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[HR] year-end assessment (five): a summary of the year-end assessment

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The year-end assessment is to a year to comprehensive performance team and staff of an inventory summary and appraisal. The assessment has a wide range of personnel involved, the time is more concentrated, the need to collect large amounts of data, assessment and the vital interests of employees because of the relevance of the results of employee concern, prone to disputes and other characteristics therefore, the year-end appraisal appraisal should be more careful than usual operation only. The study of this week, we in the year-end assessment as the theme, from the data collection of the year-end assessment, functional departments of the year-end assessment, year-end assessment interview, end of year examination results ranking distribution “and other aspects of the in-depth study. There are some expert opinions and experience is worth learning, is roughly as follows, we hope to help and inspire you.

The main points of this week are as follows:

How to do the collection of year-end assessment data (first classes at the end of the year)? Expert Manufacturer of stainless steel laser cutting

The year-end assessment to collect what data? How to collect? We share are similar to what data collection depends on the year-end assessment of what test, how to test. This test is nothing more than the quantitative assessment and qualitative assessment. For the existing assessment methods of enterprises, the data collection is relatively easy, as long as the monthly, quarterly and annual data were collected as well. And there is no evaluation scheme of enterprises, the value of data is the quantitative data and qualitative evaluation scoring. Due to the year-end assessment summative assessment is an annual assessment, data will be more comprehensive, from the four dimensions of the Balanced Scorecard to analyze the collected data required from company to the Department, and then to the three levels of individual employees to collect quantitative. The results of the evaluation data is usually good collection, from the financial, sales, customer service, production, quality, personnel and other departments Collected the corresponding data; qualitative evaluation data, such as subjective evaluation, 360 degree evaluation is evaluation statistics collected. Data collected from direction of staff attitudes, annual behavior, key events, annual performance evaluation and other aspects, leaders and colleagues to collect data can be considered. Send year-end bonus time backward, led by the financial and personnel departments, mobilize all company departments to collect, within the prescribed time limit, can be completed. Expert Manufacturer of stainless steel laser cutting

How to do a good job of the year end assessment of the functional department (second courses at the end of the year)?

How to make the year-end assessment of the functional department better? The cattle have shared a lot of good ideas.

1, it is unrealistic for functional departments to achieve full quantitative assessment. The combination of quantitative assessment and qualitative assessment is appropriate. A clear quantifiable annual goal is best. If not, it can be linked to the company’s performance goals.

2, it can be combined to assess the performance of the company, that is, the performance goal of the company is assessed, the work target of the Department is completed and the individual annual qualitative evaluation is completed. Expert Manufacturer of stainless steel laser cutting

3, qualitative assessment of functional departments with the best 360 degree assessment, from the annual attendance, overtime, mentality, rewards and punishments, training, key events, multi angle of team cooperation and other aspects of the evaluation, evaluation of each qualitative index of the best use of behaviorallyanchored rating method to describe the difference between the quality degree of description in order to make the evaluation, more objective and fair evaluation, the unfair phenomenon caused by subjective evaluation. In addition, the qualitative evaluation due to human functional departments of the year-end assessment involved, will inevitably be controversial, there must be a reasonable complaint handling mechanism, in the face of employee complaints, HR departments should actively respond to the investigation and handling the evaluation of malicious violations, penalties and warning, to establish and maintain a fair and impartial evaluation of the atmosphere.

How to do the year end performance appraisal interview with the third course of the year-end assessment? Expert Manufacturer of stainless steel laser cutting

Because of the year-end assessment with the vital interests of employees is significant, so much attention to employees, year-end sensitive period of performance interview to be more cautious about it. The year-end assessment interview except those with routine assessment of the BEST law and the principle of hamburgers, has its particularity, the need to pay attention to the details and precautions are as follows:

1, we should pay attention to advance notice, arrange the time, place, participants and interview process arrangement, and emphasize that this is the annual performance summary interview, which is a serious and conscientious unity of all employees. Expert Manufacturer of stainless steel laser cutting

2, pay attention to the performance appraisal of archives, good employees prepare Kisaragi exam, exam season examination results and interview records, key event records, year-end performance appraisal results, and ahead of the best draft interview outline, members participate in the interview in advance of communication to reach a unified interview tone, and make the division of labor;

3, for a small number of poor performance workers, who may be faced with pay cuts, posts or eliminated employees, they may give early interviews with possible results, giving them an early psychological preparation to ease the atmosphere of the official interview. Expert Manufacturer of stainless steel laser cutting

4, respect the staff, communicate carefully, pay attention to eye contact during the interview, listen to the ideas and plans of the staff, and give the correct guidance and encouragement.

5, observe the expression and change of the expression in the interview of the staff, and take the communication words to guide the original interview in time to achieve the effect of the interview.

6, for employees who are not performing well, they must have bad plans for interviews or collapse, and minimize negative effects. Expert Manufacturer of stainless steel laser cutting

How is the annual assessment of the year end assessment results more reasonable?

When it comes to the end of the year award, how can the results of the year-end assessment be better distributed? The cattle have put forward some better views, which are summarized as follows:

In 1, the company level, usually by force of normal distribution to distribution, because of the excellent performance of the year or less are few, most of the results should be in the middle state, this can be based on the assessment results numerical range is assigned a bonus code and system to achieve;

2, at the departmental level, it can be arranged from high to low, or in normal distribution, and the bonus package of departments is given by the division bonus coefficient in the company’s total bonus pool. Expert Manufacturer of stainless steel laser cutting

3, there is not a direct ranking, according to the results of the assessment by the bonus coefficient and come. In fact, regardless of the way, are not the best way, as long as the coefficient is reasonable between departments, individual employees, does not appear obvious unfair phenomenon, then the interview year-end performance better plus if staff are basically not too many opinions. In a word, the year-end assessment results bestsuitable ranking distribution is the best.

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