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State Council issued a document: vigorously develop the inspection and testing and other three party testing professional services

In this document, the State Council put forward some policies and measures to vigorously promote public entrepreneurship peoples innovation. File a large amount of information, involving a wide range of policies and enterprises, institutions are closely related, therefore, particularly among the important part, and the full text of the document is attached for your reference.

The document mentioned that we should vigorously develop the third-party professional services, to accelerate the development of enterprise management, financial consulting, marketing, human resources, legal counsel, intellectual property, inspection, logistics and other third-party professional services, and constantly enrich and improve the business services. Entrepreneurs sustainable policy private testing institutions or are preparing to enter the third-party testing industry.

The file referred to the majority of enterprises, and standardize Sheqi fees, improve the fee directory management system, making it in the post regulation. The establishment and standardization of enterprise credit information release system, formulate measures for the management of the list of serious illegal enterprises, the main business of credit and market access, enjoy preferential policies to improve the link based credit management supervision mode. Entrepreneurial innovation will accelerate the implementation of business license, organization code certificate, tax registration certificate of “three in one”, “one as a code”, the implementation of the first photo card reform, promote the full electronic registration and electronic business license application. These policies will bring good news.

Foreign investment, will relax foreign investment access. To amend the provisions of foreign-invested venture investment enterprise management, in accordance with the principle of management of domestic and foreign alike, relax foreign investment access, improve the management system of foreign venture investment institutions, simplify the management process, to encourage foreign investment in venture capital business. Relaxation of foreign venture capital fund investment restrictions, encourage Sino foreign joint venture capital investment organization development. Guide and encourage venture investment institutions to increase foreign high-end research investment, actively sharing overseas high-end technologies. According to the field of investment, use, the size of funds raised, perfecting venture investment management of overseas investment.

The State Council on vigorously promoting public entrepreneurship and innovation

Comments on several policy measures

Guo Fa [2015] 32

All provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the central government, ministries and commissions of the State Council, and all institutions directly under:

To promote public entrepreneurship, innovation and development is the source of power, but also enrich the people of the road, fair policy plan, power, to promote the adjustment of economic structure, developing the new engine, and enhance the development of new power, has important significance to take the road of innovation driven development, steady growth, expanding employment, stimulate the wisdom and creativity of hundreds of millions of people and promote social vertical mobility, important measure of justice. According to the 2015 “government work report > deployment, to reform and improve the relevant systems and mechanisms, constructing the support system of inclusive policies, promote a new venture capital chain chain, innovation chain supporting industry chain, industry chain drive employment chain, we hereby put forward the following opinions.

One, fully understand the importance of promoting public entrepreneurship, innovation.

Promote public entrepreneurship, innovation, is the inevitable choice to cultivate and the birth of economic and social development of the new power. With our country’s resources and environment constraints increasingly strengthened, the scale factor driving force gradually weakened, the traditional high input, high consumption, difficult to continue the extensive mode of development, economic development has entered a new norm, from factor driven investment. Driven to innovation driven. To promote public entrepreneurship, innovation, is through structural reforms, institutional innovation, is not conducive to the elimination of all kinds of system constraints and shackles of entrepreneurial innovation and development, support to the various market players continue to create new businesses, develop new products, develop new markets, cultivate new industries, the formation of small enterprises, the development of “overwhelming” the pattern of large enterprises “of indomitable spirit”, innovation driven development, build a new engine, the formation of a new power.

Promote public entrepreneurship, innovation, expanding employment, the fundamental measure to realize prosperous road. China has a population of more than 1 billion 300 million, more than 900 million workers, college graduates every year, the transfer of rural labor, the urban poor, a large number of veterans, human resources into human capital has great potential, but the total employment pressure, structural contradictions promote public entrepreneurship, innovation, that is through the transformation of government functions, building a service-oriented government, to create a fair competitive environment, to have a dream, there is a will, the ability of scientific and technological personnel, college graduates, migrant workers, veterans, unemployment and other types of market entrepreneurs “duck”, increase income through entrepreneurship, let more people get rich, promote the adjustment of income distribution structure, to achieve innovation and support entrepreneurship, interactive development of entrepreneurship to create jobs.

Promote public entrepreneurship, innovation, is an effective way to stimulate the creativity of the whole society and the potential of entrepreneurial activity. At present, the concept of entrepreneurial innovation in our country is not popular, entrepreneurship education and training system is not perfect, creative, entrepreneurial ability, encourage innovation, tolerance of failure has not yet formed a good environment to promote public entrepreneurship. That is to strengthen innovation, innovation is the core of the entrepreneurship education in the whole society, to promote the “pioneers, the pursuit of innovation, never yield in spite of reverses” of the entrepreneurial spirit, cultivate a culture of innovation, constantly enhance the entrepreneurial innovation consciousness, entrepreneurship and innovation to become the pursuit of common values and behavior of all social habits.

Two, the general idea

According to “the four overall strategic layout, adhere to promote reform, accelerate the implementation of innovation driven development strategy, give full play a decisive role in the market in the allocation of resources and better play the role of government, efforts to increase decentralization, relax policy, open market, free subject, form a good environment for innovation and entrepreneurship, entrepreneurs make thousands on thousands of active the huge, converging kinetic energy for economic and social development. And constantly improve the institutional mechanisms to improve inclusive policies and measures to strengthen the coordination, the building is conducive to public entrepreneurship, innovation development policy environment, institutional environment and public service system, to promote entrepreneurship employment, promote the development of innovation.




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