to the performance appraisal of employees can understand and for their own expectations. If employees to raise their expectations, conditions allow, companies can help staff to meet.

6, the company must be supported by high-level, this is very important, departments can not give HR Department face, but not the boss face. As long as there are high-level, no management staff do not cooperate

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China sheet metal companies Wholesale Manufacturer


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