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The silver age of China

Chinese silver production has a long history, the Xia and Shang Dynasties appeared the earliest Chinese silver (Gansu Yumen fire ditch silver nose to drink), the spring and Autumn period is common. After thousands of years, silver material scarce and precious, beautiful and pure color has been loved by the people. Along with it, silver production process is constantly upgrading and development, become a distinctive ethnic characteristics of Traditional Crafts categories.

1 story dragon ear bottle

The bottle with German inscriptions, this effect is a tribute to the battle of the Yalu River in September 17, 1894 to participate in the bottle of A.C.Hekman Z.F.E. H.Mandl Ph.Lieder to fight bravely and gentlemen. Mentioned time and location in the inscriptions is the famous the Yellow Sea war in the Sino Japanese war. In the investigation, there are several Beiyang fleet in Germany, Britain and other countries. Participated in the campaign. It can be said that this bottle year witnessed the Sino Japanese War history, precious.

2, knife horse story scoll bottle

In the history of the development of Chinese silver, the late sale of silverware has not been known. They are limited in number and scattered throughout the western countries. They were once dust laden and mistaken for Western Silver

3, Songhe sickness Guanyin bottle

Until 1975, H.A.Crosby.Forbes< founder and curator of the Museum of Sino US trade export China silver > a book published, the truth surfaced, the original distinctive artifacts from ancient China. In recent years, with the return of Chinese overseas art, this part of silver is increasingly valued by people, some cultural institutions and domestic collectors began to collect and study these export silverware.

4, sober pot

Starting from the silver, combined with the historical literature, we found that the export of silver age in Qing Dynasty and the Republic of China, mainly through the form of trade to western countries. The export of silver in Qing Dynasty and the Qing government’s foreign trade policy is closely related to the.18 century to 1840, affected by a trade policy, export silver is concentrated in Guangzhou, Guangzhou thirteen District merchants sold by.

5, a set of printed tea sets

This period in the western style of the main export of silver, regardless of style or decoration are produced in accordance with the aesthetic design of Westerners.1840 years later, the Western powers opened the door China with gunboats. Starting from the “five ports”, with a series of unequal treaties signed, China is forced to open the port city increase the export of silver origin is also expanding, Shanghai, Tianjin, Hankou, Jiujiang and other places also began to export of silver.

6, “the farmer appeared a teapot melon shape map”, “women weaving map”, “dining party figure”

During this period, Western China business people more and more, with the China cultural understanding and the deepening of cognition, they gradually accepted and loved the China traditional art form. Thus in this period, the export of silver to meet the basic function, in the aspects of modeling and decoration, given more China traditional culture the elements, showing a Chinese and Western culture. Once the western type and China elements combine to become a kind of fashion, it inspired China craftsmen great creativity, they used the traditional craft to create a work of art, will Chinese silver production process to the peak period of the Republic of China. Because of the turmoil, the export of silver, material, manufacturing process level less than before, Chinese silver export declining.

7, overseas Chinese products

Chinese export silver is the production craft by China traditional silver, a western style type, Chinese style decoration subsidiary, mainly used for silverware export overseas. This kind of silverware since eighteenth Century ocean trade period gradually overseas, lasted nearly 200 years, this period produced a huge number of gold and silver, a variety of instruments, including coffee out, tableware, tea, wine, smoking, hollow basket, glazed hollow bowl liner utility, Memorial Trophy, bowl, vase, vase, mug, etc. the longevity of Magu, decorator, and mirror, compact and rouge box supplies. Many silver lady melee engraved on the master’s initials, armorial (Wen Zhang), reflects the extent of these precious silver and rich connotation.

A thousand years of Art

Advanced technology was born in prehistoric times Chinese adorable treasure, after thousands of years of development, to the Ming and Qing Dynasties in the late Qing Dynasty. The export of silver tends to be skillful perfect by hammering, engraved, welding wire, hollow, tired, gilt, Silver Enamel, molding, mosaic and other traditional crafts, decorative artifacts shape very three-dimensional and realistic, with its the distinctive artistic charm displayed a typical Chinese culture, is the pinnacle of gold and silver Chinese process.

Flat fill silver filaments

A set of 5, respectively, 3 pieces of diamond disc, 2 disc. Small diamond disc 14.5 long, 10 cm wide; large diamond disc 20 long, 15.6 cm wide; circular disc diameter was 16.4 cm. Diamond plate, the central entity is divided into eight elliptic convex surface, concave bottom plate; the circular disc, the central entity is divided into six circular convex, concave bottom flap disc. The body tired with silk, woven silk and filigree, fill the four skills in the middle of the pattern of filling and weaving, plus the base wire, wire, thread rolling, welding technology, and ultimately form a complete hollow pattern, unique style, rigorous structure, exquisitely carved.

Blending the charm

“Perfect western type” and “Chinese style decoration” fusion is an important feature of export of silver, it not only meets the western life demand, on the other hand also has catered to the overseas market advocating the pursuit of natural and exotic taste. Meilanzhuju natural freshness, Longfeng birds lively and comfortable. The opera story, vivid and warm, harmonious scenery. These characters Chinese elements with a strong Chinese taste. In addition, Chinese still type design of silversmith teapot shape, create exquisite and interesting melting in a body of pure China wind to show the most incisive artifacts, ancient oriental classical elegance and craftsmen spirit.

A set of characters and tea sets

The kettle body by hammering, engraved, welding and other processes, with three images of different scenes of exquisite stories. The teapot decoration “shepherd road map”, with “sugar cattle map”, “catch the wolf milk jar decorated map” layout Vals, hierarchy, lifesome. Sugar and milk cylinder gilded.

Chart for goblet

The internal glass gilt, external used texture for the bottom, using the hammering process, with the traditional stories of the Sui and Tang Dynasties “Luo swept through north” campaign map, map patterns of different characters, not a weapon, and a decorative “Luo” surname “Tu” surname banners and flags, highlighting the love and hate between Luo Tong and Tu furnace princess. The cup column staggered upper trim Necklace Silver Top welding for a spread eagle, cup holder, eagle feathers. The fine base for the lower part of corbel, Xu Mizuo waist, a meditation and a welding arhat hold pestle. The whole ocean Fuhu exquisite workmanship, clever layout, high artistic attainments.

A set of golden tea sets

The pot body into four square faces, using the hammering process, decorated with plum, bamboo, story patterns, the angle is divided into four long shape, decorated with Chinese raven, Fangyuan is just perfect.

China silver export value contained in many aspects, they are old China overseas trade witness, is rich and colorful in modern social life of memorial, is the physical carrier of Chinese and Western cultures, it is China traditional artisan spirit, after a hundred years, to return to the home, precious.

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