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This kind of employee, more attractive than beauty boss!

One, loyalty – a loyal person is not dismissal. steel fabrication shops near me

The unit may be expelled from the ability of employees, but to a loyal person, does not have the leadership willing to let him go, he will become the longest fighter unit of the wrought iron barracks, and is one of the most promising employees. steel fabrication shops near me

1, standing on the boss’s position to think about the problem;

2, share your thoughts with your superiors;

3, maintain the interests of the company at all times;

4, to make money for the company.

5, it can stand the test in the face of the temptation of the outside world.

Two, work – do one more hour than the boss every day. steel fabrication shops near me

With the progress of society, people’s knowledge background is becoming more and more similar. Diploma is no longer the first condition for a company to choose employees. The first condition for many companies to observe employees is dedication, followed by professional level. steel fabrication shops near me

1, the purpose of work is not only for remuneration;

2, provide services and efforts beyond remuneration;

3, willing to make personal sacrifices for the work;

4, blurred the concept of work, finish the work and talk about rest.

5, pay attention to every detail in the work.

Three, self – spontaneity – do not account for everything and others

Don’t talk about everything. If a person can do everything automatically and spontaneously, even if the starting point is lower than others, there will be great progress. The spontaneous person will always be welcome by the boss. steel fabrication shops near me

1, from “want me to do” to “I want to do”;

2, take the initiative to share some “extra” things.

3, first, say, surprise to the boss;

4, learn to myself;

5, high standard requirements: one step, three steps;

6, put the right active scale, do not rush to grab the limelight, even the work of others.

Four, responsible – absolutely no excuses, ensuring the completion of the task. steel fabrication shops near me

The courage to assume responsibility, has the vital significance to the enterprise, a person’s ability to work can be worse than others, but must not be lack of sense of responsibility, all tuisanzusi, looking for the objective reasons, but does not reflect on their own, will lose the trust. steel fabrication shops near me

1, the core of responsibility lies in the sense of responsibility.

2, do every little thing well.

3, he is resolute;

4, the wrong is the wrong, never find an excuse.

5, let the ball of the problem be you;

6, not because of negligence. But a big mistake.

Five, pay attention to efficiency, calculate your cost

Efficient work habits are necessary for everyone who is expected to succeed, and are very important to every unit. steel fabrication shops near me

1, with qiongmang, Xiamang said goodbye”;

2, intentnesses, dedicated;

3, quantifying, refining the daily work;

4, procrastination is the most cruel occupation;

5, keep in mind the priority, the first thing.

6, to prevent perfectionism as an enemy of efficiency.

Six, result oriented, insist the credit, do not look at theefforts. steel fabrication shops near me

“No matter black cat, white cat, catch mice is a good cat!”, both hard work and smart, the results of the employees by everybody certainly. How much of your attention is the enterprise of “work”, rather than how many “bitter”.

1, at the beginning, I want to think about how to make it.

2, the method is always more than the problem.

3, work wisely, not just hard work;

4, without conditions, the conditions are created.

5, finish the task beyond expectation.

Seven, good at communication – face to face, on the spot

Good communication, even if they have to, only a person of talent, not only inheritance, and unable to progress; good communication, even a mediocre, can also learn by doing, and ultimately realize their value. steel fabrication shops near me

1, communication and eight diagrams are two different things.

2, it is a mistake not to say and say too much;

3, carry out the problem with the plan, communicate with each other and solve the problem on the spot.

4, cultivate the EQ for criticism;

5, the overall situation in mind, is also bad news;

6, there can be contradictions within the interior and must be consistent with the outside world. steel fabrication shops near me

Eight, cooperation – advance team, self retreat

The team in advance, self back. No matter how strong, as long as the damage to the team, the company will not let you stay, don’t think you missed one, the team will not be able to operate!

1, dripping water into the sea, personal integration into the team;

2, obey the overall arrangement;

3, observing discipline can guarantee the fighting capacity.

4, do not do the “short board” of the team, if it is now, it is necessary to give themselves “increase”;

5, more for others, for the team to consider. steel fabrication shops near me

Nine, make positive progress – keep up with the pace of the enterprise forever

Individuals must always keep pace with the pace of enterprises. Enterprises always keep pace with the market. Whether they are in the workplace or in the market, whether they are individuals or enterprises, participants do not want to be eliminated. For this reason, we must move forward, stop means abandoning, and mean going out. steel fabrication shops near me

1, to learn from the empty cup mentality, to draw;

2, do not always be angry, but to fight for air.

3, do not repeat one year’s experience for ten years.

4, squeeze time to “increase”, “charge”;

5, develop its own “comparative advantage”;

6, challenge yourself and prepare for a rainy day.

Ten, low key – only high do not have to be proud of

Do not have to be arrogant, do not think that you do not say, no publicity, others can not see your credit. So do not show off in front of colleagues.

1, do not desire;

2, to overcome the “put fine timber to petty use” psychological;

3, do not qualify for airs;

4, all people, all must be respectable;

5, efforts to achieve goals, position yourself with the;

6, the achievement is only the beginning, the honor is the motive force.

Eleven: economy-Don ‘t take your boss’s money for granted

Economy is not stingy, but virtue. Do not take the company’s money as money, the company “pot”, employees “bowl” only have; In the same way, the pot is more than the bowl, and the spoonful is you. steel fabrication shops near me

1, reimbursement accounts, must be honest;

2, do not play clever, do not want small cheap;

3, do not waste the company’s resources, even a piece of paper;

4. Cherish every minute of your work.

5, every cost, must strive for the maximum benefit;

6, remember: save, is profit!

12: gratitude-think about who made you who you are today

Why can we allow our mistakes and complain so much to others, to the company? A talented person needs someone else to give you a chance to do something, and someone to help you, big or small. Your present happiness is not something you can achieve by yourself.

1, the boss gave you a job;

2, the job gives you not only the reward, but also the opportunity to study and grow;

3, the colleague gave you the cooperation in the work;

4, the customer has helped you to create the performance;

5, the opponent lets you see the distance and the development space;

6, critics let you constantly improve yourself.

The level of professional accomplishment and the quality of character have great influence on the achievement of one’s life.

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