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Mr. Yamashimoto: when the economy is bad, is this the best opportunity for business development?

Dark clouds to destroy! In the stock plunged, the economic crisis, the enterprise operation extremely difficult circumstances, each enterprise bosses are very careful, even abnormal pessimistic. But Japan’s holy operation, set off a frenzy of learning Inamori Kazuo said in China business: most of the time, we will face to feel unable to to solve the difficulties, like an insurmountable gap. At this time, you may choose to give up, find another way, but do you know this as “has not” difficulty is the starting point to start, together! Listen to what Inamori Kazuo said? steel fabrication services

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First, the difficulty is the opportunity – we should have this understanding

Suffering can educate people and promote human growth. On the contrary, people tend to make mistakes when they are smooth sailing.

For example, many operators obtained great success, they are intoxicated, successful wine was arrogant, made a mistake, that wanjiebubao, hard to create enterprise decline, such examples It is often seen..

Although the rise and fall of the ups and downs of world norm, but sad tragedy often staged, not normal seems to be normal. When failures and suffering, should not be full of complaints, don’t complain, but to stand the test, to continue to accumulate a little bit small, but solid success, the adversity into prosperity. steel fabrication services

At the time, success and luck will hold a sincere thanks free from arrogance and impetuosity, heart, still continue to adhere to, make success to continue for a long time. No matter of suffering or success is a test for us.

“The research project that has already been developed, must be one hundred percent success!” this is my belief.

About 15 years after KYOCERA’s start up, I was invited to give a lecture on how to carry out research and development topic, and invited a famous big company to speak. The audience is over 200 researchers. They are all excellent talents who are usually engaged in hi-tech development. Many of them have doctoral titles.

At the end of the speech, a question was asked: “what is the success rate of the Beijing porcelain research and development project?” steel fabrication services

Two, when the project is difficult to overcome, it is not the end, but the starting point!

“KYOCERA must have a one hundred percent success rate for all the research projects that are being developed!” I replied.

After a piece of exclamation, someone immediately questioned, “you say this is unbelievable, it’s impossible.”

Then I answered him: “in Kyocera Corp, research and development must continue to success so far failed. No case.” this reply immediately attracted the audience laughter.

However, I am serious. No matter what the project, once started, it must be successful so far. This dedication, strong faith, and do not break the “continuous power” is a necessary condition for success. I believe that. steel fabrication services

When a project meets difficulties that are hard to overcome, it is actually not the end, but the starting point of restarting. When we succeed, we must never give up, perseverance and perseverance before success.

Three, you can’t set your own boundaries. You can’t get tired of it and continue to challenge. In this way, it is possible to change “crisis” as “opportunity” and “failure” to “success”.

National hunting hand spear or dart, waist with several days of food and water, to hunt, to maintain a survival, but their prey is not easy.

They should follow the animal tracks, and kept track, catch prey nest, even risking their lives, attack and kill their prey. Then, they also carry a booty, spend several nights, a few days journey back home, let people wait for food. steel fabrication services

To survive in such a harsh environment, the most important is, must have ripped rock like a strong will.

Once we set eyes on the target, we must continue to pursue and succeed before we succeed. Perseverance is a strong will and an indispensable element of success.

“It’s the beginning of the job when you think it’s gone.” this idea has been deeply rooted in KYOCERA.

Four, when he is not carried away, frustrated when not depressed, every day to keep diligent! steel fabrication services

Even in the work “forced into poor policy, there is no way to think, had to give up the point, is not the end point, starting point but second times to start. From here, with a strong will, a burning passion into the battle.

No matter what kind of resistance to hot pursuit, adhere to in the end – to win the National Hunt in toughness, we want to reach the goal when necessary. Of course not endless suffering, lucky will not last forever.

When he is not carried away, frustrated when not depressed, daily work hard every day, this is more important than what. In the victory and defeat test, every day struggle, which in itself is in the birth of the seeds of success. steel fabrication services

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