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Friends are more important than wind and rain

China steel factory buildings Manufacturer

You cherish a person, must have moved; you give up a person, must have been disappointed. Look at people can not see the surface, the time will be the prototype; goods do not want to accompany, adversity to see the true feelings. People in the down and out can see, who poured the basin cold water, who hold is worried.

China steel factory buildings Manufacturer

China steel factory buildings Manufacturer

A true friend is in the darkest hour, accompany you until the people; the true feelings of the heart when it rains, willing for your umbrella.

In this world, you can save the last person is the least, is the best. Only in the deepest despair, often see is the most beautiful scenery

Friends are not much in love together; no matter for a long time, on demand. China steel factory buildings Manufacturer

The so-called righteousness: as long as you want, as long as I have; as long as you need, as long as I can

The so-called love: not proud of the rhetoric, but the key moment to pull your hand

Weekdays may talk the most smelly, died when never back down to warm the Masonic Tongzhou. Not really waiting to fight to the end, consistent from beginning to end. Good fate will not be lost to time, good friends here will not go.

You heavy-hearted, who comfort you fly pellmell, who is distressed; not from around. You know, your peace of mind of reason, is your comfort is the source port, you are not alone.

You know, any explanation, without explanation, because all consonance resonate; understand you, no reason, is also the reason for the heart phase together. China steel factory buildings Manufacturer

Everyone is in front of the most trusted person, can be completely no defense. Dig it, just want to say to someone to listen; pain, only heart knows talent.

Open the heart window, emotional release, stay in the feelings, placed somewhere, the greatest comfort is nothing more than accompanied company; the most real touch, nothing more than the heart holding hands

There are a lot of love in life, are scarce. How many people, from the familiar gradually become strange; how many active, too much is regarded as romantic. China steel factory buildings Manufacturer

The reason is reluctant, is that you care about people do not care about you; the heart is demanding, is that you do not want to get the attention of the attribution of love. China steel factory buildings Manufacturer

If you have the predestined relationship, don’t ask yourself; if you don’t have the right, ask for nothing. In fact, fate, let nature take the best. Do not cherish you, say that the treasure will leave; can cherish your, not say treasure, will also be in

This world is really feeling is always in the most willing to smile through tears lost to all sense of shame, in trust. Not to mind taking the trouble as a mirror, is not will smile in front of you and is willing to cry in front of you; feeling like trees, don’t care how long it is high, more care about its roots deep.

Accompany you, because of the warm heart of friendship and exchange, it cannot do without; because you know people who cherish and can not be replaced, don’t leave. Happiness is not who gets the best thing in the world, but cherish hands already have them. China steel factory buildings Manufacturer

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