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When the standard working hours are done, how much efficiency will be increased?

Interpretation. stainless welding
When evaluating the efficiency of an employee’s work, neither can “slowly” (fastest as a criterion) nor “slowly” (the slowest one as a criterion). Only after determining the standard working hours can the evaluation be conducted, otherwise the evaluation will not be completed.

What is the standard working hour concept?
It is the manual time required to carry out a processing operation in a standard work environment. The standard work hours include the standard work hours and the preparation work hours. stainless welding

In a sense, as long as the quality of work is ensured, the shorter the working hours, the better. However, each person’s ability to work is not the same, the old staff will be faster, while the new staff will be slower, in the end which operating hours is the standard? stainless welding
When evaluating the efficiency of an employee’s work, neither can “slowly” (fastest as a criterion) nor “slowly” (the slowest one as a criterion). Only after determining the standard working hours can the evaluation be conducted. Otherwise, there is no basis for the evaluation.
Example: Air Compressor Division’s Air Compression Shunde’s factory was introduced into standard time management at the end of 2013, and changes in the production capacity of the production line brought about by the adjustments in the factory’s layout and technical transformation of the factory. The standard time database was maintained and updated in real time. Daily production target analysis and efficiency management, through the promotion, popularization, and deepening the application of standard working hours, to achieve refined, scientific management.
At the Air Compression Factory in Shunde, the production and use of standard work hours will go through such a process: Combine the production process → Use the stopwatch method / ISE system data to measure, analyze, and sort the standard time of each process → Record the standard time into the HCM/MES system → Production Planning functions for planned scheduling/efficiency analysis →PDCA cycle improvements

How can standard labor hours be used effectively?
1 Calculate the cost of the product. stainless welding

The cost of a product is mainly composed of material fees and processing fees. To determine the processing fee, we must know the standard working hours. For example, an enterprise’s processing fee formula is as follows:
Processing fee = per capita minute employment fee (0.1RMB/min) × weighting factor (1.5) × standard working hours
Set a product standard operating time is 19 minutes, then the processing fee = 0.1 × 1.5 × 19 = 2.85 RMB

2 set the production capacity, set the production plan required.

The standard working hours for a product are 19 minutes. There are 35 workers on the A production line. They work 480 minutes a day and work 22 days a month. Their daily production capacity and monthly production capacity are as follows (only consider the personnel factors, equipment and other factors are not considered )
Nissan capacity = Total working hours/standard working hours = 480×35÷19 = 884 units/day
Monthly production capacity = Nissan capacity × operating days = 884×22 = 19,448 units/month

3 Evaluate operational efficiency required. stainless welding

Whether it is personnel operations or equipment operations, after standard labor hours, you can know how effective the operation is. The standard working time for a product is 19 minutes, and the 35 production workers on the A production line work for 8 hours on a certain day and a total of 912 units are produced. The operating efficiency is as follows (only consider the personnel factor and do not consider equipment factors):
Work efficiency = standard work hours ÷ actual work time × 100% = 19 ÷ 18.42 × 100% = 103%

4 Select the best job method required.

Assuming there are more than two sets of operating methods to choose from, one of the selection criteria is the standard working hours. Standard working hours directly determine the cost of the product or the length of delivery. stainless welding

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