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Suppliers are more important than banks, please treat suppliers

Introduction: A good supplier is more important than a bank. To go to a bank loan to find a person, you may not be able to make a loan. The interest rate is not low. If you do not repay the loan, you must also sue you! The supplier, as long as you are honest, will no longer look back to support you! Procurement, please be kind to your suppliers, especially suppliers who are willing to give you arrearage, and are willing to support your suppliers from small to large. small parts machining

Very few companies use suppliers as partners
Large companies are in an absolute dominant position and decide that they will not take orders for you and decide how much money to do for you. It is in this relationship that there are very few companies that can regard suppliers as partners. Most of them regard themselves as God. They are oppressors to suppliers. They can be squeezed and squeezed. Many big manufacturers are in the industry chain. Notorious.

It’s good to have basic respect for suppliers

In fact, in the real world, there is no need to mention anything to ask for dinner. Basic respect for suppliers is enough! Let’s take a look at the various upstream and downstream relationships in the real world. The following situations abound. small parts machining

1. Some purchases brought together many suppliers, made them turn around, allowed them to make proofs again and again, and communicated with each other. The supplier spent a lot of manpower and material resources, but in the end it was only a foil in the purchased game;
2. After many contracts that have been signed and communicated, when the suppliers begin production preparation and investment, they suddenly change their contracts and do not execute contracts;

3, in the project acceptance stage, delaying acceptance by various reasons, either leadership is not, or wait for the decision-making, or need to observe;

4, the choice of cheap goods, the follow-up but all kinds of problems, this feature does not, that performance is not, always make complaints, trouble return;

5, refused to pay for a variety of reasons, even if the money is not paid, to display a variety of high levels of debts and arrears delays … …

When cooperation has become a match of wits, both will fail.

In reality, these companies still have a lot of them. Suppliers need to waste a lot of time and energy on these matters. Good cooperation has become a battle of wits. small parts machining
For the powerful big brand suppliers, after dealing with such unscrupulous companies, they knew the depth of the water, and soon people would no longer play with such companies.

And if it is a small supplier, they are more inclined to compromise, prices fall again and again, payment and other wait, the tragedy is that these small suppliers are so dead! Suppliers have gone out of business. Is the procurement still demanding follow-up services and guarantees?

After taking advantage of such a low price and accounting for a little cheaper price, after such a huge amount of force, the reputation of this company is also plunged into a whirlpool. The company’s situation is also in isolation…

It can be long

Why not return to normal business relations and emphasize cooperation and win-win situations? By using suppliers as partners, you can actually get more focused support from your suppliers.
It can be said that the supplier is the real expert in his field, and the development of the enterprise is inseparable from the support of the supplier’s technology and solutions. Suppliers also have a large amount of resources in the industry, and it is also beneficial to share resources and establish a good reputation in the industry. When thinking from a different perspective, you will find that suppliers are not just making money, but are also helping you to make money.
After all, the trick is not going to last long, and it will become a friend with the supplier.

Treating suppliers well and winning together to win the world

Suppliers can provide high-quality products and services. They are derived from suppliers’ investment in R&D, production, sales, after-sales, management, and employee quality. In the final analysis, the stock of suppliers is the first guarantee for the final result. small parts machining

In reality, the buyer does not lower the price of the supplier, or owes payment, not to mention respect. Win-win only stays verbally. Low prices and defaults affect the profits of the supplier. How can he ensure continuous investment? Without the supplier’s good products and services, how can a buyer make a good product?
Being kind to the supplier also reflects that he is a conscientious company and that employees will trust the promises of the company’s leaders. Leaders are puzzled every day that the professionalism of employees is not high. Part of the reason is that employees do not trust leaders. In China today, employees are indifferent and cannot digest the cakes drawn by the bosses. Enterprises should treat suppliers well into the corporate philosophy and gradually cultivate the good qualities of respect, mutual assistance, and kindness of employees.

It is more important than anything that attaches great importance to the supplier. Treating suppliers is the same as treating them with customers. It is absolutely beneficial to the healthy development of people, self, and industry. small parts machining

to sum up

The future competition is the competition between the industrial chain and the industrial chain. Unlike the competition between companies, the competition between the industrial chains is more cruel. Enterprises should adjust procurement supplier systems, absorb more advanced supplier management concepts, and advocate a win-win mechanism. small parts machining

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