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[job story] there is no way out without a way out

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Thinking differently, the same thing has a completely different result. Any failure comes from thinking, and any success comes from thinking. The business and the individual are the same. stainless steel gate valve OEM Manufacturer

Haier group has been able to achieve an amazing 20 years of development, which is benefiting from the leading ideas and business philosophy of Zhang Ruimin and others. stainless steel gate valve OEM Manufacturer

In December 26, 1984, Zhang Ruimin came to the Qingdao refrigerator factory, the predecessor of Haier at the time, no money to pay workers, banks do not give money, borrow money from other companies did not dare, Zhang Ruimin only to borrow money near the rich rural workers to pay wages, probably borrowed 5 months after getting well.

Haier in this condition step by step, relying on the idea of innovation to determine the correct strategic direction of the enterprise. stainless steel gate valve OEM Manufacturer

In the first 7 years, only Haier refrigerator of a product, because at that time the refrigerator is very tight, a refrigerator can be fried to 1000 yuan tickets, as long as the production of refrigerator can sell out, so many enterprises not grasp quality, but yield to 1989. Results many ice box enterprises were closed. Although a lot of money sell refrigerators, some companies take back the money not to come back after the development of refrigerators, but to do real estate, but at the end of the refrigerator is not good, real estate is also finished. stainless steel gate valve OEM Manufacturer

Haier is doing the other products on the basis of making the refrigerator products well, such as air conditioners, freezers, washing machines, televisions and so on. After finishing these, we will finally implement the internationalization strategy.

Before Haier, Zhang Ruimin was the deputy manager of the factory’s superior company. stainless steel gate valve OEM Manufacturer

The year 1984 for the three director. Later sent no one is willing to go, he had to go to the factory. It was December, the weather was very cold, the workshop wood windows by workers take down heating burned, the entire plant is the original regulations. In shreds and patches to have completely useless, so Zhang Ruimin re established a thirteen regulations, one of the most important one is not in the shop toilet.

The concept of the product is divided into first, two products, three products, and even reject, as long as the product can be used to leave the factory. But Zhang Ruimin insisted that “defective product is waste” concept, and even the refrigerator storage has checked again and found 76 sets of quality defects in the refrigerator. stainless steel gate valve OEM Manufacturer

At that time, the price of the fridge was about the same as that of the workers at that time. The fridge is very expensive for everyone, and they all want to deal with it cheaper. But Zhang Ruimin insists on breaking the unqualified fridge.

After 7 years refrigerator, Haier started from the refrigerator to other household appliances at home, a lot of controversy, many people think that by now the strength of the enterprises to do other products can not do well, but Haier itself has an idea, called the east bright light west again. stainless steel gate valve OEM Manufacturer. This can also be called the slope is a sphere of business growing, we must rely on the two forces, one is only the power, can not let the ball slip down, is the basis of management, the other is a rising force, namely innovation.

stainless steel gate valve OEM Manufacturer. Grasping the basic work is rather difficult. Haier has another principle. It is called catching repeatedly, repeatedly grasping is to make the fridge ready, and then start doing second, third products, and slowly climb up.

Haier is opposed to some of the sports management methods used by some companies in the past, and they are doing better every day than they did yesterday.

To make an analogy, put a piece of money in the bank, if the interest rate is 1%, compounding, time to 70 days, with interest becomes two dollars. If the working day can be 1% higher than yesterday, 70 days after the work effect will be doubled. stainless steel gate valve OEM Manufacturer

Haier every employee has a three E card every day, everything must be done in place. When doing some other products, the key is not money, equipment, and development is the concept. In this way, Haier has now become the most product categories yield of an enterprise the highest.

And Haier’s international strategy is “difficult and easy”, first to the most stringent countries, and then to the developing countries.

In 1990, in order to enter the German market, Haier has been working on certification for a year and a half. After certification, German dealers believe that China will just make fridge, and it is impossible to enter the German market.

Haier stripped the trademark of the 4 refrigerators shipped to Germany, uncovered the trademark of the German refrigerator, and sold the dealer without trademark. At last, it didn’t see which was bad, so the distributor ordered it.

After the refrigerator exported to the German market, Germany’s testing institutions just met the quality inspection of the domestic refrigerators and imported refrigerators in the German market. The test results showed that Haier was the first.

After entering these high-end markets, the markets of other countries will become relatively easy. stainless steel gate valve OEM Manufacturer

It is precisely because of the correct thinking, conforming to the market, complying with the customers, Haier has developed every day, and has become a model of Chinese enterprises.

As Zhang Ruimin said, Haier’s development strategy is based on the needs of the user, so so far there have been no big mistakes.

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