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Don’t worry about the boss

Every employee will think that if I work hard and take much responsibility for the boss, the boss will think of my good. But sometimes your worry is really unnecessary. The more you do it, the more you will get wrong. Manufacturer directly supply Cheap price small metal working

Who do not want to show in front of the boss of his own abilities? But nothing for the boss to good, the boss said you are not qualified, this situation is really bidouehaiyuan. I have had this experience. I spent five years in the enterprise human resources manager, then sent to a human head do the direct leadership of the resources director. He Shanghai, Beijing run, I in order to reduce his work, just ahead of time to get things done, not to call him alone, rarely communicate with him for instructions, do not let him speak half a snack. Manufacturer directly supply Cheap price small metal working

I tried to cut his own department of labor costs, the two individuals work for a person to carry it, all the doors of daytime, make excellent performance, even the general manager of our high hopes. But the year-end assessment, an unknown to the public actually another department manager mentioned the deputy director position but, I still empty position in the Department. I am ignorant, Xiangponaodai will not find yourself where is wrong, just feel wronged. Eventually hold the intention to resign, decided to do an in-depth communication with the director. Before talking, my anger is not to mention, one is that he is two boys, that he deliberately embarrass me. Sit down, director was very surprised and said: “I have been waiting for you for more than a year, you have to do the communication with me, you should be in my office or at regular intervals to follow me to communicate”

“Ah?!” I was stunned. Manufacturer directly supply Cheap price small metal working

“You are a very good employee, but you are not a good leader. You are the firefighters, professional ability is too strong, too much work, but your authorization ineffective, all HR processes are you a person in control, you have no church men, let them do things on hand. In addition, you work so much but so little maintenance personnel, personnel planning to prove that you have problems, I think your department should increase the personnel allocation, in order to maintain the workload”

“Ah?” I once again shocked, this thinking can reduce personnel cost and trouble for the leadership, in addition to his tired eyes in a complete mess, the boss see is another case. “Your department is always the state of emergency, you can consider the issue from the company overall, do is department manager. So you’re not qualified director”

The director said: “I really think different, but I was heavy women over men. You just gave birth to the child is very hard, I want to see you in the family and work balance, I also in the study”

Working for so many years, accustomed to being praised, individuals are relatively strong, but after listening to these words, the resignation of the heart know where. I feel like a workplace rookie, both the heart and worry. Manufacturer directly supply Cheap price small metal working

What time will you bring your work to your subordinates, nothing to do, I want to start with the job I’m doing, you will be able to walk a step. “This sentence director told her,” you are so busy now, I give you more work how can you answer? I don’t want the leaders of all day in a complete mess, I hope you chat with different people, looking for new ideas, talk time should do more than time ”

This day has become a turning point in my career occupation. I understand two things: first, do not think that everything can be grabbed firmly hold their own territory, only you have successor talent the opportunity to go on, otherwise the pit can never fill. Second, lazy ants only make their principles. The brain is not trivial drag, can stand on a higher level of global thinking.

From then on, I began to learn. Before I authorized the task assigned way is imperative; after the way that the purpose and results, by his own arrangements. The division is pleasantly surprised to find that the staff formed a partnership in the project, we have a chance, not excessive competition, strengthen team cohesion. And I also saw the staff of a previously undiscovered talent.

In retrospect, if it was not the director, may my occupation career or stagnation in hard state. Please do not worry, so even for the boss to worry about, but also to look at what the boss need.

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