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The Japanese invented turbocharger. Why didn’t they use it?

Turbochargers are used on sports cars or formula cars so that the engine can get more power in racing cars where the engine’s displacement is limited. stainless steel sheet metal

Under the turbo trend, many consumers who bought cars for the first time are beginning to get confused. It seems that there is no turbocharger, there is a lack of high technology, and there is no vision of choosing a car. This article focuses on analyzing the safety hazards of using turbocharged engines. stainless steel sheet metal

See a picture of a few turbocharged engines working:

United States **vehicle turbine engine: This is the working condition when the experimenter extracts 1000 horsepower of the engine, but the above picture can be a diagram of the normal working of the turbine engine. It is said that when the 1000 horsepower is reached, the turbine has exceeded 1600 degrees Celsius:

Data shows that ordinary turbine engines can easily reach 600 degrees Celsius shortly after start-up, while turbines using AVG technology will generate high temperatures of 1000 degrees Celsius. stainless steel sheet metal

A common production model 1.8T turbo engine, immediately view the engine compartment after the flameout:

Looking at these turbocharged photos, it’s easy to understand why Volkswagen cars equipped with turbocharged engines are prone to spontaneous combustion. This is a piece of hot red iron. No accident. Once the fuel leaks, the hot turbocharger is working. The instant high temperature will ignite the gasoline and cause an explosion.  stainless steel sheet metal

The Shanghai Volkswagen boss, who had lost his life because of a car accident, had only a slight collision with the vehicle in front. The rear lights were broken and the driver did not even notice the collision. He continued to drive for a few hundred meters. The tow vehicle is just the front part of the body. Bruises, and they start to explode as they continue to drive.
Turbine burning red is normal working condition. Matang’s water-cooled turbocharging is also referred to as intercooler cooling, which requires a period of time to cool down after shutting down. Since exhaust gas turbochargers are often operated at high speeds and high temperatures, the turbocharger exhaust turbine temperature is around 600°C, and the supercharger rotor rotates at a high speed of 832 to 1040 r/min. Turbocharged blades turn 17 times per second, which is the most important factor in generating high temperatures. stainless steel sheet metal

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