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Small and medium-sized factories common problem! The boss takes the lead, the staff next to refuel?

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Small and medium-sized factory owners are generally very busy, it seems that as long as the embarked on the road of entrepreneurship, it means “busy” and “tired”. For the startup of small business owners, they had no experience in two, lack of funds, three less manpower, so usually are both policymakers and managers, even as a porter “busy”, seems to have become behoove thing. Experienced stainless fabrication China Manufacturer

So, what caused the boss to be so busy? The main reason was that he neglected these 3 things:

1, the professional thing for professional people to do

Some small business owners in the business often spend the most time, the most “hard”. The boss praised a concept: “the boss to take the lead, employees cheer”, that as long as their hard work, the staff will not be lazy, the business will be good, the enterprise will succeed. So, these bosses often love hands-on, the size of the transaction must personally “battle”. Experienced stainless fabrication China Manufacturer

Therefore, the start of the boss is vague, in role and play multiple roles, always to follow the example of its trees, think of themselves in all aspects to do better than others. In fact, the boss but not clear what they should do, do their own should not personally do. The so-called “smell there has, specialize in”, the basic principle of the modern business is the division of labor, so the professional thing must let professional people to do, the boss can get out to do more important things. Experienced stainless fabrication China Manufacturer

2, develop the habit of letting employees take the initiative to solve problems

The basic beliefs of the development of small and medium-sized enterprises is “live”, life is often the first one, so there are usually no detailed business plan, more is to pay attention to “life philosophy” — to be practical, grasp the details to solve things around, so the boss think what is important and what is its own thing, finally, develop a “what would solve what” habits. Resolve emerging problems is the success of small and medium-sized enterprises “survival”, so these habits they lose lose. If not encounter problems, the boss always worried employees do not, so as to stimulate the “hard” instinct – boss Miuccia. Experienced stainless fabrication China Manufacturer

Some small and medium enterprises although business is not big, but a lot of problems, and to solve the problem is the first priority. But the process is not always the boss must participate in all the problems, but there is a clear division of labor, meet the urgent problems, giving workers more opportunities to take the initiative to solve the problem, so as to let the staff grow, the boss just do a man behind to grasp the overall situation. Experienced stainless fabrication China Manufacturer

3, do not do the “anti leadership” boss

The small and medium-sized enterprise boss one day is usually spent this way: just listening to a report, a request, then the phone rang again, and then the meeting time. The boss will be very tired, because every employee in question to the boss said, or wait for the boss to take the solution to the problem. It seems that the boss and staff’s position is that the “inverted”, equivalent to the original in a “strong” boss was “weak” employees “anti leadership.” 

The boss has two major drawbacks in the use of people: one is always afraid of employees do not good, always wanted to go to the point; two of all companies want to control. Then the company’s team also has a character, listen to all the action command, as early as late reporting. The boss’s influence is strong, usually command order, advice is also ordered, even if they do not understand the will to implement. Therefore, the owner must put themselves in the position of the leader, to lead and guide the team role, can not let employees blind obedience, can not be “anti staff leadership”.

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Experienced stainless fabrication China Manufacturer

Experienced stainless fabrication China Manufacturer


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