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[HR] Performance feedback and interviews (a) How to perform a performance feedback interview?

After performance evaluation is completed, performance feedback interviews are conducted. In actual operations, the performance management level and interviewer’s professionalism may affect each company’s practices, and some are arbitrarily detailed and some are business units. Do your own interviews, and some of them are done by HR… Then, ask: stainless steel flanges
1. Has your company conducted performance feedback interviews?
2. If yes, how do you specifically do it? stainless steel flanges

Reference resolution:
After the results of the performance appraisal come out, our company will arrange the heads of each department to complete the performance feedback interview. The purpose of performance appraisal is not only to check employees’ past work results, but also to find out where employees need to improve and continue to promote, and to help employees improve their work performance through feedback on existing conditions. For such goals, performance feedback Interview is an effective first step. It can be said that this link relates to whether performance management can continue to be implemented and achieve the ultimate goal. So how should performance feedback interviews be done?

1. Selecting the target of performance interview
The objective of the performance feedback interview is to help the appraiser to understand themselves more clearly and help him to improve. Therefore, the interviewer of performance feedback should be a better understanding of his comprehensive situation and be helpful to him in his work. He can even be the object of his respect and admiration. Therefore, such role suggestion is served by his immediate superior. This will not only be beneficial to their direct superiors’ initiative in obtaining employee information, but also help in the further development of departmental work. stainless steel flanges

2. Contents of performance feedback interview
The performance feedback interview should focus on the future. It is through the analysis of the status quo of the employees or the company to propose future goals and improvement plans. Therefore, the content of the interview should include a summary of the current work situation of the employees, affirming their good aspects and aspects that need to be improved, and clearly defining the work objectives of the employees according to the company’s or the department’s next goal, and working with the employees to establish the goals. The plan includes how to enhance oneself in the process of achieving the goal and better play its own advantages.

3, performance feedback interview method
Performance interview methods In fact, every student may probably know that it is a sandwich method that people often use to communicate with others. That is to say, first confirm their work performance, praise employees for their good work, and then put forward a place where they still have to work hard to improve. Finally, they expressed the belief that he is better able to do better and assist him in formulating promotion plans. stainless steel flanges

Performance feedback interview notes:

1, focus on the future. In the interview, do not be too sensible to talk about assessment results, and because of the situation reflected in the assessment results, communicate and discuss the future improvement and improvement. The facts of the past have become a reality, and it will not make much sense to spend more time talking about it. Instead, it should help employees to summarize from past work and complete self-improvement.

2. The interview is communication, not criticism. The performance interview is to communicate the employee’s next work plan and reach a consensus. Instead of criticizing the problems that exist in the performance results, the interviews will be opened up in batches. We should see more of the positive aspects of the assessment. A failure does not mean anything. It must be understood and learned in a positive attitude. stainless steel flanges

3. The choice of interview methods and methods. We should pay attention to the effect of performance feedback. Therefore, employees should choose the corresponding method for the situation, which is easy for employees to accept. However, no matter which interview method you choose, you will eventually need to report on the results of the performance feedback. The report can be the record of the interview process, or it can be the next stage of the work plan/objective or the employee’s improvement plan, and signed by both parties for confirmation. Supervision and inspection basis. At the same time, having this result at the crucial time can also be used as a basis for later proof of whether the employee is qualified for the position. When the employee is eliminated, the company can have more initiative.

4. The performance feedback interview is two-way. The performance feedback interview is not only a direct feedback from the superior to the employee, but also a way for the employee to feedback directly to the superior on assessment and future expectations. Therefore, the process should be two-way interaction. The interviewer should guide employees to express more personal opinions, and listen to and provide timely assistance. At the same time, in the process of interviewing, employees can also answer questions to help employees understand the assessment and work better, and even some performance appraisal complaints can be remedied to be resolved. stainless steel flanges

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