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【HR】Performance assessment and management (II): Performance communication, what should HR do?

Many HR think that performance assessment, HR as long as the assistance of the business department to set a good employee performance plan, the assessment of accounting on the end of the line, the performance of the process of communication between the business executives and employees, not much with the HR. Is this true? Let’s discuss and analyze together, please ask: sheet-metal-manufacturing
1. Does HR need to participate in employee performance communication?
2. If you want to participate, what should HR do during performance communication? How to do it better?

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1. Does HR need to participate in employee performance communication? sheet-metal-manufacturing

The HR communication of employees’ performance must be fully involved, not only at the beginning, but also not only at the end, but throughout the entire performance management, and it needs to be carried out continuously. However, the use of “degree” and “skills” must be mastered during the participation process.

2. If you want to participate, what should HR do during performance communication? How to do it better?
Performance communication is an important activity in human resource management activities. At the same time, it is a difficult and complicated activity. In order for the performance communication to proceed smoothly, the HR department must carry out various preparations. First, through training and publicity, managers and employees should be made aware of the importance and necessity of performance communication and the benefits that can be gained through communication. Second, it is necessary for each department to be responsible for the above management personnel to learn the methods and techniques for performance communication; Systematic establishment of a systematic communication mechanism allows employees, especially supervisors, to feel obliged to communicate. In this way, employees’ attitudes toward communication will change significantly, from the original resistance to willingness and active communication.
When HR needs to participate in the performance communication of non-HR departments, HR must take a positive attitude, be prepared carefully, be fair and equitable, and be flexible in handling. When face-to-face communication with employees is needed, it must be treated properly. Do not despise it. . sheet-metal-manufacturing

As the HR can neither fully participate in the specific affairs nor do not care about it in the performance communication, it should do its best to provide guidance, supervision and management in the whole process. The key is to grasp several points in the performance communication. That is, from the goal setting at the beginning of the performance appraisal to the feedback after the implementation process and after the performance appraisal, and the improvement of communication, whether the department and the employee agree on whether or not the department has reached an agreement, whether the department is fair and equitable, whether there is a competent hard pressure task, and the employee is forced Accept the situation. So how do you do these things? I make a simple sharing:

1, the target to determine the communication:
In the target determination stage, HR must know whether the department communicates with employees about the contents and standards of the assessment: Are the employees’ goals for this stage clear? What are the measures and methods adopted by employees for completing the goals? What kind of support does the employee need to complete the goal? Through this stage of communication, you can understand whether there is a situation in which you are in charge of hard-core tasks and employees are passively accepted, thereby greatly increasing employees’ recognition of their own goals. sheet-metal-manufacturing

2. Implementation process communication:
After the target is determined, the implementation process is the key to the achievement of performance and is the key control point for performance execution. In the implementation process, we must understand whether the department has tracked the progress of employees? Is it helpful to solve the difficulties encountered by employees? Is there a deviation in the set goal? Does the employee have an adverse effect on the long-term interests of the company in order to achieve personal goals? Is there any immediate correction of employee bias? Is it timely recognition of employee innovation? Whether or not HR needs help, etc. These are the key points that should be communicated during the implementation of performance management.

3, assessment feedback and communication:
This communication is based on the results of the performance evaluation and communicates the results of this evaluation. The communication mainly focuses on the achievement of the employee’s goals, existing problems, analysis of the causes, and communication in the next phase of the improvement plan. What should be concerned about at this time is whether the supervisor explained the results of this assessment to the employees? Is there any result to be scored, the basis, and the relevant supporting information to employees? Is the supervisor’s assessment fair and equitable? Has the supervisor heard the result of self-assessment of the employee on this goal and the corresponding basis? Is there any comparison between the two parties and the actual situation is correct? Is there an in-depth analysis of the goals that have not been completed? Is it an objective or subjective reason that cannot be achieved? Is the employee’s lack of knowledge, lack of experience, or lack of attitude? All these aspects require detailed understanding through communication. sheet-metal-manufacturing
At the same time, it is necessary to take corresponding measures in a timely manner based on the understanding of the situation after the communication. For example, if the staff is not knowledgeable, they need to arrange appropriate training and counseling; if they have insufficient experience, they need to arrange more training opportunities; if there is a lack of attitude, they need to be carefully analyzed. Well, there is a problem with internal management, or is there a problem with the attitude of employees themselves? All of these issues need to be bottomed out, find out the real reasons behind them, and carry out rectification. In the same way, the analysis of how to complete or overfulfill the goals is also done, and the employees share the effective measures and measures that are used internally so that other team members can gain experience and make progress together. Of course, it is more important to address the unsatisfactory goals, and through effective communication, formulate a clear and effective next-stage improvement plan to achieve improvement in employee performance and capabilities. sheet-metal-manufacturing

4, performance improvement communication:
After analyzing the problems existing in the performance appraisal, finding solutions to the problems and improving them are the fundamental objectives of performance management. Therefore, it is particularly important for performance improvement communication. The HR should pay attention to the performance improvement communication: Is the supervisor in the process of performance improvement conduct timely follow-up supervision of the employee on the performance improvement plan? Is there inspection work carried out according to the improvement plan? Are there any deviations and deficiencies found in the improvement in a timely manner and are rectified together with the employees? Does it encourage employees to creatively increase their own deficiencies? Only by maintaining timely and smooth communication during performance improvement can we ensure the effective implementation of the improvement plan and promote continuous improvement of performance.
Performance management is a cyclical process. The end of an assessment cycle is the beginning of the next phase. As the HR department needs to balance the interests of all parties in performance communication, it must also pay close attention to whether the performance target is in line with the direction of the company’s development. In particular, it must pay attention to whether there are actions that harm the interests of the company while achieving individual and departmental goals. Because, regardless of the need to safeguard the interests of the enterprise in any case, can not allow anyone to achieve personal goals and do anything. sheet-metal-manufacturing

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