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[Workplace story] rejected 1850 times and still did not give up

In the United States, once a poor young man, even if all the money in his body was not enough to buy a decent suit, he still wholeheartedly upheld his dream: to be an actor, a movie, and a star. steel flange

At the time, there were 500 movie companies in Hollywood. He counted one by one, and more than once. Later, according to his carefully demarcated route and the ordered list, he went to visit with a tailor-made script. steel flange

But for the first time, none of the 500 film companies were willing to hire him.

In the face of 100% rejection, the young man did not lose heart. After coming out from the last rejected movie company, he started from the first and continued his second round of visits and self-recommendations. steel flange

In the second round of visits, 500 movie companies still rejected him.

The result of the third round of visits is still the same as the second round. The young man started his fourth-round visit with his teeth. After visiting the 349th home, the owner of the 350th movie company promised for the first time that he would be willing to let him leave the script and look at it first.

A few days later, the young man was notified and asked him to discuss in detail.

In this discussion, the company decided to invest in the film and asked the young man to be the actor in his own script.

This movie is called “Rocky.” The young man’s name is Sylvester Stallone. Now turn the film history, this film called “Rocky” and the star who is popular with the world in the future are all on the list. steel flange

Story philosophy

The Chinese people insist on the “righteousness,” but we often unknowingly evolve it into “how to surprise” and ignore the realization and pursuit of “positive.”

The change is strange, and perseverance is positive. In ancient and modern times, although there are no shortages of examples of surprise winners, the ones who succeed are without exception. steel flange

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