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Why the high price of the machinery industry can always beat the low price! ! !

There was once a salesman who asked for refrigeration: “There is a small factory in the market. The price is very low and it is difficult to deal with. What should I do?” stainless steel products

The boss asked: “Since this factory is so powerful, why has it been a small factory and we are a big factory?”

In fact, low prices usually only play the role of “splashing” in the market, and they are not successful enough. In the confrontational competition, high prices are often upset and frightened by low prices. However, low prices are always difficult to match high prices, even in the face of high prices. stainless steel products
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We often find that the worst-selling goods in the market are usually the lowest-priced ones. Unless there are absolute cost advantages and product structure advantages, low prices are no longer a means of conventional competition but a means of strategic competition. In the conventional price competition, low prices are often viewed by experienced marketers as the “life-saving straws” of desperate people, and they are often the last straws to suppress the camels.

The price level is not a pure pricing issue but a core issue of marketing. Marketing expert Kotler said: “You are not selling products through prices, but selling prices.” The teacher said: “Marketing is selling products through prices. Marketing is selling prices through products.” stainless steel products

The price and marketing activities carried out to support prices constitute a marketing system. Low price or high price is actually the difference between marketing and marketing.

We often see that low prices determine that the core element of marketing can only be price, because low prices cannot support other marketing activities. High prices determine that its marketing activities can be rich and varied, which is determined by the policy space generated by the price. stainless steel products

High prices to beat low prices are the norm in the market, and low prices to beat high prices are cases. Of course, the strategic price war in the process of industrial concentration is an exception. Marketing is to sell the price and learn to sell the price to understand the true meaning of marketing. The “common sense” of the public for the price is exactly the misunderstanding of the marketing professional perspective.

The world is changing so fast that the machinery industry is highly competitive. If the factory only depends on low-price competition instead of upgrading, elimination is inevitable! The following three factories are typical of being eliminated! stainless steel products

The first kind: short-sighted companies relying on price wars

Some factories are reluctant to invest and earn short-term profits by fighting against price wars. In the market, they usually only play the role of “spitting”. In the short term, they can grab some orders but they will not be lost for a long time because these customers will cooperate with you. Will drain your profits, make you busy and make you die.

The second type: Enterprises with backward concepts

If you have not kept up with the pace of technological progress, can you still rely on those traditional experiences? The world’s biggest enemy is not others but oneself. Only oneself can absorb new knowledge in a timely manner to be able to stand at the top of the wave! stainless steel products

The third kind: enterprises that are unresponsive to new things

The birth of any new thing is linked to a huge opportunity! New things must be related to trends, and the trend is not to look with the eyes, but to judge with the eyes! Whoever catches the trend will seize the future! Turn a blind eye to new things, turn a deaf ear and eventually be eliminated by the society!

Only by continuously upgrading the company’s own hard power and soft power can the road of corporate development go faster and further. We appeal to everyone that the price should be a little higher, and then pre-expend the profit space, pay attention to quality, focus on precision, create Chinese manufacturing quality, and form a virtuous circle of development. stainless steel products

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