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[HR] Application of performance appraisal results (1) employee salary incentive

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According to the assessment results to the staff performance salary, bonus and salary, is the most widely used for the performance evaluation. The evaluation results, performance assessment of how much the wages, bonuses and how to send, how to adjust the salary and so on, different companies may have different practices, then, excuse me: (CE RoHS SGS GS ISO9001 )Approved sheet metal stamping process Manufacturer

1, according to the results of the assessment to pay and pay, specifically, how do you do? (CE RoHS SGS GS ISO9001 )Approved sheet metal stamping process Manufacturer

2, how should the performance pay (Bonus) and salary adjustment be more incentive effect?

Reference analysis:

I’d like to share my experience with the company:

1, the composition of staff wages: basic salary (monthly salary system) + performance pay (according to the performance evaluation results, divided into excellent, good, medium, pass, need to improve) (CE RoHS SGS GS ISO9001 )Approved sheet metal stamping process Manufacturer

The performance pay ratio is 30%-0% of the basic salary. If you are 5K a month, then you can get the highest monthly 5000+5000*30%=6500., the lowest one month, only to get 5000+0*5000=5000

2, the annual bonus based on the company’s annual income to earn more, employees take more, loss, then there is no year-end bonus. (CE RoHS SGS GS ISO9001 )Approved sheet metal stamping process Manufacturer

3, the staff salary is generally once a year, usually from January onwards. The adjustment of the proportion of 5%-15%. individual special salary ratio is very large, there are employees at the beginning of the salary increased by 410 yuan, and in May on a salary of 4000 yuan, which is a rapid progress. Of course, this is a special case

4, because the same proportion of growth at the beginning of the salary, does not reflect the relationship between staff’s contribution and salary so that employees Voices of discontent. I am also mean that, in general, some of the performance, salary also rose 5%-10%, good performance, is the same, not a value approval, not fully arouse our enthusiasm. These lead to the occurrence of some company executives to the level of collective resignation. Leadership group size turns to the interview, interview what, give some vain promises? (although I to this company for 1 years, but the work performance compared with the previous personnel responsible person, have great progress on all other departments have recognized, including the original is not acceptable to me) once,

the leadership of the group to talk to me, said the company recognized your work performance, at the beginning of the year to you pay less, I forgot to tell the president To apply for it, I’ll give it to you at the end of the year. And you said, “give me a raise for 2 months.” these words, comrades, do you believe?

Personally, the salary adjustment should refer to the overall level of the local, including salary level, consumption level, the contribution value of the staff and his replacement, social average wages and so on. (CE RoHS SGS GS ISO9001 )Approved sheet metal stamping process Manufacturer

Sometimes, the company leader would rather recruit one, but also do not want to give the job of this increase in pay a big point. Not to be forced, not to pay attention to, not to solve, dragging, dragging into their style, hey, I hope the salary plan effect, retain talent

Therefore, as the personnel department responsible person, every day in the drilling data heap, analysis of existing staff wages, salary budget adjustment, a survey about the wage level, the social level of wages, social security policy, a lot of things, finally, I hope my analysis of data, for their leadership. As a useful branch of personnel the person in charge, the right to decide the salary adjustment in personnel.

(CE   RoHS   SGS   GS   ISO9001 )Approved sheet metal stamping process Manufacturer

(CE RoHS SGS GS ISO9001 )Approved sheet metal stamping process Manufacturer


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