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70% of employees resign like this

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Middle managers are the backbone of the company, but compared to frontline employees or high-ranking senior leaders, their roles and contributions are often overlooked. However, in the organizational structure of an enterprise, how much influence do middle managers really have? CE Approved Manufacturer of steel factory mfg
If your company is losing a lot of employees, it must be a problem with your managers and your middle management.

If you don’t believe me, you can do an experiment yourself and call a group of outstanding employees who have left the company for more than three months. As a friend, you can sincerely ask a question: “What was the real reason you left the company?” You will accidentally find that more than 80% of people will tell you: “Boss, I can tell you now. The real reason why I left the company was not the family reasons or personal reasons stated in the resignation report. Those were all excuses. The real reason was that I couldn’t get along with my immediate superiors. Either he didn’t like me or I didn’t like him. “

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There are three basic factors for a person to achieve results:

He must have corresponding advantages. In one thing, he must have his advantage. This is called talent, which will be explained in detail later. This is a concept of identifying and selecting talents. Whether a person can achieve excellent results is related to his talent. An ugly duckling can become a swan, but the premise is that it must be a swan egg. A duck egg cannot hatch a swan, so first of all, it must be a good seed. CE Approved Manufacturer of steel factory mfg

His strengths must match his job position, that is, his strengths and talents must match the job needs. It is impossible for Yao Ming, who is more than two meters tall, to practice gymnastics.

Excellent superior
A good upper-level manager is actually like a catalyst. It is not an internal cause, but it is an important driving force. The same is true for athletes. In addition to being talented and able to match, you also need an excellent coach to explore and train him. So we will find:
There is an excellent coach behind an excellent athlete;
Behind an excellent actor is an excellent management team;
Every good team has a good coach;
Behind a successful man is a great woman;
There is a great mother behind a good child…
So a good superior leader is an important driving factor, therefore, we call him a “catalyst.”

The greatest influence on a person or the greatest influence on a team often comes from the team’s direct boss. He is the determinant of the organizational environment and cultural core decision-making, and he is the core that determines the state of a team and employee engagement. Influence factors. The result of changing a department to a leader may be completely different, and the same group of employees may achieve completely opposite results.

Chinese men’s football is a typical example. Chinese generations of people have worked hard for so many years, but they have not been able to enter the World Cup. Later, they changed to Milou as a coach. After he came, he said: “Happy football, attitude determines everything. “In fact, it is the adjustment of the player’s state, the adjustment of the atmosphere and the adjustment of the environment, but it has brought different results.

In the enterprise, many employees will put forward various opinions during the work process: “Our tasks here are too heavy, there are too many overtime, and the subsidy is not enough. Why do we have to do this…” problem. At this time, who can deal with it in the first time? ——It is the employee’s direct boss, he can solve all problems with one word. If the leader did not deal with the problem well at the time, then the morale, ability and combat effectiveness of the team would decline rapidly.
There are also various frictions between people in teamwork. Who can resolve conflicts in the first place?
When employees have emotions and complaints, who can help them in the first time?
When an employee has an opinion, who will he raise it to?
When an employee has good suggestions for improvement, who will he tell the first time?
When an employee makes a mistake, who can find and deal with it the first time?
When employees have problems with their mentality, who can adjust them in time?
When an employee violates regulations, who can detect and stop it in the first place?
——Medium management!

The boss is always the last person to know the bad news. When a matter is reflected to the boss to deal with it, it is often too much trouble to end.

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So when we understand this, we will know that, in fact, in organizational management, middle management is a key core link. The core focus of leading organization, management, and team comes from the core middle management team, which is the key to management. point.

An iron battalion and running water soldiers.

If the middle management team is done well, then the entire team can do it. If there is a problem with the middle management, the effect of only adjusting employees will not be too obvious. A good middle-level management can give full play to the advantages of employees, give his employees a corresponding and matching environment, and at the same time can act as a catalyst to promote employees to play his value. This is what a good, excellent middle management will do. Similarly, when an employee continues to achieve good results, we should know that behind him there must be a good superior and good leader who silently pays.

Mid-level management is set to live and die!
Middle management is the key!
Middle management is the backbone of the organization!
Middle management is the foundation for the development and growth of an organization!

Every entrepreneur who wants the company to grow rapidly must attach great importance to the cultivation of the middle-level management team and treat it as the core task of management. Otherwise, the company will not be able to operate continuously, and will not be able to last forever!

CE Approved Manufacturer of steel factory mfg
CE Approved Manufacturer of steel factory mfg

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