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[career Story] Pepsi president who interrupted his speech

The most indispensable word in the secret of success in business and life is integrity. However, we, especially the “quasi-celebrities” who have just achieved something, often fail to do so, namely, the sense of superiority brought about by our achievements. And our excessive utilitarian complex. small hole EDM

The president of PepsiCo, Carl Willie up, went to the University of Colorado, and a businessman named Jeff met with Carr, the host of the Toastmasters, and Carl said yes, and Jeff was waiting outside the auditorium.

Carr was interested in speaking to college students about his history of entrepreneurship and about the principles that business success must follow, and unwittingly overtook the time he had agreed to meet with Jeff.

As Carl continued his exuberant speech, he saw a man push the door out of the auditorium, walk straight up the stage, put down a business card without a word, and turn and leave. small hole EDM

Carl picked up his card and it said on the back, “you and Jeff Hoy had an appointment at 2:30.” Carl suddenly realized. Wechat ID: Lean production Promotion Center.

On the one hand are the college students who need him to persuade and instill Pepsi, who are the driving force for business, and on the other, a businessman who is not known to consult him. small hole EDM

Carl did not hesitate to say to the college students: “Thank you for coming to my lecture. I wanted to continue to discuss some questions with you, but I have a date, I can’t break my appointment, so I beg your pardon and good luck.”

Amid thunderous applause, Carl trotted out of the auditorium. He found Jeff waiting for him outside, apologized to him, and told Jeff what he wanted to know. They had been talking for 30 minutes for the original 15 minutes. small hole EDM

Later, Jeff became a successful businessman, and he told his friends that they had confidence in Pepsi and decided to sell and promote Pepsi. small hole EDM

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