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[Lean School] Definition and Characteristics of Lean Production

During this time, we received a lot of questions about the concept of lean production from the WeChat background, which was popularized here. There are multiple versions of the different levels of understanding of lean production, the following content is for reference only! stainless steel suppliers

1 Definition of lean production
The practice of lean production started from the Japanese to the present half a century, but it is only a matter of recent years to increase it to theoretical research. Professors at the Polytechnic Institute refer to this mode of production as “lean manufacturing,” but in the book “Lessons That Change the World,” the classic book on lean production, no precise definition of lean production is given; here we Citing the definition of lean production by Professor Yang Guangjing of Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics:
“Lean production is a change in the system structure, personnel organization, operation methods and market supply and demand, so that the production system can quickly adapt to changes in user needs, and can make everything in the production process useless, redundant things are streamlined, and ultimately achieve The best results in all aspects of production, including market supply and marketing.” stainless steel suppliers

2 Features of lean production
In the book “The Machine of Changing the World,” the lean production introspectors discussed the characteristics of lean manufacturing companies in five aspects. These five aspects are: factory organization, product design, supply chain, customer and business management. To sum up, the main features of lean production are: externally regard users as “God”, internalize “people” as the center, and use “streamline” as the means in the organization, and adopt “Team Work” and “parallel” in working methods. “Design” adopts the “JIT” approach in terms of supply and “zero defects” in the ultimate goal. stainless steel suppliers

1) The user is “God”
The products are user-oriented, maintain close contact with the users, incorporate the users into the product development process, meet the needs of users with changeable products and the shortest possible delivery time, and truly reflect the spirit of the user as “God”. Not only to provide users with thoughtful services, but also to understand the user’s ideas and requirements in order to produce a marketable product. The marketability of the product, the appropriate price, excellent quality, fast delivery speed, and excellent service are the basic contents for the user.

2) Focus on “people”
People are the main body of all activities of the company and should be people-centered, vigorously promote independent and group work. Give full play to the enthusiasm and creativity of front-line workers, and make them actively provide suggestions and suggestions for improving the quality of products, so that the front-line workers truly become the main force of “zero defect” production. To this end, enterprises are educating employees about the love of the factory, and the system guarantees that the interests of employees are linked to the interests of the company. Part of the power should be decentralized so that everyone has the right, responsibility and obligation to solve the problems encountered at any time. We must also satisfy people’s desire to learn new knowledge and realize self-worth and form a unique, competitively conscious corporate culture. stainless steel suppliers

3) Using “streamlined” as a means
In terms of organizational structure, it is streamlined to eliminate all redundant links and personnel. To achieve vertical reduction of levels, horizontally breaking the barriers of the sector, and dividing the level of subdivision work and management into a distributed parallel network management structure. In the production process, advanced flexible processing equipment is used to reduce the number of indirect production workers so that each worker can truly add value to the product. In addition, the use of JIT and Kanban management of logistics, significantly reduce or even achieve zero inventory, but also reduce inventory management personnel, equipment and locations. In addition, lean is not just about reducing the complexity of the production process, but also providing diversified products while reducing product complexity.

4) TeamWork and Concurrent Design
Lean production emphasizes Team Work’s work style for the concurrent design of products. Team Work (Comprehensive Work Group) refers to a multi-functional design team made up of professionals in the company’s spare divisions. It has strong guidance and integration capabilities for product development and production. The comprehensive working group is fully responsible for the development and production of a product model, including product design, process design, preparation budget, material purchase, production preparation, and production. And adjust the original design and plan according to the actual situation. The Integrated Working Group is an organizational form of integration of talents in all aspects of the enterprise. stainless steel suppliers

5) JIT supply method
The JIT working method can guarantee the minimum inventory and the minimum number of work in process. In order to achieve this kind of supply, we should establish good cooperative relations with suppliers, trust each other, support each other, and share benefits.

6) “Zero defect” work goals
The goal pursued by lean production is not “be as good as possible” but “zero defect”. That is the lowest cost, best quality, no waste, zero inventory and product diversity. Of course, such a realm is only an ideal realm, but this goal should be pursued in an endless manner. Only in this way can the company keep improving and always walk ahead of others. stainless steel suppliers

4 The composition of lean production system
If the lean production system is regarded as a building, it is based on the parallel working methods supported by computer networks and working in small groups. The three pillars on this basis are:
1) Total quality management, which is the main measure to ensure product quality and achieve zero defect;
2), on-time production and zero inventory, it is the main method to shorten the production cycle and reduce production costs;
3) Group technology, which is the technological foundation for realizing multi-varieties, organizing production according to customer orders, expanding volume, and reducing costs. The roof of this building is a lean production system. stainless steel suppliers

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