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[HR] Performance Assessment Promotion and Implementation (3) How to properly handle assessment complaints?

Even the best appraisal plan and implementation will always be unsatisfactory. Therefore, it is normal for appraisals to encounter complaints. There are many types of complaints that are assessed. If there are complaints about the assessment procedure, there are objections to the assessment results, and there are those who believe that they have been treated unfairly. Seriously handling and properly handling all kinds of complaints is a matter for managers and HR in performance management.  So, please ask:  stainless steel fittings
1. What complaints did you encounter during the implementation of performance appraisal?
2. How do you properly deal with it? stainless steel fittings

Reference resolution:
Two types of complaints are commonly encountered: (1) objections to performance appraisal indicators; (2) questions about performance results

1, questions about performance assessment indicators. If there is a cost rate indicator in finance at present, in fact, finance is only responsible for data statistics and does not directly control the cost. Therefore, many financial personnel have doubts about this indicator. This situation has recently appeared in many cases. The time was taken into account the concept of quantification, and the degree of difficulty in collecting data. It was only that some departments did not have the indicators that they should bear and control. In this case, we will consult with the people in charge of the business management department to see whether the indicators can be modified. If there are any unreasonable parts, the indicators will be revised in time. stainless steel fittings

2. Regarding the question of performance results, this must be put forward under the condition that their performance scores are relatively low. In fact, our company’s performance is currently subjectively rated by the leaders, and sometimes there are cases of eating big pots and taking turns. Many employees may have the highest performance score this month, performance pay is high but will be low next month, and the performance pay will also be very low. The strange thing is that employees always like to take their own monthly salary and last month’s salary. Compared with the standard salary, rather than the standard wage, there are many cases where there is a large difference in wages for two months. Everyone is very dissatisfied. In this case, people can only be patiently explained. The scoring department can only help the department leaders to help explain. stainless steel fittings

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