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[job story] even if it’s an opponent, you should try to be happy.

– Inamori Kazuo

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The “altruistic” act of respecting each other and caring for others seems to have been lost in its own way, but in the long run, it will bring more ideal results.

The Kyocera Corp has subsidiaries in the United States, is a company called AVX electronic accessories manufacturers. More than 10 years ago, because AVX is a capacitor manufacturer, Inamori Kazuo believes KYOCERA to become integrated electronic accessories manufacturers need to purchase of the company to the AVX company will offer long application. High Quality steel fabrication shop China Manufacturer

The other soon agreed, at the time of the acquisition of the “Stock Exchange”. At that time about the New York stock exchange value of $20 per share of AVX increased in half, trading with a price of $30, is the Kyocera Corp’s stock exchange at a price of $82.

But later, the other party hoped that the price of AVX would be 32 dollars. Because it was not consistent with the fact, it was opposed by the general manager and lawyer of KYOCERA general company. But Inamori Kazuo thought that the other side also took into account the shareholder’s request, so he agreed. High Quality steel fabrication shop China Manufacturer

But then the average stock price of New York Stock Exchange began to fall, and KYOCERA’s share price dropped to 72 dollars. The other side asked again, hoping to set KYOCERA’s exchange price to 72 dollars.

Inamori Kazuo again agreed on the unfavorable requirements. Not because of calculation, or due to the human, in his view, mergers and acquisitions and marriage between, will be completely different cultures of employees together and thus maximize the care for each other is necessary. The micro signal: Lean Production Promotion Center.

After the success of the acquisition, KYOCERA’s share price rose rapidly, AVX has also received huge benefits, not only for the acquisition of no conflict, but also to accept KYOCERA’s business philosophy. As a result, just 5 years later, AVX again listed on the New York stock exchange, KYOCERA from the listed and won huge gains. High Quality steel fabrication shop China Manufacturer

Before that, many Japanese companies bought American companies, but few successful ones. In Inamori Kazuo’s view, the biggest difference between these failure cases and KYOCERA’s successful acquisition of AVX lies in whether they consider only the interest relationship or the real interests of the other party.

Inamori Kazuo’s philosophy of love is love Chinese Chinese “Pride hurts, modesty benefits. He said:” the old saying to respect each other, care for others “altruistic behavior, at first glance, seems to be one’s own losses, but in the long run, will bring better results.

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